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weaving your tapestry...

In Astrological Guidance SessionsAngela weaves the threads of your life tapestry, your Soul Journey from Past Life to present, illuminating its impact on your path of Thriving using  her:

  • masterful knowledge of Evolutionary Astrology

  • gift of intuitive-intelligence

  • compassionate listening of your story

  • recommendations for healthy-living and

  • insight into the coming months.

Initially, the focus is on the underlying threads of your Soul Journey. Onward, our sessions may include: 

  • ceremonial and ritual guidance to manifest goals for special events and launching of new endeavors, including selecting best times and dates.

  • Deeper dives into your tapestry consultations

  • Relationship guidance

  • and other layers to your astrological blueprint through the lens of Portals of Power from Planetary Nodes, Divine Feminine-Masculine Focuses, and more.

other healing...

Enhance your Thriving journey with


what is thriving?

Thriving is a journey not a destination 

 It is a way of living tapped into your Soul's Evolution to:

  • Empower your ancient Talents and Capacities

  • Reframe past patterns to expand Healthy Support Systems and Loving Relationships

  • Identify ways to elevate your Career and Abundance

  • Strengthen foundations to empower your fearless self

  • Live with more meaning and soul purpose

  • Navigate the whole of life's experiences with grace

  • And expand the horizons of the rich tapestry of you.

choose your journey


highly recommended &

award-winning astrologer

more testimonials.... 

Angela, thank you so much for seeing me through my roadmap! It’s so touching to my heart — Its just been reverberating all afternoon, having been in a sacred unveiling!   - LW

... it was very insightful and lovely to have someone else read my chart; I have been studying it most of my life, but she brought so much more to the surface and helped me see new things. ...talented translation into "layman's" terms - telling a story.  -AT

... She left no stone unturned. She is able to tap into past life patterns ...  -DM

Most Promising Astrologer of 2018 awarded for publishing and conference lecture slots by the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) on

"Witch Hunts Then & Now"
- Xenophobia-Emancipation planetary cycles from ancient times, Salem and today.