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​Angela Blissbridge (fka Bray-Widner) >   Arizona >

Created with and her artwork featuring her daughter

award-winning professional evolutionary astrologer

* healing & ceremonial facilitator * artist

Angela Blissbridge seeks to weave a tapestry to thriving through astrology, art and ancient traditions. Angela Blissbridge is a Professional Evolutionary Astrologer awarded 2018’s Most Promising Astrologer by Organization for Professional Astrologers (OPA). See Upcoming Events for her speaking engagements, courses, workshops and publication announcements. Her intuition inspires her artwork and amplifies her facility to heal. It is matched with her high intelligent capable of absorbing and translating complex information quickly. Together, her intuitive-intelligence inspires and drives her to explain historical cycles through the lens of astrology in a creative and accessible way, through writing, teaching, and one-on-one guidance. Ancient mysteries, mythology and ceremonial practices from diverse cultures pervade all aspects of Angela life and passions, including her Thrive Astrology practice. Her lifelong alternative health choices have accumulated a rich source of healthy-lifestyle recommendations for her clients. She is available for private astrological consultations as well as speaking engagements. Learn Astrology in upcoming courses and workshops. See her Artwork at!   

  • Psychic-Intuitive Healing Facilitator

  • Artist - ceramics, paintings, more -

  • She has a B.A. in Biology, M.S. research and coursework in Ecology, and a CPA.

  • Angela’s artwork sells in Northern Arizona galleries.

Speaking Engagement

Angela will be lecturing on astrological patterns of

"Witch Hunts Then & Now" 

in Baltimore, August 31, 2019 

at the NCGR 2019 Conference

A compelling exploration of the correlation between Salem Witch Trials, Civil War events, WWII, and current times. Angela Blissbridge identifies particular planetary signatures that have marked important milestones and tragic events in the course of US history.  This is an opportunity to better understand our current time from a larger historical perspective using Astrology, as we now experience a rise of Xenophobia and a call for Emancipation. 

NCGR 2019 All Roads Baltimore - final ve