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Created with and her artwork featuring her daughter

evolutionary astrology

Reflected from the Sky Above at a specific time and Earth location, your birth was marked by the positions of the celestial bodies (stars, planets and other astrological points). This marks your blueprint embodied "As above... So Below..." in the snapshot of this merging of Sky and Earth drawn in an Astrological chart.  From ancient times, the art and science of reading the Heavens has been infused with wisdom to guide, predict and understand the nature of that event or individual. 

Evolutionary Astrology provides a road map to your Soul's conscious and unconscious patterns repeated over many lifetimes. In that rich tapestry, you carry ancient talents and capacities as well as sabotaging shadows with encoded guidance to shift this karmic cycle. Through this approach to interpreting the chart, Evolutionary Astrology lays a foundation for how to understand the current nature and future tendencies of an individual or an events.  Engaging an Evolutionary Astrologer, is a commitment to Soul work that has a psychological impact of revealing issues to be processed, integrated and healed.  It tends to be deep work that is rewarding and life-changing. 

Angela Blissbridge ensures that your guidance sessions with her honor the sensitivities of matters, pushing the veils aside as you are ready.  She creates a safe space for this healing process. 

Let's Weave the Tapestry to a Thriving You today with the masterful, intuitive-intelligence of Angela Blissbridge's knowledge of Evolutionary Astrology!