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Renaissances, Witch hunts & inquisitions linked together


August 29, 2019

By Angela Blissbridge

Until the 1400s, witchcraft and witches were considered ineffectual practices and superstitions that posed no punishable threat. Healers and physicians relied on the witchy arts of divination and astral predictions as integral to their treatments and recommendations. Commoners to kings sought this advice without conflict with their Catholic beliefs.[1] These practices became suspect during the Medieval ages as an influx of foreign cultures and people to Europe followed in the wave of the Crusaders conquests in distant lands. The religions and philosophies imported with these migrants began to challenge Catholic principles and control. In response, the Crusades shifted their ‘Holy Land’ emancipation agenda toward exposing (and exterminating) heretics (non-Catholics) and witches.[2] When there are such ‘witch hunt’ xenophobic surges there is a simultaneous emancipation effort in some faction of that experience; in fact, they feed and impact each other in most cases. During Medieval times, Europe was also undergoing a concurrent intellectual revival of Greek Classics in the 12th Century Renaissance [3] as the Crusades turned to Inquisitions in the late 1200s [4]. By the middle 1500s, witch hunting fell within the scope of the brutally expanded Inquisitions. During the 1300-1700s, the artistic-cultural and scientific revolution of the classic Renaissance flourished simultaneously while hundreds of thousands burned for their beliefs and ‘witchy’ practices.[5]

In any of their forms, be it witch hunts or ethnic-cleansing or simply racism, xenophobia carries an undertone of suppression of the feminine. This includes healing arts, balanced masculine-feminine dynamics, along with integration, acceptance and compassionate connections to self, others and the Earth. That feminine energy also brings the emancipation qualities similar to the two Renaissance periods (12th-18th century) that heralded humanitarianism socially and culturally with an elevation of artistic expression that broke from the past; it brought knowledge to the masses and freedom of movement with technological developments (printing presses, global navigation, and introduction of technologies from other areas of the world). Yet, all this emancipating rise in feminine-energies triggers the backlash of xenophobia.

This article will explore the near 1000-year history of the Planetary Nodes of Uranus-Venus (in GEM-SAG) as activated by planetary cycles of Uranus-Saturn and Uranus-Pluto related to xenophobia and emancipation surges. Besides a look at the start of the Crusades, this exploration explores several less know, but fundamental, events that shaped the witch hunts and inquisitions over the past 1000 years. We will wade into the thick of major witch hunt surges, wars and mass migrations of the 1500-1600s, including investigating the impact Queen Elizabeth I’s birth, reign and death had for emancipation-xenophobia. Jumping to 1850 and 1965, the movements of suppressed classes of people (women, slaves and minorities) spiked in the face of heavy xenophobia include bloody wars. Finally, all this should give us a basis to contemplate how Witch Hunts Then are related to Witch Hunts Now. In our current times there have been significant surges in both sides of this equation. Since 2015 through 2022, the Uranus-Venus-Nodes and Pluto-Saturn-Nodes have been highly activated by Pluto, Neptune and Uranus (and in 2019-2020 Saturn’s realigning hammer stepped in). What solutions for healing may be offered in astrological cycles? Are we doomed to continue old patterns – the Planetary Nodes suggest we have change-making solutions but must make karmic choices between deeper entrenchment into xenophobia or emancipate society with progressive agendas.

The Astrological Signature (and Planetary Nodes) of Emancipation and Xenophobia

How does this look astrologically? Both xenophobia and emancipation (Xeno-Eman) signatures have Gemini-Sagittariusand with Uranus (or Aquarius) as they bring a new or foreign element into the Saturn (or Capricorn) existing situation. If the existing system rigidly leans toward Sagittarius dogmatic ideologies, Capricorn (or Saturn) will express as xenophobia. Both Uranus and Venus bring advancement of arts and humanities like the Renaissances. If there is a strong Pluto (or Scorpio) influence with these signatures, emancipation tendencies could express with the integrative, creative, progressive sign of Gemini-Uranus. The scope of the history of witch-hunts and their consciousness-shifting effect span several years, decades, if not hundreds of years with limited records of specific dates; the longer the period, the less clear how to link a particular planetary position or transiting cycle. Expanding the astrological analysis to thousands of years can be done through the lens of Planetary Nodes, especially when coupled with outer planet cycles. They have similarities to the Moon’s Nodes in their mechanics, evolutionary pressure and potency, but instead of taking 18.6 months to shift signs as the Moon’s Nodes do, Planetary Nodes take several thousands of years each with their own rate of shifting (see Table 1 for a selection of these). Thus, they stir a long-term collective-societal change that is highly activated when transiting planets aspect them (especially the slow-grind of the outer planets) [6]. Uranus’s Planetary Nodes are an excellent metric to track these Xeno-EmanSignaturesas its North Node (NN-Uranus) is in Gemini (SN-Uranus-SAG) with a cosmic-traveling companion of Venus’s Nodeswho were exactly conjunct in 1300-1400 AD separating to 3º in 2019. Through today, these Uranus-Venus Nodes have been Yod (via quincunx) to the Nodes of Saturn or Pluto (see Table 1) and to Mercury (and Mars) Nodes; both these later pairs approaching their own conjunction since the Middle High Ages (see Chart 1).

Heliocentric Planetary Nodes for Dec 20, 1306 (inner wheel) and August 31, 2019 (outer wheel)

The Nodes of Uranus and Venus seek to move from and break old dogma (South Nodes in Sagittarius) to integrate cultures, ideas into elevated creative collaboration and acceptance of diverse ideologies (their North Nodes in Gemini); the backlash is further ideological conflict or significant peer pressure to conform (SN-Uranus-SAG) for survival or inability to recognize the worth of changing (SN-Venus-SAG) and using the Sagittarius to expand acquisitions and disregard the sacredness of the earth-based resources (Earth, women, feminine-principles of receptivity-tolerance and material items). Uranus’s Nodes are highly inclined toward migration-immigration issues as it deals with new communities and horizons for a better future. Venus’s Nodes immigration-migration issues from Gemini- Sagittarius focus around the trade, commerce, the arts of ancient cultures and arts generally (with a decidedly feminine flare); but it can also express as excessive accumulation of goods and a need to impress from aesthetics or in holdings of resources.

Xeno-EmanSignatures can be quite potent without activation of a Planetary Node; however, contact with these Nodes considerably amplifies the expression (or transits to those points) affecting the collective. Further, the level of consciousness of the individual (or the collective) impacts how these signatures ultimately express. Note also, where we find the Xeno-EmanSignature, we also get the creative-innovative coupling of Uranus-Venus nodes in solution-finding (Gemini) and expansive vision (Sagittarius-Uranus); thus, these signatures also occur in history with pivotal technological breakthroughs and subsequent misuses of same. For more information about Planetary Nodes and their positions see my blogs cited above on the astronomy and astrology of all the key planets and asteroids.


Nearing the turn of 12thcentury, 1100AD, Uranus-Venus Nodes were less than 1º conjunct at 9º GEM-SAG Yod through their NN-Uranus-Venus GEM to the SN-Pluto 8-CAP and SN-Mercury 11-SCO (see Table 1 and Chart 1 for 1306 AD). This double-quincunx ‘finger of god’ poses a constant dilemma of how to balance the extremes of xenophobia-emancipation between the expanding multi-cultural experiences and advancements from conquests and migrations into foreign territories.

Chart 2 – People’s Crusade Starts Crusades (Mars direct 4 weeks). April 15, 1096, time unknown, LMT -0:09:36, Clermont, France (49ºN23G 002ºE24’); Inner Wheel Geocentric Transit; outer wheel Heliocentric Planetary Nodes for the same date

1096AD - People’s Crusades Starts 1stCrusades (Chart 2). In November 1095 AD, Pope Urban II called for the 1stof several crusades at the Council of Clermont in France to reclaim and protect the Holy Land (Jerusalem in the Middle East – under Muslim rule) to ‘unite the Eastern and Western branches of Christendom,” thereby remedying a political solution (Saturn-VIR wide conjunct the SN-Moon). In the late 1070s through the start of the Crusades, “Catholic pilgrims and merchants reported that the frontier conditions between the Syrian ports and Jerusalem became increasingly inhospitable” (Pluto 21-PIS square Neptune 23-GEM during the Saturn-Uranus 26-AQU conjunction in 1081AD). Several months ahead the Pope’s intended start of the Crusades, April 15, 1096 (see Chart 2) “… Peter the Hermit led thousands of mostly poor Christians out of Europe in what became known as the People's Crusade. He claimed he had a letter from heaven instructing Christians to prepare for the imminent apocalypse by seizing Jerusalem. The motivations of this Crusade included a "messianism of the poor" inspired by an expected mass ascension into heaven at Jerusalem. Germany witnessed the first incidents of major violent European antisemitism when these Crusaders massacred Jewish communities in what became known as the Rhineland massacres.” Peter the Hermit’s ‘letter from Heaven” could be related to Jupiter-AQU (Xeno-EmanSignature) on the NN-Moon (a destiny to ascend with God) as a personal message with Neptune-CAN (also the apocalyptic stance) quincunx (a Virgo angle at 150º) is a martyr to carry out this misson. ‘Seizing of Jerusalem’ and the massacres of Jewish communities in Germany is the fiery-personal mission activation of the Xeno-EmanSignatures points with Mars-Leo direct 4-weeks earlier at (trine SN-Uranus-Venus SAG; direct Mars March 12, 1096 at 7-LEO also on the Uranus-Venus Nodes). Saturn-VIR also on Uranus-Venus Nodes echoes the quincunx noted here. The brutality and destruction reflect the Aries positions of Uranus, Pluto and Chiron (Pluto-ARI quincunx Saturn-VIR and trine the SNs-Uranus-Venus-SAG).

As the series of religious conquests of the Crusades swept across southern Europe into the Middle East, they brought rediscovery of Ancient Greek and Arabic technologies, philosophies and science that would leave its mark on higher education, religious reformation movements in the 1500s-1700s, including the astrological-astronomical astrolabe; navigation improvements with the magnetic compass and stern-mounted rudder; paper manufacturing; and, of course, improved warring technology with the trebuchet. This first ‘great age of civilization’ stems from the Uranus-Venus Nodes reaching the NN-GEM (semi-sextile with the NN-Mercury 11-TAU and NN-Pluto 8-CAN); the feminine flavors of these Nodes were powerfully enhanced by transiting Neptune fresh into Gemini (1069-1070AD) and a transformative creative Pluto (9-10-PIS) with revitalization and elevation of civilization (Uranus 9-CAP). It was at time of revolutionary shifts of “… social, political and economictransformations, and an intellectual revitalization of Western Europe with strong philosophical and scientific roots. These changes paved the way for later achievements such as the literary and artistic movement of the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century and the scientific developments of the 17th century.”


Chart 3 - Saturn-Uranus Conjunction – Scottish Independence, Crusades in Greece & Revolts of Exiled Jews (. December 20, 1306, 12pm, Paris France. Location unnecessary. Astrological research of Saturn-Uranus conjunction with exact Uranus-Venus Nodes conjunction. Inner Wheel Geocentric Transit; Outer wheel Heliocentric Planetary Nodes for the same date

1306AD [7]- Scottish Independence, Crusades in Greece & Revolts over Exiled Jews (Chart 3). For the next three centuries in waves six major crusades would follow expanding its target to other countries and its agenda widened to suppress paganism and heresy. In 1306, Robert the Bruce became the King of Scots (March Jupiter-Saturn-SCO conjunct) in the midst of the revolutionary War of Independence of Scotland from England (starts February – Mars Aries, Jupiter-Saturn-SCO conjunct); a faction of the Crusaders under the Knights Hospitaller conquered more Greek territory (June -Jupiter-Saturn-LIB conjunct); and the king of France annihilated the Knights Templars (a faction of the Crusades) and exiled Jews confiscating their property, triggering a revolt. [8] These events (and more) occurred through the year of 1306 AD under the exact conjunction of Uranus-Venus Nodes at 10.4º GEM-SAG. In December (see Chart 3) transiting Saturn and Uranus at 11-SCO conjunct with Neptune (12-SCO), strongly quincunx NN-Uranus-Venus GEM. These combined with, Pluto-AQU square Jupiter-SCO, confirms potent xenophobia (exiled Jews) and emancipation (revolts, and conquests of foreign lands). Jupiter and Saturn begin 1306 conjunct in Scorpio, dipping back into Libra briefly in the summer but remaining conjunct until the autumn. Neptune and Uranus are in SCO all year within a wide to tight orb of the Uranus-Venus Nodes. These events seed future conflicts between the English Crown for Scottish independence and the persistent marginalization (and persecution) of Jewish populations in Europe that would feed the Spanish Inquisition in the 1500-1700s (Pluto-AQU square Jupiter-SCO and Neptune conjunct Uranus-Saturn).

In Italy, artist Giotto di Bondone is redefining the art world, with revolutionary (and more realistic) human figure and three-dimensional representation as reflected in frescos he painted. He began one major work in 1306. He is recognized as the leading figure spurring the Golden Age of Renaissance art of the 1300-1700s.

Chart 4 - Condemning Magic (trial of physician 1398) (Saturn-Uranus conjunct opposed Pluto-Neptune). September 19, 1398. Time unknown, LMT -0:09:20, Paris, France (48ºN52’G 002ºE20’);, “Les Condamnations de la Magie a Paris en 1398”, by Jean Gerson, Chancellor of the University of Paris. See more in citations below Inner Wheel Geocentric Transit; Outer wheel Heliocentric Planetary Nodes for the same date

1398AD Condemnation of Magic [9]– Chart 4.In the late 1300s, Charles VI of France had sought healing remedies from a ‘physician’ versed in ritual magic, charms and astrological divination. By 1398 AD, the mental instabilities and other deranged behaviors of Charles VI escalated (Uranus-SAG exact on SN-Uranus-SAG as well as Neptune-GEM), lead to condemning his physician to burn for practicing magic on Halloween 1398 (Uranus conjunct Saturn-SAG on the Uranus-Venus Nodes – Pluto-GEM opposed intensifies the treatment of the practices as taboo and adds to the brutality of his ‘extermination’ and use of October 31stas this execution). Saturn-SAG is a strong Xeno-EmanSignature in itself; in this potent configuration on the SN-Uranus-Venus conjunct transiting Uranus (in late November 1398 the Sun and Uranus eclipse on Uranus’s Nodes – this adds to the extremely powerful effect of this event for the entire fall session) has the effect of a pivotal shift of consciousness against ‘witches’ and seeds (by the conjunctions of the Uranus-Venus Nodes nearly exact conjunct with Saturn-Uranus-SAG exactly conjunct those nodes). The physician’s crimes (Pluto) documented in detail (Uranus-SAG) by the influential chancellor of the University of Paris, department of Theology, Jean Gerson, in a French publication “Les Condemnations de la Magie a Paris en 1398” Magic.” As the 12thCentury Renaissance had initiated in its elevation of education, universities such as Gerson’s were instrumental in defining social and theocratic opinions that would shape political systems (also reflected in Uranus-Saturn’s conjunction along with the pervasive transformation and dominating power of their viewpoints with Pluto exactly conjunct Neptune-GEM). Gerson and others begin to amass writings and opinions against of the evils of superstitions, magic and witchcraft (Saturn-Uranus-SAG on the Uranus-Venus-Nodes) – building the foundations for the late-1400s mass publications of anti-witchcraft pamphlets. The institutionalized shift and future traumatic reverberations of ideological and judicial treatment of ‘witchcraft’ related practices reflects in the Pluto-Neptune-GEM opposition with Saturn-Uranus-SAG on the Nodes of Uranus-Venus. This likely is the seeds planted against the ancient practice of astrology (Uranus-SAG caught against the theocracy).

Chart 5 - Printing the Word. March 1455, unknown time and day of month using 1st of the month. LMT -0:33:04, Mainz, Germany (50ºN01’G 008ºE16’); March, 1455 the future Pope wrote that he had seen the bible displayed. Inner Wheel Geocentric Transit; Outer wheel Heliocentric Planetary Nodes for the same date

1455 AD – Printing the Word (Chart 5). Also, at the turn of the 1400AD, and important inventor was born, Johannes Gutenberg, (n. 1394-1404, ‘official’ c.1400 [10). Around 1450, this German blacksmith’s printing press was operational and setting the fonts for the publications like the Gutenberg Bible first seen by the future Pope March 1455 (see Chart 5) [11]. It was “among the earliest major books printed using mass-produced movable metal type in Europe. It marked the start of the "Gutenberg Revolution" and the age of printed books in the West. Widely praised for its high aesthetic and artistic qualities, the book has iconic status”. “It is estimated that following the innovation of Gutenberg's printing press, the European book output rose from a few million to around one billion copies within a span of less than four centuries” This is a revolutionary legacy (Uranus-Pluto-LEO) that shapes and empowers the foundations of society (Saturn-SCO) in a deeply transformative way. Mars-GEM is an actively delivering written word to commoners (out of the exclusive realm of scholars – Uranus-LEO) at this doorway into future publications. Neptune-LIB trine the NN-Uranus-Venus add to this equalization of the masses through this technology. The artistic and aesthetic excellence of the Gutenberg Bible is reflected in the Jupiter-TAU and Uranus-LEO. In the midst of this revolution of ideologies, between 1452-1458, a French Catholic Inquisitor wrote (but not printed, hand copies were distributed) a book “A Scourge for Heretical Witches” that argued for treatment of witchcraft as heresy and thus should be the persecuted. By the end of the 1400s with the aid of the printing press and the theologies in European universities, codification of inclusion of ‘witches’ and ‘witchcraft’ in persecuting heretics was sanctioned by the Spanish Inquisitions (1478) and in 1484 the Pope allegedly endorsed the sadistic persecutions of the author of the infamous Malleus Maleficarum(published 1486-1487) [12].


The during 1500-1600s the Nodes of Venus-Uranus began to separate to 1º orb while the conjunctions of the Nodes of Mercury-Mars grew stronger (3º orb with SN-Mercury-SCO quincunx NN-Venus-GEM with the quincunx to SN-Pluto-CAP beginning to fade). This rising intensity of aggression (SN-Mars SCO) on Mercury-related issues (through Nodes-Mercury including GEM nodes) reflects in the rise by the mid-late 1480s and early 1500s of the publication of anti-witchcraft treatises, the growing influx of Jewish cultures, as well as expanding ideologies of the classic Renaissance and Reformation movements. The Nodes of Saturn were approaching less than 6º orb of conjunction with the Nodes of Pluto, adding to the foundational realignments that were shifting the collective experience. It also speaks to the dramatic and treacherous changes on the English throne from for this 100-year period. During the powerful but controversial reign of King Henry VIII (born 1491, reigned 1509 to his death under triple Pluto-Uranus-Saturn set of septiles in 1547), heretical fuel was added to the inquisition flames again on a Halloween, in 1517 (Xeno-EmanSignature for this date: Saturn conjunct SN-Moon 27-SAG, Pluto 2-CAP, and Jupiter 17-VIR square Uranus-Venus-Nodes, Neptune 22-AQU) Martin Luther’s posted-published his “Ninety-Five Theses” criticizing the abuses of the Catholic Church; Luthers ‘SN-Mars-SCO’ initiated a powerful Protestant Reformation Movement [13] that continue through the 1640s (see below) fracturing the religious landscape forever and precipitating the intensification of the bloody-quest for heretics and witches into mass-executions and large-scale trials during the 1560-1630 Resurgence of Witch Hunts.

Chart 6 - Queen Elizabeth I. Inner Wheel: Her Birth 1533 (Saturn-Uranus conjunct). September 7, 1533, 3:30p, LMT +0:00. Greenwich, England (51º N29’G 000ºW00’); Solar Fire 9 from Biography. has 2:54pm. For this analysis, the time difference of just over 30 minutes does not impact the analysis. Inner Wheel Geocentric Transit; Outer wheel Heliocentric Planetary Nodes for the same date

1533 - A Protestant “Illegitimate” Queen is Born (Chart 6). This was the landscape in which Queen Elizabeth I (QEI) [14] was born to Henry VIII and Queen Anne Boleyn. Boleyn and subsequently QEI’s reformation Protestant views (Jupiter-SAG quincunx Saturn-Uranus-CAN) were heretical, subjecting them to the inquiries and dangers of the inquisitions and intrigues within their family and court (Pluto-AQU and Mars-GEM). To authorize his marriage to Boleyn in 1534, Henry VIII separated the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church sparking further conflict (and inquisitorial intrigues) by Catholic factions against Protestants everywhere. In part, these ‘heretical’ views lead to Boleyn’s condemnation as a witch and beheading when QEI was age three; it also condemned QEI as ‘illegitimate’ by the Papacy (all this reflected in the Saturn-Uranus conjunction in CAN on her descendent square Mercury-LIB trine the NN-Uranus-Venus Nodes 12º GEM – it also reflects her ascent to the head of the Church of England). Jupiter-SCO widely opposing Mars-GEM (on NN-Uranus-Venus GEM) together with Pluto-AQU and the Saturn-Uranus, make a powerful emancipating leader (amplified by Neptune-PIS widely trine Saturn-CAN) that would inspire generations of women (CAN); this also speaks to her choice to remain unmarried and motherless (the Uranus-CAN in particular). She was a powerful figure that brought a flourish of a golden age in arts and literature (Mars and Jupiter on the Uranus-Venus Nodes and Moon-TAU) during her lifetime known as the Elizabethan Era that gave us William Shakespeare and has been noted by historians to have made England “… economically healthier, more expansive, and more optimistic under the Tudors than at any time in a thousand years.”

QEI began her 45-year reign in November 17, 1558 with Uranus-SCO sandwiched between Venus and Mercury opposing Saturn-TAU square Jupiter-SQU -- a very intensely powerful Xeno-EmanSignature set to lead and shake old believes (it resonates with her own 1533 Uranus-Saturn that was the preceding conjunction seeding this opposition with both on the Uranus-Venus-Nodes – 1558 by semi-sextile/quincunx is a constant effort to refine the balance). We see this 1558 signatures in the dramatic events leading to her coronation and intensification of large-scale inquisitions-witch-hunts. Her predecessor and half-sister, Mary I (aka “Bloody Mary”) had made progress to reverse the Protestant reformation (back to her Roman Catholicism) of their father, Henry VIII, leading to the burning of over 280 dissenters and beheading of their cousin Jane Grey who ruled for only 9 days in July 1553 before Mary I. Given QEI’s Mars-GEM (ruled by a LIB Mercury), it would seem that QEI’s own head was targeted by Mary I more than once. Likely this 5-year resurgence and controversy fueled by the Monarchs between Rome and Protestant movements added to the huge uptick of witch trials through Europe between the 1560s-1630s: Witchcraft Act 1563 [[15]] of England under QEI prosecuted guilt of witchcraft only where harm was proven (157 accused – with half acquitted with only 9 as men) while the Scottish version of the same year gave capital punishment for consulting a witch; 1562-1563 Wiesensteig Witch Trials (Germany) 67 women burned for sorcery (grand water trine between Saturn-CAN-Uranus-SCO-Pluto-PIS on Uranus-Venus Nodes with Jupiter and Neptune GEM); Trier Witch Trials 1581-1593 (Germany) lead to death of 368-1000 people burned alive (Jupiter-CAP and Uranus-Saturn-AQU in 1581); the first of the ‘Great Scottish Witch Hunts” was the 1590 North Berwick witch trials killed over 70 people witness and recounted in Daemonlogie [[16]] in 1597 by King James (n Jun 19 1566 with Neptune-GEM opposed Uranus-Rx-SAG on Uranus-Venus-Nodes square Pluto-Rx-PIS and Saturn-Mars-Leo – very aggressive Xeno-EmanSignature; VI of Scotland who would become King James I of England in 1603). This publication may have contributed to Shakespeare’s Macbeth; it also assisted in the creation of witchcraft reform… judicial trial procedure to take a stronger investigative approach to acquiring and analyzing evidence and obtaining witnesses to be present during witch-craft trials.” It also influenced 17thcentury witch hunts. In 1597, Pluto-Uranus were conjunct near 18-ARI quincunx to Saturn 17-VIR all on Uranus-Venus Nodes with Neptune 19-LEO (SN-Uranus 12-SAG, SN-Venus 13-SAG). Daemonologiealso includes divinations-astrology as suspects for witchcraft. Before his ascent to the throne, King James would take personal interest in another Great Scottish Witch Hunts of 1597 that accused 400 and killed at least 200 die.

Chart 7 - Queen Elizabeth I - Death 1603 (wide Saturn-Uranus quincunx). March 24, 1603, 2:30am used as estimate LMT+0:00. London, England (51ºN30’G 000ºW10’); “She died on 24 March 1603 at Richmond Palace, between two and three in the morning. A few hours later, Cecil and the council set their plans in motion and proclaimed James King of England.” Inner Wheel Geocentric Transit; Outer wheel Heliocentric Planetary Nodes for the same date

1603 – No-Successor Places a Xenophobic King on the Throne at the Queen’s Death (Chart 7). QEI died after the death of friends sent her into depression (Uranus-CAN and Mars-GEM) on March 24, 1603. Because she had not officially named a successor her court-advisors maneuvered (Pluto-AQU) to install QEI’s cousin King James immediately, giving him reign over Scotland and England. Now his fascinations with the evils of witchcraft would be institutionalized. The 1563 Witchcraft Acts of England and Scotland were reframed in the 1604 version that “broadened to bring the penalty of death without benefit of clergy to anyone who invoked evil spirits or communed with familiar spirits” (animal guides). With the stricter laws the spikes of witch hunting escalated further: Fulda witch trials1603-1606 (Germany) 250 burned; Würzburg witch trial (1626-1631) 900 were killed; Bamberg witch trials (1626-1631) 1000 executed. In 1604, King James began to solidify the Church of England’s positions against reformation Puritans (a faction of protestants); this lead in 1604 to the King James Version of the Bible (published in 1611) that split from the Puritan preferred Geneva Bible. Much of the history related to the 1600s is covered in my companion article of Witch Hunts Then & Now featuring the 1692 Salem Witch Trials in the New World of colonial American [17]. What was established on the soils of the USA in those years and the founding of the USA in 1776 revolved tightly around the Uranus-Venus Nodes and Saturn-Uranus cycles. Let’s skip ahead in history to the middle of the 19thcentury and across the Pond to the USA.


Chart 8 - 1850-Slavery Acts & Women’s Movements (Conjunction of Uranus-Saturn-Pluto). September 25, 1850, 10:21:06am, LMT+5:08:09, Washington, DC, USA (38°N53'42''G 077°W02'12''); Astrological research of Saturn-Uranus conjunction with exact Uranus-Venus Nodes conjunction. Inner Wheel Geocentric Transit; Outer wheel Heliocentric Planetary Nodes for the same date

1850 Slavery Acts and Women’s Movements.In 1850, the Nodes of Venus-Uranus had separated to 2.1º orb while the conjunctions of the Nodes of Mercury-Mars grew stronger (1.85º orb with SN-Mercury-SCO stronger quincunx NN-Venus-GEM that the 1500s [18]); further the Nodes of Pluto and Mars were nearly exact semi-sextile (18-CAN and 18-TAU) with Pluto-Saturn Nodes now at 4º conjunct. With the strong quincunx and Pluto stronger role in the directing how the xenophobia-emancipation equation balances, intense needs empower those diminished and victimized needs to find a working solution. As such, by 1850 Witch Hunts had officially fallen from the radar with many laws throughout the world enacted to curtail the mania of the 1500-1700s (some into the 1800s). Xenophobia still raged with the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 returning slaves to their owners (September 18, 1850) and 1849 Mexican-American Warexpanding the western territories settlement authorizing the lethal force to secure travels and homesteads under the Indian Removal Act of 1830. From 1848-1855 the California Gold Rush pushed hundreds of thousands to seek their fortune (half of them over the new territories of the plains of the USA) leading to the state hood of California September 9, 1850; also spurring people to migrate to the wild west was the first of the homestead acts, the 1850 Donation Land Claim Act (Sept 27 1850). In 1847 Neptune went into Pisces inspiring dreams of boundless wilderness and rich rewards of gold. It also exacerbated treatment of Indians and Slaves as below humane rights; this is particularly brutal with Pluto and Uranus in Aries during those years and Saturn enter Aries in 1849. On September 25, 1850 (Chart 8), Pluto-Uranus meet in Aries (widely conjunct Saturn), as Mercury was stationing to retrograde in 13 hours conjunct Mars-LIB (echoing the close conjunction of their Nodes) and ruling the NN-Uranus-Venus and Aries stellium, respectively; this alone speaks, literally, of breaking the old systems of relationships that have silenced societies. It is underscored by the SN-Moon exactly trine the NN-Uranus. This activation to be heard and make a mark (or regain your slave as Mercury here could be a slave in relationship under Mars), brought the homestead and slave acts, along with the first official USA Women's rights efforts (First National Rights Convention– Oct 23-24,1850, Worcester, MA 65 miles from the 1692 site of witch trials in Salem, MA). “Speeches were given on the subjects of equal wages, expanded education and career opportunities, women's property rights, marriage reform and temperance. Chief among the concerns discussed at the convention was the passage of laws that would give suffrage to women.

Chart 9 - 1965-Major Social and Political Upheavals (Saturn opposed Uranus-Pluto conjunction) Date, Time, , LMT+5:08:09, Washington, DC, USA (38°N53'42''G 077°W02'12''); Astrological research of Saturn-Uranus conjunction with exact Uranus-Venus Nodes conjunction. Inner Wheel Geocentric Transit; Outer wheel Heliocentric Planetary Nodes for the same date

1965 Major Social and Political Upheavals (Chart 9).[19], we had been through several major wars, two of which occurred with Uranus in Gemini on the Uranus-Venus-Nodes – the 1861-1865 Civil War that brought the emancipation of slaves but continued to drive racism further into the foundations of the USA consciousness (surfacing in 2015-2019) and WWII (and the birth of Donald J Trump, now President of the USA) emancipating the Jews while seeding the future for white-supremacy to rise again. In 1965, some of these issues were coming up but focused on African American rights and racism. It was the conjunction of Pluto-Uranus again this time in Virgo with Saturn-PIS opposed and Neptune-SCO trine Saturn ALL on the Uranus-Venus Nodes of October 9, 1965 (see Chart 9). Interestingly, Mercury-LIB returns to nearly the same position it was in at the last Pluto-Uranus conjunction in 1850; again as the ruler of Uranus-Venus nodes so highly activated here, it is needing to bring an equalizing voice (Mercury-LIB) to diverse populations (Venus ruling Libra in SAG conjunct Mars on the SN-Moon). I was born a little more than a year before with a similar mark of the outer planets driving me to expose these xenophobia-emancipation cycles and trends as a result. Pluto-Uranus-VIR with a SN-Moon (conjunct Mars-Venus) is coming from intensely destabilizing dysfunction of multi-cultural societies entrenched and governed by dogmatic doctrines of the past (including extreme xenophobia – the SAG points). With Saturn-PIS opposing this VIR change-making clean-up crew, a seed is planted in 1965 to dissolve the outworn systems and align to higher moral codes to unify diverse cultures and ideologies for a healthy functioning egalitarian society. It was driving powerful protest movements to shift law (Marches in Alabama lead by Martin Luther King granted all citizens the right to vote with the 1965 Voting Rights Act). But that Saturn-PIS and powerfully place Neptune-SCO has the power to dominate through corrupt and secret systems that can lead to escalation of conflicts and distrust of the governing entities. This fed large-scale anti-war protests (hundreds of thousands gathering world-wide against the Vietnam War escalation), civil rights movements that met violent reaction (Bloody Sunday Mar 7 1965) and misunderstandings that turned to death and destruction during riots (Watts Riots in Los Angeles August 1965 – 34 die and $40Million of property damage).


Chart 10 - 2015 Last Uranus-Pluto Square. March 16, 2015. 10:53:58pm, LMT+5:08:09, Washington, DC, USA (38°N53'42''G 077°W02'12''); Astrological research of Saturn-Uranus conjunction with exact Uranus-Venus Nodes conjunction. Inner Wheel Geocentric Transit; Outer wheel Heliocentric Planetary Nodes for the same date

On March 16, 2015 (see Chart 10), Pluto and Uranus completed the last square it would make until 2072 (it is the first opening square from the 1965 conjunction in Virgo). This change-maker combination in cardinal signs heralded the beginning of a significant shift in the emancipation-xenophobia exposure and surges that have been present through today (March 2019). In mid-degrees, they were resonating with the Nodes or Uranus-Venus (transiting Uranus-ARI trine SN-Uranus-Venus SAG and transiting Saturn-CAP quincunx NN-Uranus-Venus GEM) adding to the collective impact it would have. Exposing these ancient wounds, Pluto 15-CAP in 2015 was approaching its own SN-Pluto-CAP (20CAP30 in 2015 and 20CAP35 in 2020) that would be exact three times in 2018 – a very powerful image intense energy uncovering and burying government corruption.

As Table 1 shows, the growing strength of the conjunctions of the Pluto-Saturn Nodes closed the orb to about 3º and Mercury-Mars Nodes approached just over 1º by 2015. Mercury-Mars Nodes were tightly semi-sextile Pluto’s Nodes as well. The resonates these points have had to Venus’s Nodes faded in the quincunx noted in prior centuries above – the pressure is off to ‘be pure and clean’ (quincunx Virgo quality) and get down to business with the SCO of Mercury-Mars Nodes. We see this in the rise of emancipation efforts that included first USA woman to head a presidential ticket in 2016 (Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy on April 12, 2015), the movements to empower women (2017and 2018 elections seating record numbers of women and cross-cultural origins like #standingrock). But alongside these emancipation efforts were tragic hate-crimes, anti-immigration efforts, highly-charged racist propaganda and USA President Donald Trump claiming he was the subject of witch hunts (he announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015). Since 2015, in the USA (and around the world) these transits have brought a shocking resurgence of xenophobia with empowering emancipation efforts as we are forced to expose the ancient wounds (Uranus-Venus-Nodes square Chiron-PIS) at our collective’s underbelly. 2015 brought this final Pluto-Uranus square with the SN-Moon and Mars sandwiching Uranus-ARI speaking of a past of independent-thinkers and rebels whose were bent on survive by polarizing the world around them; but the evolutionary intent was for us to shift OUT of into balancing compromise (NN-Moon-LIB) through deeply revealing revision of outworn policies and governance (Pluto-CAP) that are infused to xenophobic agenda’s (Saturn ruling Pluto in SAG) that are self-aggrandizing and expansionist to the determent of our future legacy (Jupiter-LEO ruling Saturn). The wave of diversity in the new Congress that were elected November 7, 2018 (just weeks before the 3rdexact Pluto on SN-Pluto conjunction and the day before Jupiter went into SAG) heralded a shift to address some of these 2015 repeals of the prior administration’s progressive legislation, it seems we had missed the mark of 1965 and 2015’s intents.

Chart 11 - 2020 Saturn-Jupiter Aquarius. December 21, 2020, 2:20:24pm, LMT+5:08:09, Washington, DC, USA (38°N53'42''G 077°W02'12''); Astrological research of Saturn-Uranus conjunction with exact Uranus-Venus Nodes conjunction. Inner Wheel Geocentric Transit; Outer wheel Heliocentric Planetary Nodes for the same date

Does 2020 offer any suggestions as to where this may go? There are several very potent transits in 2020; this article focuses on the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and ingress into Aquarius on the December Solstice 2020 because is an extremely potent Xeno-EmanSignature itself. There is powerful amplification and activation of this signature because it occurs within a short period of when Mars went direct and total eclipse; Mars had gone direct on November 13, 2020 exactly where it lands on this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (15-ARI); and a total eclipse had occurred the week before at 23-SAG (conjunct the SN-Venus 17-SAG). The existential foundations are boundlessly shifting with these combinations under the portals of Neptune squares the Nodes of Uranus-Venus (strong to Venus’s Nodes) that are joined by the Moon’s Nodes and Vesta-VIR; here we are coming from society fractured by xenophobic governance (SN-Moon-SAG ruled by Jupiter-AQU conjunct Saturn) that is seeking a functioning intellectual progressive voice in policy-making to accepting the unity (Neptune-PIS) of this society. Jupiter-Saturn (especially with Pallas Athena there) in AQU ask that we shift out of the undercurrent of Witch Hunt doctrines of the past and expansively elevate the collective on a more humanitarian fundamental basis. Mars-ARI fresh with fiery potential to carry out this mission is square Pluto-CAP to fight and expose the outmoded system to carry out a significant collective shift destiny to this more inclusive place. Uranus-TAU tri-septile (since 2018) Pluto has a very crucial destiny to bring a new Renaissance (as it rules Jupiter-Saturn-Pallas). Let’s hope (Neptune-PIS) that we can turn this Uranus Sky-God dance with Gaia-Earth (Venus) into one of golden creation and sustained abundance for all (Venus in SAG with Juno can reconnect us to our Earth wisdoms with a higher functionality with Jupiter-AQU). Here’s to the Dance of Uranus and Gaia may we unite and thrive.


Angela Blissbridge seeks to weave a tapestry to thriving through astrology, art and ancient traditions. She is an Evolutionary Astrologer with a certificate of graduation from Maurice Fernandez’s Complete Professional Course and has a Masters education in biology and analytical statistics. She was awarded 2018’s Most Promising Astrologer by the Organization for Professional Astrologers (OPA). She teaches classes and workshops, speaks to groups and consults with clients.

Chart Data and Sources

Generally, historical charts that cover broad periods or uncertain dates show only outer planets from Mars to Pluto with Chiron and Moon’s Nodes. They are Zero Aries to focus attention to the Gemini-Sagittarius patterns occurring. Current day charts (Charts 6) are Porphyry for Washington, DC. Orange highlighted points on charts are strong aspect of the Nodes of Uranus-Venus (6º orb for conjunctions, squares, oppositions and trines; 3º for quincunx). Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter are highlighted by a box to bring attention to the location of their Xen-Eman Signaturesinfluences. Orange-starred points reflect xenophobia-signature that are not in aspect to the Uranus-Venus Nodes. ALL references to Planetary Nodes are Heliocentric positions (marked on the charts and found in Table 1); note also abbreviation of SN-Venus is South Node Venus and distinguishes from the Moon’s Nodes as NN-Moon (North Node of the Moon). If Nodes only are referenced here it references to Planetary Nodes (not the Moon’s Nodes).

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[3]See included social, political and economic transformations, and an intellectual revitalization of Western Europe with strong philosophical and scientific roots. These changes paved the way for later achievements such as the literary and artistic movement of the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century and the scientific developments of the 17th century.” It was a period of rediscovering of the Ancient Greek philosophies and sciences related to the Crusades excursions through conquering of southern Europe.

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[5]See, “Renaissance” 14th-17thcentury with historians citing period starting in 1401. The overlap of the 14thCentury is due to the similar focus of the predecessor movements above. This classic period was a deeper humanitarian flourishing of many aspects of European society and is viewed as marking a transition to ‘modernity’ out of the Middle Ages. It brought us the arts like gifts of Leonard daVinci (n. 1452) and Michelangelo (n. 1475). It brought significant scientific and technological breakthroughs from astrologer-astronomers Copernicus (n. 1473), Galileo (n. 1564) and Kepler (n 1571).

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In the witch hunt Wikipedia site a reference to 1398 leads to this French document (”. From this wiki site: “The skeptical Canon Episcopi retained many supporters, and still seems to have been supported by the theological faculty at the University of Paris in their decree from 1398, and was never officially repudiated by a majority of bishops within the papal lands, nor even by the Council of Trent which immediately preceded the peak of the trials. But beginning in 1428 the Valais witch trials lasted six to eight years, starting in the French-speaking lower Valais and eventually spreading to German-speaking regions. This time period also coincided with the Council of Basel (1431-1437) and some scholars have suggested a new witch-phobic doctrinal view may have spread among certain theologians and inquisitors in attendance at this council as the Valais trials were discussed. [14] Not long after, a cluster of powerful opponents of the Canon Episcopi emerges: a Dominican inquisitor in Carcassonne named Jean Vinet, the Bishop of Avila named Alfonso Tostado, and another Dominican Inquisitor named Nicholas Jacquier. It is unclear whether the three men were aware of each other's work. The coevolution of their shared view centers around "a common challenge: disbelief in the reality of demonic action in the world.[15]””

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[15]See, Witchcraft Acts of 1563 and 1604. The 1563 Witchcraft Acts of England and Scotland were reframed in the 1604 version that “broadened to bring the penalty of death without benefit of clergy to anyone who invoked evil spirits or communed with familiar spirits” (animal guides).

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