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Today’s Rise of Xenophobia and Emancipation

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

An Astrological Analysis of Planetary Cycles on Planetary Node Pairs

By Angela Blissbridge

May 24, 2019

Today’s witch hunt socio-political environment repeats an ancient pattern of xenophobic surges in the midst of calls for emancipation: Crusades, Inquisitions and Witch Hunts occurred contemporaneously with Revolutions and Renaissance (and Table 1 [1]). Since 2015 with the rise of xenophobic world leaders and growing extremism by this writing, we have seen violent attacks on religious groups, intense migration and border policy shifts, blatant racism, claims of witch hunts against political leaders and constant polarized rhetoric between all levels of society and leadership. It has also been a time of powerful calls for emancipation and revolutionary ideas for progressive governance.

What is behind these diametrically opposed forces? Then and now, there have been repeating themes of ideological, societal, cultural and religious issues (the Gemini Sagittarius axis as a whole, relating to cultural development and belief systems), and Uranus, an astrological agent of emancipation, or conversely, fragmentation) clashing between old and new politico-social systems (Saturn aspects to Uranus or strong Capricorn and Aquarius depict this dichotomy between past and future) bringing fundamental (Saturn or Capricorn) and intensely life-altering (Pluto or Scorpio) shifts. Since the time of the Crusades around 1100AD, extreme xenophobia-emancipation shifts occur when prominent transits aspect the Planetary Nodes [2] that carry these same signatures. Planetary Nodes are sun-magnetized intersection point between the planet’s orbit and the Sun’s path, that can be perceived as portals similar to the Moon’s Nodes but take thousands of years to shift signs (see Table 1) unlike the 18.6 months of the Moon’s Node. Encoded with ancient experiences of xenophobia (and emancipation) are Uranus’s North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius along with the South Node of Saturn in Capricorn and South Node of Pluto in Capricorn (see Table 1 for positions from 1100AD to now). Revolutions, Renaissances and other Emancipations pair with xenophobic surges in part related to the Nodes of Venus that have been conjunct the Nodes of Uranus (exactly conjunct in 1306AD fading to 3º in 2019 – see Table 1). Venus’s Heliocentric North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius deepens the creative revisions of the past celebrating or exploiting resources and the bodies of women.

Since 2015 (peaking in 2019 and fading 2021-2022, 6º orb), the recurrence of this cycle of xenophobia-emancipation was triggered by transiting Neptune in Pisces square the Nodes of Uranus and Venus in Gemini-Sagittarius and transiting Pluto in Capricorn conjunct its own South Node and Saturn’s Nodes. By 2018-2019, transiting Neptune and Pluto made exact aspects to the above as transiting Saturn and the Moon’s South Node joined in the Capricorn activations. The international [3] experiences under current activations are worth exploring; but to keep this article contained, it will focus the xenophobia-emancipation factors and astrological signatures for events in the United States (USA), namely:

  • President Barak Obama’s birth and election Nov 4, 2008 to set the context President Donald Trump’s campaign and administration.

  • Trump’s birth, his June 16, 2015 [4] announcement to run and election Nov 8, 2016

  • The Mueller Investigations (Trump’s witch hunt) focusing on its report release April 18, 2019 with references to its beginning in May 17, 2017.

Will we shake loose of this extreme xenophobia that has plagued our political and cultural divides since 2015? With the fading of Neptune and Pluto’s transits across the xenophobia-emancipation Planetary Nodes in 2021-2022, will a dawning new Renaissance (see Table 1 cycles) of progressive innovations shed the ancient patterns of xenophobic domination and aggressions? Let us turn back to Obama’s impact at the outset of this current turn of the cycle of xenophobia-emancipation for clues.


Obama, by birth (see Chart 1, inner wheel), has the emancipation-xenophobia signature with the emancipation shown in his campaign and progressive policy changes to government in his Saturn 25º Capricorn (on the USA’s Pluto we’ll see later) conjunct Jupiter’s inspiring hope to elevate society at 0º Aquarius. Uranus and the Moon’s Node at 25-27º Leo bring a revolutionary past life flare. But to institute this realignment (Saturn in Capricorn) it required work (quincunx Uranus Leo and the South Node of the Moon Leo) to achieve given the Republican legislative control. This Saturn-Jupiter-Uranus are at once an emancipator but with that challenge from the quincunx suggest his leadership inspires xenophobia. He was and continues to be a target by many levels of right-wing society and politics (Mars 22º Virgo quincunx his Ascendant 18º Aquarius). Trump dug at Obama’s legitimacy as a USA citizen (Trump’s Saturn 24º Cancer opposed Obama’s) – a controversy that lingers today [5] (2019 transits of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn on Obama’s Uranus and North Node of the Moon). Obama’s birth one week before a Solar Eclipse gives him powerful leadership magnetism (particularly with Sun 12º Leo) to bring his Uranus-Leo ideals to life; this Leo also inspires envy and jealousy from others, such as the defensive-targeting from Trump’s 26º Leo Mars (who is also Eclipse born).

On Obama’s election Nov 4, 2008 [6] (see Chart 1, outer wheel), Saturn 19º Virgo (conjunct his Mars gives him assertive control to manage a healthcare agenda change in policy) trine Jupiter 17º Capricorn repeats a synodic cycle of Saturn-Jupiter.Saturn’s opposition to Uranus 19º Pisces squares the Nodes of Uranus and Venus (14-17º Gemini-Sagittarius), however, interfere successfully with institutionalizing improved immigration policy (the Uranus-Venus Nodes) and universal health care (Saturn 19º Virgo square Hygiea 16º Gemini). It is too-much-too soon chaos (Uranus in Pisces) in the implementation in the face of congressional opposition (Saturn Virgo opposed Uranus Pisces square theNodes of Uranus); these perceived failures build the foundation for Trump’s future policy reversals he campaigned on.


As Obama’s second term faded, Trump announced his candidacy two days after his Jupiter return birthday on Jun 16, 2015 (see Chart 2) with slogans of “Make America Great Again” and “Drain the Swamp” (Pluto 14º Capricorn exposing government corruption exactly quincunx Uranus’s North Node 14º Gemini elevating the ideals of society conjunct the Midheaven 10º Gemini on a public scale). During this televised speech, the South Nodes of Uranus and Venus 14-17º Sagittariuswere further activated in a Grand Fire Trine by Jupiter 19º Leo and Uranus 19º Aries adding passionate fire to his magnetic Eclipse birth presence. His message worked (Virgo rising) and grabbed mass appeal (Ascendant 13º Virgo opposed Neptune 9º Pisces square the Nodes of Uranus) as news outlets published this story (11:51am EDT in New York). Neptune 9º Pisces square of the Uranus-Venus Nodes (14-17º Gemini-Sagittarius) intensified his capacity to capture and dominate this governing role (Pluto’s 15º Capricorn approaching to its own South Node 20º Capricorn exact three times in 2018, fading in 2022); this also suggests powerful hidden agendas and corruptions within the system (his or the swamp he planned to drain). The June 2015 Sun was sandwiched between Mars and the Moon 24-26º Gemini making it a very personal call (Sun, Mars and Moon) to action (Mars) appealing to the polarizing (Mars) insecurities (Moon) of the common man on the streets (Gemini).

It is also very personal for Trump as this 2015 Sun-Mars-Moon repeats his Sun-Mars-Moon (see Chart 3, inner wheel –Uranus 18º Gemini, Sun 21º Gemini and North Node of the Moon 23º Gemini; opposed his Moon 22º Sagittarius and sextile his Mars 26º Leo). This combination (eclipse-powered) is primed to tap the masses through social media and news outlets (his Gemini stellium and Uranus 17º Gemini conjunct Uranus-Venus Nodes square 2015-2016 Neptune 9º Pisces) propagating his agenda and polarizing rhetoric. With his Saturn 24º Cancer on its own North Node in Cancer sextile these Gemini stelliums on Uranus-Venus North Nodes (14-17º Gemini), he is a powerful emancipator for his base (promising border security – Saturn in Cancer quincunx the Moon 21º Sagittarius) with the polarizing and non-inclusive agendas (Sagittarius Sun and South Node of the Moon). With these same signatures, Trump is a xenophobic divisive figure prone to witch hunt mentality and name calling.

From his announcement through the heated campaign and election day 2016 (see Nov 9, 2016 2:43am [7] for when the race was conceded to him Chart 3, outer wheel), Saturn was in Sagittarius (and into 2017) conjunct the Nodes of Uranus and Venus (14-17º Gemini) squaring Neptune in Pisces exacerbating his capacity to expand his authority to fulfill his campaign promises. It also wildly deepened the divide (Pisces and Sagittarius) of political (Saturn) discourse in social media and news outlets (South Node of Uranus in Sagittarius 14º) with Trump’s Twitter proclivity to dominate news cycles (his Uranus 17º Gemini with the Gemini stelliums of his and the 2015 announcement). Adding to his capacity to land the presidential position was transiting the super-powered Pluto 15º Capricorn (conjunct its own South Node 20º Capricorn opposed Trump’s Saturn 24º Cancer) quincunx Trump’s Uranus (opposed transiting Saturn in Sagittarius). It seems from the above, he has been amplifying his powers via the transits since 2015 to the Planetary Nodes. How will his capacity fair with the transits into 2019-2022? The answer may, in part, lay in the Mueller investigation witch hunt.


From May 17, 2017 to Apr 18, 2019 [8] (see Chart 4) the Department of Justice tasked Special Counsel Robert Mueller with the duty to investigate:

“…allegations that there were links or coordination between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the Russian government[4][5] as well as "any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation." It included a criminal investigation which looked into potential obstruction of justice charges against Trump and others within the campaign and administration.” [9]

The xenophobia-emancipation signatures of this investigation are potent, fueling Trump’s conflict with their process and reference to them as witch hunts.

May 27, 2017 (outer wheel Chart 4): Saturn 26º Sagittarius (realigning falsehoods and foreign invasion) exactly trine Uranus 26º Aries (defensively illuminating technology breakdowns) with Pluto 19º Aries (digging into these conflicts and obstructions) square Uranus; Mars 24º Gemini sextile Uranus adds to this targeting. These trigger a personal attack (Mars Gemini 2017, his Mars Leo) response to his own authority (his Saturn 24º Capricorn square Uranus Aries; transiting Saturn on his Moon and South Node make it very personal) activating the xenophobia-emancipation signature.

April 18, 2019 (inner wheel Chart 4): The close of the investigation does little to take the witch hunts effect way. If anything, it intensifies the dominating control of Trump over the full disclosure of the investigation as reflected in Pluto 23º Capricorn (on Saturn’s South Node exactlyconjunct the Moon’s South Node 21º and Saturn 20º Capricornon Pluto’s South Node 20º Capricorn); adding fuel to this fire (and possibly exaggerating the truth – as Attorney General William Barr’s announcement of the findings may have obfuscated the report given Mueller’s public dissatisfaction) is Jupiter 24º Sagittarius semi-sextile that Pluto stellium opposing the opening investigations battle-plan Mars 24º Gemini (that widely conjuncts the 2019 Mars 12º Gemini conjunct Uranus South Node 14º Gemini); 2019’s Jupiter polarizes the original foundation of the report conjunct the 2017 Saturn, suggesting exaggerating of truths or widening efforts to seek the truth. The April 18, 2019 limited and secretive (Pluto in Capricorn) release of the findings (Mars Gemini) add fuel to the divisive agendas and rhetoric for the already ignited 2020 campaign (Jupiter in Sagittarius). Trump’s Saturn semi-returns as his second-term bid heats up on Jan 21, 2020 (9-days after Saturn-Pluto conjunct at 23º Capricorn) with Mars 12º Sagittarius square Neptune 17º Pisces (involving the Nodes of Uranus-Venus and Pluto-Saturn); this could contribute to escalation of his divisiveness and intensification of political corruptions OR it could be exposing him exponentially. How this plays out will largely be related to his xenophobia-emancipation signature activation (or fading) as we move into 2020-2022.


The transits that created the xenophobia-emancipation socio-political climate since 2015 will begin to fade as follows:

December 21, 2020 brings a special light to this turn of seasons as Jupiter and Saturn meet at 00º Aquarius. This progressive upgrade of policy combo marks Saturn’s waning entrenchment in the Planetary Nodes of Pluto and Saturn (20-24º Capricorn). It is empowered by Neptune 18º Pisces strongly square Venus’s Nodes 17º Gemini-Sagittarius (fading from square with Uranus Nodes 14º Gemini-Sagittarius). Trump’s 24º Cancer Saturn may lose status with the waning position of transiting Saturn in Capricorn above; that could indicate a rite of passage for Trump to soften (Cancer) into retirement. Neptune 18º Pisces highly amplifes his Gemini-Sagittarius axis to either 1) make him a victim (Pisces) of the witch hunts and expose lies (Sagittarius) forcing his retirement or 2) significantly broaden his capacity (Pisces) to propagandize via technology (his Uranus 17º Gemini) a powerful win (Pluto Capricorn) of a second term to further entrench his agenda. Saturn Aquarius position opposed his Pluto 10º Leo could add to the exposure of misaligned government, thereby, suggesting option #1 has more weight.

Spring to Summer 2021 will see Neptune fade fromUranus’s Nodes to 20-23º Pisces strongly conjunct Venus’s Nodes (17º Gemini-Sagittarius) with Pluto 26º Capricorn faded from its own South Nodes (20º Capricorn) but still strongly conjunct of Saturn’s South Node 24º Capricorn. It suggested decreased domination-corruption (Pluto on its own Nodes misaligned) with empowered exposure of government dysfunctions toward a softened integrated approach of the Cancer North Nodes of Pluto-Saturn (with Venus’s Nodes). A progressive inclusive government could help awaken a new golden age (Venus’s Nodes, Saturn, at 10-12º Aquarius ruling the diminished domination of Capricorn; echoed in Uranus 12º Taurus quincunx this Saturn Aquarius). This transit suggests further exposure or disengagement of the old systems and corrupted leadership.

Spring 2022, the Planetary Nodes activation of the xenophobia-emancipation cycle will have faded beyond a 6º orb with Neptune at 23º Pisces (semi-returned to the birth of the USA Neptune 23º Virgo) faded from Venus’s Nodes (and long faded from Uranus’ Nodes 14-17º Gemini-Sagittarius)and Pluto 27-28º Capricorn (returned to the birth of the USA Pluto 27º Capricorn). However, a short-term extension of this cycle with Saturn 20-21º Aquarius trineVenus’s Nodes and Jupiter in Pisces transiting Uranus-Venus Nodes. If entrenchment had been lingering, this may be the time for progressive revolutionary inclusion of balanced feminine-masculine policies.

The ancient history of xenophobia-emancipation cycles since 1100 AD has been changing its focus over a millennium as the orbs of traveling pairs of Planetary Nodes intensify or fade in their conjunctions (see Table 1 – Uranus-Venus Nodes are fading at 3º orb, Pluto-Saturn Nodesare approaching at 3º, Mercury-Mars Nodesare approaching 1º). As the fading of the 2015-2022 cycle hints toward empowerment of making our collective life work (Mercury-Mars Nodesand Pluto-Saturn Nodes), we may indeed be at the brink of Age of Aquarius that can shake the inquisitions, witch hunts and crusades dust from our consciousness. Keep a watch for future articles on this grand cycle of the Planetary Nodes.


Angela Blissbridge seeks to weave a tapestry to thriving through astrology, art and ancient traditions. She is an Evolutionary Astrologer with a certificate of graduation from Maurice Fernandez’s Complete Professional Course and has a Masters education in biology and analytical statistics. She was awarded 2018’s Most Promising Astrologer by the Organization for Professional Astrologers (OPA). She teaches classes and workshops, speaks to groups and consults with clients.


[1] Blissbridge, Angela.Witch Hunts Then & Now” blogs on many aspects of this subject from current to ancients times. Check this link for current updates of articles published here or in other pbulications.

[2] Learn more about planetary nodes astronomy and astrological impact in my blog articles:,“PLANETARY NODES –Their Astronomy and Their Astrological Meaning and Impact on Transits - PART 1 OF 2”, by Angela Blissbridge. November 26, 2018

[3] Europe refugee crisis since 2015 has seen escalations in xenophobia. The rise in rallies, demonstrations and shifts in leadership toward anti-immigration has shocked Europe. Included in this shift was the election of Matteo Salvini- Italy’s far-right interior minister who demands border control in Europe (former ‘bombastic radio show host) elected in June 2018 (just near one of the three exact conjunctions Pluto made on its South Node-Capricorn in 2018). See also

[4] Based on the time this article was posted, 11:51am and a 46min announcement ( it is likely the speech began around 11am in Trump Tower, New York, NY.

[5] Corsi continued to cast doubt on Obama's birth certificate as late as March 2019. In a CNN interview, he stated, "I want to see the original 1961 birth records from Kenya, that'll settle it...the State of Hawaii will not show those records to anyone.” Corsi's attorney, Larry Klayman, falsely asserted during the same interview, "the birth certificate uses the word ‘African-American’ in 1961."’

[6], “Election Night 2008 (CNN HD) p.1 - Obama Wins, McCain Concedes”




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