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by Angie Blissbridge (aka Angie Bray-Widner)

Magic and synchronicities are in the air today, amplifying your ability to tap into the flow of juicy creativity to take your Big Bold Visions into solid form with practical and rewarding results to claim your space and gain due respect. Today’s Energies[i]:Sabian Symbol #11 – Aries 11th. Ruler of One’s Country (Sovereignty of Being)[ii]. – I selected Nefertiti to illustrate this empowering symbol to amplify the strong balanced feminine and masculine energies of today’s overall reading. Engage your Mars Scorpio and Aries Moon (see the chart below) to take charge of your space (get out of traps you set for yourself or allowed others to ensnare you), stand firmly in your authority and power to gain the recognition and respect you deserve. Be mindful of jumping ahead to force power on others when you’ve not earned the status. This is a symbol demanding work to gain credibility with a humbleness and high degree of self-esteem and confidence. Aries 11th also is carried by the Moon today – she will arrive at this degree around 6:30pm MST on January 22, 2018.

Ace of Vessels (or Ace of Cups) from the Wildwood Tarot brings us a potent feminine energy link to renew ourselves in the waters of our inner being (and of Mother Earth). Ancient wisdom is much more accessible today because the Aries-Moon and Scorpio-Mars are forging through to get to this Source; commune with nature and allow your emotional energies to find their own place of calm. When you allow for the calming of the pond of your emotional-body, over time the waters become clearer allowing you to see those jewels and old-traps below the surface. Great healing is yours for the taking. Allow yourself to receive; allow yourself time to replenish. You may have been on or are experiencing emotional roller-coasters (thanks to Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio); but this is a good time to get the introspection (through self-analysis, counseling and/or down-time).  Are you looking into that water of your intuition, creativity and emotions?  Are you giving yourself time for it to gain clarity?  Are you kicking up the muck on the bottom refusing to look for into the depths only to find yourself tripping up on your buried stones under those repressed and trapped emotional wounds?  The current transits will help to get there, even if it's against your conscious choice.  Help the process and take the time for this healing of you. 

Big Bold Vision #15 (Sacred Rebels Oracle – Alana Fairchild)[iii] continues the STRONG FEMININE energies encouraging us to fearlessly step into bigger, bolder, visions of a thriving and empower us. Allow blocks to the vision to recede (see the Ace of Vessels). Affirm with yourself the magnificent of your visions. Do not allow others (or yourself) to diminish you or your quest. They have tremendous potential if you are aligning your heart and mind with the highest good of the Universe. Scorpio-Mars and the Aries-Moon will help you break the mold of those old beliefs; change is in play and must be embraced. Fighting the FLOW will create distress and entrap you in a much lesser vision of you. Break that pattern and step into the Brighter you. Planetary ‘Weather’ Today (January 22, 2018 astrological transit).: For several weeks now, we have been having a strong push to awaken the leadership of the earth goddess Ceres (the sickle symbol – in Leo). She has been circling into proximity with the Moon’s North Node (an evolutionary ‘goal’ mark) in a locomotive pattern with Jupiter in Scorpio (now, Mars was) being the engine and Uranus and Pallas-Athena in Aries bring up the caboose of that train of awakening feminine that’s barreling down the tracks. We have an imperative as a collective to awaken the juicy repressed feminine energies to rebalance our world into a PARTNERSHIP dynamic to replace the dominating patriarchy; this is NOT just Women’s Marches once a year, but a daily connection and embodiment of each and every one of our OWN feminine energies (what ever form of gender / non-gender you express); this is recognizing the sacredness of all beings and working together in a more cooperative and understanding way to honor each other AND the EARTH in it’s entirety; it is to breakdown and transform the old belief systems that have raped the earth and anything expressing a feminine energy. Time to rebalance.

Today in particular, the Goddess has magic available to her (all those pink lines are 11th harmonic angles are 'master' synchronicities; the purple are 7thharmonic angles that can bring in a ‘destiny’ feeling) . There energy is high intensity change oriented with the Moon in Aries (ruled by Mars in Scorpio conjunct the expanding planet Jupiter). We must stand firmly in our authority (Saturn, Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn) and speak our truth and break out of old habits and take responsibility for past actions in a RIGHTFUL way of being in this world. We are creating a brighter, bigger, and bolder vision of our personal (and collective) territory for future generations (Venus and Sun conjunct in Aquarius). Look bravely into the pond of your emotions and old outworn attachments and find your individuality Aries Moon. See the oracle readings above.  Cautions: Every chart (or oracle energy) brings in cautionary points. With potent changes towards the beautiful things I explained, there is also a potential for expressing these energies negatively (or being impacted by them in a less favorable way). There is a LOT of INTENSE change in play (Aries and Scorpio and Pluto-Capricorn) that is challenging the established system (all the Capricorn energy with its ruler Saturn along with Pluto and Mercury). Further because of the strong Capricorn (Saturn) energies here, we are facing karmic issues; it is a time to face our past and take responsibility for our actions (when we do we are rewarded with at least less resistance to our flow); if we refuse to take stock and/or we add to more misaligned behaviors, Karma will bite. It is a time to be VERY mindful of RIGHTFUL actions and being READY to LOOK yourself in the mirror. The Aries-Scorpio energies can be very aggressive, violent, sexually inappropriate, or even tapped into dark energies. Keep your own heart and mind aligned with the your inner truth and in RIGHTFUL ways (aligned with nature, higher ethics and morals) of being in this world. Find ways to channel any emotionally charged energies today into something physically exerting or creatively productive; anger could pop up out of know where and be much larger and biting than you’d expect; so stay centered in your truth and meet that force with a more flowing and ‘feminine’ approach. Don’t fight the fire with fire today unless you want to burn down the house. Many blessings - AngieHappier Facts Awakening CONNECTING THE DOTS TO A THRIVING YOU:Angie Blissbridge (fka Angie Bray-Widner) is an evolutionary astrologer and Energy Facilitator. See more about her at

START YOUR JOURNEY TODAY with a variety of healing services from Angie! [i] Today’s Energies are the day’s oracle selected by Angie Blissbridge (fka Angie Bray-Widner) as part of her morning ritual to great the day and tune in. Details of each oracle below.

[ii] The Sabian Symbol reading is generated randomly from the Astro-Oracle phone app. Some days it links directly into the chart of the day; but even if it doesn’t it seems to support the transiting planetary energies of that day. This link ( can allow you to draw your own card randomly without having to buy and app or put your email address in. That website also provides the more classic interpretations of the original imagery channeled in 1925 to link to the 360ºZodiac. To learn more about the magical and mystical Sabian Symbols click here.

[iii] Alana Fairchild has created a powerful set of oracle cards with her Sacred Rebels is a beautifully illustrated by Autumn Skye Morrison. Each reading is from my own hard-copy deck that is so cherished. If you’re working on awakening that inner feminine that is wanting to march to say ‘no more’ then this deck is for you!