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2018-06-02 Astro-Oracles - Health and Justice Depends on Taking Action to Purge Corruption

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

A call to action to face the rising tide of extreme polarization and corruption that has shaken our faith in the process of justice and in humanity’s state of compassion. 

by Angie Blissbridge

June 2, 2018 Connecting the Dots Report

The oracles today delivered a very strong message to stand and take account for the toxic ways of being in this world; they are quite clear it is time to purge our ‘temples’ (body, mind, spirit and even collectively our governing structure) of the persistent dualistic ‘my camp versus our camp’ mentalities; it is time to let go of the view that our ‘enemy’ is not worthy of our empathy and compassion because we perceive they are not like us (or we reject the possibility they are like us – all a delusion at some level). There is a terribly ‘misbehaving child’ energy pervading our world; instead of continuing to pat it on the head and send ‘thoughts and prayers’ that everything will work out, it is time to rise, take action and gain a compassionate, but firm delineation of what is not acceptable, to purge the amoral, corrupt and dehumanizing toxins within ourselves and our collective systems. Here’s where this is stemming from [1]:

Sabian Symbol #355 – Pisces 25.  The Purging of the Priesthood – Stopping the Rot[2]. This symbol – randomly drawn this morning – is incredibly on target for our world status and the planetary transits.  It is about seeing through the lies, corruption, abuses and misuses of those in positions entrusted to uphold the codes of our human-world; it is about facing the need to leave behind these dirty-players or see them fall from grace. It requires action on the part of the one and the many to do this purging.  This applies not only to our governing structures but also to our own personal values and ways of facing our individual authentic self.  There is a need to review our moral codes to gain a clearer, genuine connection to a heart-centered compassionate and holistic way of being.  We have trusted that the systems of government or the balance of light-versus-dark would correct the imbalance ‘naturally’ without a purging action that directly involved us; however, as the cancerous growths of divisive-mentality and corruption continue, violence has escalated, abusers go unpunished and gain further power, and audacity continues on all fronts; what is trickling down is not financial benefit but this dualistic-sickness of ‘us versus them’.  It is time to review our own individual engagement in the indoctrination process of the corrupt system.  Like it or not, buying into the sway of any dogmatic view that ‘my opinion has the moralistic high ground of the polar opposite’ is leading us all down a path of corruption away from our heart-center; we each hold a fragment of truth (even those we revile because there’s a fraction of that reflection that is within us).  We have to be able to judge the human frailty within all beings and hold them accountable for inhuman, earth-ravaging, morally-questionable behaviors.


Interesting to note that this Sabian 25-Pisces degree is within the orb of today’s Hygiea and Astraea positions.  Hygiea is the Goddess of Health who can help us bleed the toxins from our system.  She started her sky-travels with the current political administration in the sign of Scorpio (having just entered in on September 30, 2016).  She brought the Scorpionic snake’s (see her holding the viper below) venom to shake our collective conscious that a toxic stranglehold was invading our entire corporate and political structure (that held sway with lots of propaganda that they were the reformers); the truth was the entire system was corrupt – bought and paid for by the soulless mega-corporations of the world and controlled by a cabal of cloistered power-players who bribe and threaten those who gain any foothold in ‘the system.’  We have all been hoodwinked.  It isn’t the democrats versus the republicans, the liberals versus the conservatives or whatever label they devise to polarize and separate us so that we fail to see the truth that the true enemy is that very polarization – it fragments our hearts, minds and even our spirit.  It gives us a ‘safe’ rationalization to do something because we’re ‘better than them.’  Today at 1:19pm MST, with her ingress into Aries, Hygiea left Pisces and took back her power to give us the ability to find our own voice, to reconnect with our own spark to action, and to rise up to join in actions to release this duality from our own hearts and minds so that it can be purged from the collective and our governing systems.  Hygiea in Aries is no longer under the spell of ‘wait and see’, ‘have faith in the system’ or ‘send thoughts and prayers.’  Aries is our warrior; Hygiea brings that warrior for healing -- healing of our mental fragmentation, our disconnect from heart-center and our ability to have empathy and compassion while at the same time cutting out the scourge – the rot and the things not working.  Hygiea has been traveling the heavens next to Astraea - the Goddess of Justice who brings a need to restore and integrate the fragmented nature of what should be our wholeness to gain balance.  She can cause us to hang on to those corrupt and destructive systems and patterns or she can assist us in breaking up the cabal to aid in rectifying the collective justice for wholeness.  She is at 26-Pisces-08 (just a little over 1º from this purging the temple Sabian degree).  She can help us right the scales.

Two of Stones (Challenge) from the Wildwood Tarot.  The theme of duality continues with the Challenge card of the tarot today.  It underscores the need to face challenges of our worldly existence.  There is a cause to fight and justice to be sought; it requires action to engage and hold to our truths.  But it is not fighting as bulldogs, it is rabbits here.  Fertile, gentle and heart-grabbers but able to fiercely defend what is truly worth fighting for – the core of their survival, family and love.  They are fast and flexible to meet this change.  If they are not watchful and choose to engage for wrong reasons or corrupted causes, it will result in their demise. Wise use of energy is required to sustain the challenge at hand.  This oracle is Aries in nature, thus, we’ll turn to the current transit of Mars and the planets in Aries to determine how best to rise to this challenge.  Chiron and Hygiea in Aries both help us fan and sustain of flames of action with our higher-selves (the higher intellect, the heart-centeredness, and the healing effect of the snake-venom that draws out the toxins holding us stagnated and captive to the old doctrines.  Mars in Aquarius (square Uranus-Taurus) is requiring that we refine and upgrade our strategy to find innovative solutions to protect and defend the earth (Taurus) and the sanctity of the bodies of ALL beings (Taurus). There is a danger of engaging these energies in a very inhuman way; however, the effect of doing so, brings rise of the energies of Chiron-Aries and Hygiea-Aries; together these master healers can bring the medicine to restore the imbalanced destruction, corruption and misuse of those Taurus resources.  Juno in Aries (16-Aries) is an interesting factor here as she can bring a further demand of justice for misuse of the feminine, but she can have tunnel-vision and forget that the scales of the divine feminine-masculine balance must be level – not askew.

Faith in the Process Reversed #32 (Sacred Rebels Oracle – Alana Fairchild)[3] The oracles continue to find a deep relevance to the transits and our collective lives. Here today, we see our lost faith in the process with the drawing of this card in reverse. Despite the lack of confidence that our ‘process’ – in our global context it is mainly the political and corporate systems – we have the tremendous power to tap into our own inner voice, our own truth and our own capacities to carry us into a new paradigm. We may feel we are at the edges of our own limits with no resources on how to navigate in this world gone topsy-turvy; that’s just it, the cabal and ‘powers that be’ would like to keep us disempowered and believing there is no point in having faith in the system. There are billions of us and only a fraction of those in power. Let me say that again – there are billions of us and only a tiny fraction ‘run the show.’ We DO have powers. So again, let’s turn to the transits to determine where we can find faith in our process – Neptune, Pisces, Sagittarius and Jupiter can give us insight. So the more ‘obvious’ root of the lack of faith stems from the Jupiter in Scorpio (retrograde) that has dredged up the darkest gunk of the scandals, abuses and exploitation since October 2017; mind you that corruption had been there long before last fall (we could follow the cycles of the slower moving planets back in history to uncover the pattern of the source, but that’s not for this article). What’s important here, is how do we regain faith or what do we do with the overwhelm in the lack of faith. We’ve had about 15 years of heavy Pisces transits (via Neptune, Uranus for a bit in Pisces and Chiron only recently into Aries) that has ate away at and dissolved our personal sense of truth and faith in ourselves as the depth of the scandals, propaganda and outrageousness grow; on the other hand that same Pisces influence can help us tap into the truth that we are all connected and all part of the same whole and realize we are indeed hoodwinked into believing in our separateness. Chiron’s ingress into Aries at the end of April stands at the edge of just pulling its head out of the waters of Pisces and will in fact dunk back into it for a few months starting October. That Chiron-Aries along with today’s Hygiea newly into Aries, gives us the faith in our own warrior and own ability to stand for our own truth and our own ability to step out of being the victim of global delusion propagated by a tiny-fraction in power; that cabal would like to keep us deluded in separateness. They’re faith that will we stay asleep (in Pisces land) is ALSO shaken; they are losing faith in their capacity to keep up this audacity. We need to ride that wave and affirm with our actions to NOT engage in dualistic, polarizing battles with our family, friends, neighbors, community and all those who make up the billions; we are ALL of the same elements and energies.  Stop believing otherwise.  We do have tremendous power to shake awake and toss off that spell.

Planetary ‘Weather’ Today (June 2, 2018 astrological transit):   The fire to take action is ‘limited in today’s chart (and will be until August when the Sun goes into Leo); quite interesting though is that Fire does come from the same higher-self energies of Chiron and Hygiea.  Also traveling in fire for a bit longer is the earth-scorcher and earth-beautifier, Ceres; she’s had a lonely spot in the sky for several months (only ‘accompanied’ by the calculated point of the North Node).  She is quite potent though as her nemesis, Pluto is at her exact same degrees forming a paradoxical angle that puts them both to the test – are we really going to continue the corruption in the system Pluto-CAP (retrograde) that continues to scourge the earth or are we going to let the divine feminine goddess rise from under the heels of the corrupt and rejoin her mother (Ceres – Persphone – Pluto -a myth for another story) allowing the earth to blossom forth in the abundance of celebrating the rebalancing of the elements.  Further, as noted above, the fire of Chiron, Hygiea and Juno is ruled by a cooled-down, level-headed, high-minded Mars in Aquarius.  That Mars is approaching the South Node that is helping dredge up our past patterns to elevate and upgrade them into a more effective paradigm; but Mars-Aquarius is also the revolutionary – the one with the innovative ideas, causes and designs for how to better live for its chosen collective. As noted above, the Mars-Uranus square is further underscoring the rise of the feminine (along with the Ceres-Pluto).  Juno-Aries is helping on this front too if she doesn’t get too dramatic and polarized on her cause.  There’s considerable change in this chart with all the Cardinal factors (Capricorn: Moon, Saturn, Pluto, Lilith and Vesta; Aries: noted above with a lot of feminine energy in the mother sign of Cancer:  Venus, Pallas and Selena White Moon).  For this change to find a foothold (as there’s not much fixed energy here), there is a need to engage Astraea and Libra balancing of the polarized mentality (Sun-Mercury-GEM) of our collective.  The strong grand trine of water (Jupiter-RX-SCO, Neptune-Astraea and the Cancer-Goddesses above) shows the feminine wounds have overwhelmed (Neptune-PIS) our global consciousness with the exaggerated corruption, abuse, sexual inappropriateness being interwoven into more audacious belief systems dogmatically left unchecked or allowed to grow and fester (Jupiter-SCO Rx).  Saturn’s retrograde early position in its own sign of Capricorn seems to be challenged to gain a stable foundation to regain an Universal Truth-aligned as a result of the overpowering Pluto-Capricorn on its own nodes so darkly-ensconced in the dying system.   That doubting (retrograde) Saturn is facing a ‘finger-of-god’ period today (as a fleeting Yod to the North Node-Leo and the Sun-Mercury-Gemini); Saturn’s karmic duty can stabilize and give us the potential to stand accountable; it can allow justice to be served as long as we come into our heart-center (North Node-Leo quincunx Saturn); to do so we can open dialogues with our own personal life purpose and family (Sun) and tribe, neighbors and community (Mercury) on how to see our collective purpose and diversity as a vital part of our passion for existence (Sun-Mercury in Gemini quincunx Saturn). While this energy is fleeting, it is imprinted into the Hygiea transit in Aries (even with the dip back into Pisces with Chiron late September through December); that Saturn-Yod aspect is a tough paradoxical energy requiring work to balance and master. We do have our work cut-out for us to take advantage of the Aries transits now until the Fall 2018. We do need to come into heart center as individuals, so it can happen collectively – it is a daily action of stopping and feeling from a place deep in your heart before interacting with rhetoric or old patterns; it is a daily action to align to a place of seeing the other in its ‘sameness’ with you before polarizing the exchange. Make efforts to understand where they may be coming from (there is some root fear and insecurity at the heart of every one of our outrageous behaviors). it is about integrity (after all the royal star Aldebaran brings success through integrity with that Sun-Mercury’s position near it).

As the video that accompanies this article shows, a Hawk joined the oracles today. It brings further confirmation that the high-minded, objective view of (Mars-AQU ruling Chiron-Hygiea-Juno in Aries) see each of us as unified consciousness to be honored as individuals and a unified whole and remember all creatures of the earth are sacred (human, animal or rock). Hawk medicine brings reminds us to honor life’s messages and signals; it asks us to follow the directives of that sacred centered part of our heart. So be it! With all the blessings of my heart, may this be part of CONNECTING THE DOTS TO A THRIVING YOU!Angie Blissbridge (fka Angie Bray-Widner) is an evolutionary astrologer and healing facilitator. See more about her at START YOUR JOURNEY TODAY with a reading from Angie and see how these energies and transits are directly impacting you!

[1] Today’s Energies are the day’s oracles selected by Angie Blissbridge as part of her morning ritual to greet the day and tune in.  Details of each oracle below. [2] The Sabian Symbol reading is generated randomly from the Astro-Oracle phone app.  Some days it links directly into the chart of the day; but even if it doesn’t it seems to support the transiting planetary energies of that day. This link ( can allow you to draw your own card randomly without having to buy an app or put your email address in.  That website also provides the more classic interpretations of the original imagery channeled in 1925 to link to the 360ºZodiac.  To learn more about the magical and mystical Sabian Symbols click here. [3] Alana Fairchild has created a powerful set of oracle cards with her Sacred Rebels is a beautifully illustrated by Autumn Skye Morrison.  Each reading is from my own hard-copy deck that is so cherished.  If you’re working on awakening that inner feminine that is wanting to march to say ‘no more’ then this deck is for you!