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2018-07-25 MAJOR POTENT SHIFTS IN PLAY! Mind Blowing, Heart Opening, Soul-Direction-Rising

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Image: July 27 - Eclipse with Mars near Transcendence

Don’t Miss MAJOR Cosmic Events happening for the next couple months.  Here’s my summary and take on each of them.  I’m a bit behind on posting some very important cosmic weather that is integral to the current events.  Today’s Mercury stationing going retrograde in Leo is pushing me to get ‘get on stage’ and perform and not hold back any more.  

  • June 7th - MARS CONJUNCT SOUTH NODE:  Aquarian dance with the South Node of the Moon (our past life portal) was at a peak on their meeting this day.  Over the coming weeks these two will dance closely together during major cosmic events. They are bringing forth an opportunity to upgrade and elevate how you are expressing yourself in the world, cleared and shaken from old past patterns and limited attachments.

  • June 19th - NEPTUNE in is own sign of Pisces slowed down and changed directions - going RETROGRADE in a watery trine with Jupiter-Scorpio (also retrograde).  This sets a deep undercurrent tone of spiritualizing and transforming our beliefs and abilities to go beyond our potentials. With both retrograde, however, its a deep introspective, taking-stock type period to look at what isn’t serving those higher purposes and forcing us to meet great shifts (sometimes quite emotional and even causing chaos or destruction).  We are being given a link to heal here in a major and life-changing way.  This pattern will persist for weeks in varying degrees.

  • June 26th and 28th - MARS stationed and went RETROGRADE on the 26th in Aquarius (see his retrograde notes below on July 26th) under a ancestral healing, realignment transformative Full Moon.  Saturn was very visible near the Moon; its the ‘parental’ and old-structures way being examined and revolutionarily-broken-from over these next weeks.

  • July 10th - JUPITER went DIRECT out of the retrograde motion.  All that angst and emotional dredging that was going on since March has cleared a new path to shoot Jupiter expansive arrow forward into a whole new you.  

  • July 12th - Partial SOLAR ECLIPSE New Moon (the seeding of the July 27th eclipse Full Moon) -As noted in the July 27th event below, we came to a portal for an opportunity to shift out of old ancestral, outworn paradigm ways with a very potent retrograde Mars in Aquarius widely opposing it but on the Moon’s South Node (linked to that moon energy).  It planted the seed to radically break from these self-limiting patterns or outworn ways of being in the world.  It was a seeding to reshape our ways of holding our own boundaries, our authority and nurturing our deepest soul needs.  This is Eclipse ONE of THREE of the ‘Season of Eclipses’; we have two eclipse seasons each year that normally have only two (it’s not unusual but its not the norm). 

  • TODAY July 25th- MERCURY goes RETROGRADE TODAY 10:02 pm MST (July 26th 1:02am  EDT) (we’ve been feeling the shadow period of that since the 7th) - It’s in Leo so it’s about RETHINKING HOW WE NAVIGATE OUR WORLD FROM OUR HEART-CENTERED SOUL PURPOSE.  Retrogrades can be super empowering if we connect to those energies.  If not, we can get lost in the same energies and can bump into things (or have things not work). The retrograde period is covered further below.  NOTE: When Mercury is changing directions it’s a potent time to tap into those deep soul-aligned activities; otherwise, take it easy and laugh through what coyote-medicine Mercury may bring.

  • TOMORROW (July 26th) - MARS is RETROGRADE at ‘TRANSCENDENCE’ the furthest from the ‘king’ on his Hero’s Journey; he is  FULL OF HIMSELF up there in his HIGH-PERSPECTIVE AQUARIAN view shining SUPER BRIGHT with orange-red light just after sun down until the wee hours of the morning.  This is the closest Mars has been to the Earth since 2003 and before that 60,000 years ago.  The super potent opposition of Mars to the Sun is ALSO near the PORTALS of the Moon’s Nodes and aligned with the ECLIPSE the following day. For a few weeks now he has been traveling right next to the Moon’s South Node helping us clear away outworn behaviors and attachments that sabotage us in a VERY NEW PARADIGM SHAKE-UP SHIFT (it’s also causing quite a disturbance globally). We are needing balance our hearts and minds with a higher perspective on what direction our life should be taking and clearing out old patterns and habits (and antiquate structures). It is potentially a self or global revolution in consciousness. The potent meeting is at 10:10pm MST (July 27th 1:10am EDT)

  • FRIDAY July 27th - TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE FULL MOON with BIG-MARS NEXT TO THE MOON and the Moon’s South Node.  The eclipse is at 1:20pm MST (The PORTALS OPEN AGAIN to shed bright piercing light onto the fruits of the July 12th seeding.  Have the outworn paradigms shifted?  What can be adjusted to make that shift?  Mars is breaking the cycles and the Doors of Perception are wide open to Step into an Elevated Paradigm (personally and collectively).  See above!  LITERALLY GET OUT SIDE AND SEE ABOVE!  Around 8:20pm MST (11:30pm EDT) the Moon will Rise with Mars nearby in the East; Jupiter will shine brightly in Scorpio high in the ecliptic path to the south (Northern Hemisphere); and VENUS will be very bright and high but setting in the West.  You may even glimpse a prominent and visible Saturn about half way between the Moon-Mars and Jupiter (on the ecliptic path).  DO NOT MISS THIS Magnificent time to connect to the night sky.  Note: Mars is NOT as large as the Moon - that’s fake news).   

  • August 8th - Mercury rejoins the Sun sandwiched between the Sun and the Earth at 7:05pm MST (10:05pm EDT).  This is a peak point of checking on how we are doing with rethinking our life meaning (see July 25th).  This is the inferior conjunction of Mercury cycle.  Night viewing is still quite spectacular.  

  • August 11th - ECLIPSE #3 - Partial Solar New Moon in Leo (2:46am MST, 5:46am EDT)- A new seeding closing the Eclipse cycle with an opportunity to make good on the work done through the previous weeks.  Are we balanced in our heart centers?  What further shake-ups do we need (Mars is still quite impactful here).  

  • August 18th - Mercury goes direct - Whatever rethinking to be in your heart-centered purpose you arrived at during the retrograde will be able to be put to work.  

  • August 26th - Full Moon in Virgo-Pisces (4:57am MST 7:57am EDT).  It’s now time to test how well we came into a unified, soul aligned shift through all these potent cosmic transits.  How spiritualized (heart and compassion-centered and aligned with the Universal Truth) are those results?  Are things working and making holistic, healing solutions for you (or globally)?  It is potently linked to the Mars shift in direction too (see August 27th). 

  • August 27th - MARS goes DIRECT in Capricorn (7:05am MST, 10:05am EDT) - that POTENTIAL that was BUILDING from the beginning of the retrograde cycle with redoing and re-thinking it’s strategies on changing into a new paradigm will now be LIKE THE ARROW RELEASING FROM THE DRAWN BACK BOW — shooting forward with lots of energy to shake-up and break through to a higher potential.  It could be rather ‘world shattering’ and very empowering to stand in our own transformed authority (new paradigm and system of being).  It will be in Capricorn so not only is it bring forward that potential of the Mars-Aquarius revolutionary but breaking the hold of patriarchial rules and systems (within yourself and the world).  It can be a revolutionary shift.  It is also quite potently linked so closed to the moon cycles and eclipses above. 

  • September 2nd - Mercury’s retrograde shadow period is over.  Whatever hiccups and glitches were happening should settle down.  

  • September is ‘sort of quiet’ comparatively; but it is still in the shadow of Mars retrograde and in a Venus pre-retrograde shadow.  We are working on balancing our feminine and masculine expressions to make our life’s work personally and collectively integrating all those shifts that occurred in the last weeks.

  • October 5th - Venus goes retrograde - we’ll cover that at another time.  I think this is more than enough for you to get your hearts and minds around!

May all this cosmic weather bless you with love, peace harmony and abundance of the highest order.  InJoy!   Angela Blissbridge As Mercury is stationed  July 25th, 2018 Subscribe to my Google Calendar for cosmic events here and check out the rest of my website