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2018-10-19 Moon in Pisces Watery Depths with Venus Retrograde

Updated: Apr 8, 2019




How’s Your Self Worth, Relationships and Money Flowing?  This weekend features Moon in Pisces connecting with Venus Retrograde, Mercury and Jupiter.  

Today the Moon enters Pisces (Oct 19, 2018 1:22pm MST) taking us into the watery depths of our emotions and intuition for the entire weekend (through Sunday Oct 21 at 11:58pm MST). Universal Truths and your own Inner Truth (and Guide) are readily accessible in these waters.  You may find a spike in your dreams with more mental-chatter about times of disempowerment; you are being offered clues to where you may reclaim fragments and treasures of your deepest Truths (and powers). Emotions may be running high as you plumb these oceans; allow them to cleanse and release you from toxic patterns.  Hold strong to your foundational values (the lines to those Truths) to gain power in exchanges with your reclaimed jewels at the helm; this brings up money and relationship issues (past and present).  You are being challenged to stand in your authority while staying in your heart on this inner dive; you will need meditation and connections to nature to keep from being submerged in depression and overwhelm (see more below). 

Sabian Symbol – Scorpio 7º.  Deep-Sea Divers with Special Machinery (Plumbing & Delving) 

Today we’re focusing on Venus’ position as she continues her retrograde motion down into the depths of her watery psyche in Scorpio in search of her treasures.  She has been intensely pushing us to find our truth of self-worth for empowerment.  This gives us healthy exchanges in relationships and connections to our money flow.  Deep-Sea Divers with Special Machinery (7º Scorpio) gives the special message to take the weekend’s wet dive to the deepest levels to get to the root cause of issues others cannot see; this journey requires ‘special equipment’ to ensure we don’t lose our breath or lose connection to dry land; it takes us to our unconscious patterns that have been sabotaging our relationships and access to money.  Meditations and breathing exercises are ‘machinery’ to guide this exploration. Drink lots of water to cleanse the toxins dredged out of the sludge at the bottom of the dives.

Caution:  With all this water in Scorpio and Pisces energies, escapism and depression can seep in and overwhelm quickly.  You may feel you cannot breath while submerged out-of-your-depth; the pressure may be too intense.  Psychological issues may amplify; seek talk-therapy, journal, explore your dreams, meditate, drink water and BREATH.  Walks in natural settings (probably away from the ocean!) can recalibrate your waters.  Connect to the night sky (see below).

Night sky for 2018-10-19

Navigating the Depths – Connect with Dreams and Night Skies

In addition to the recommendations above for the deep-sea dive, connect to your dreams.  What answers are they offering?  Are they focused on finding a healing connecting to your own authority to bring relationships and money flowing into your life? Are they pointing to where your self-worth needs boosted? Are they bringing up old relationships? Journal your dreams and seek dream analysis if needed. 

Get out to commune with the Moon, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and maybe Venus (see image above).  At Sunset for a very brief time, you may glimpse Venus in the dusky Western horizon with Jupiter twinkling slightly left of her (away from the sunset); Venus is soon to go ‘in the Underworld’ as she will be invisible until after November 1st.   Until then, we still have Mars, Saturn and our lovely Moon to gaze at in the post-sunset skies. Stand facing South with your right hand pointing where the Sun sat around 5:30pm MST / PDT. Friday you’ll find the Pisces Waxing Gibbous Moon (shy of full) in the Southeast; a little to the right of the Moon a visible Mars in Aquarius (red).  You may be able to see Saturn in Capricorn beginning to set about 60 degrees to the right of the Moon (more in the Southwest or direct ‘in front’ of you). Saturday the Pisces Moon will be a bit fuller and further left of Mars.  Sunday the Pisces Moon will be further still to the left and approaching full; it is Full Moon on Wednesday morning in early Taurus.   As you connect with these potent planets who are playing into the energies noted above, meditate on how they can help you plumb the depths of reclaiming your treasures.  

We can explore all these energies as they affect you personally in a reading and/or dream analysis with Angela Blissbridge. START YOUR JOURNEY TODAY

With all the blessings of my heart, may this facilitate CONNECTING THE DOTS TO A THRIVING YOU!  So Be It!

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