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2018-10-22 - Moon in Aries - Hear the Yellow Tiger Mother

Updated: Apr 8, 2019




Did you dive to your treasures over the weekend while the Moon was plumbing the depths in Pisces? Did it reveal your truths and jewels, so you can stand on dry ground roaring as you reclaim your autonomy today?  Feeling triggered as you Stand Your Ground for Your Self Worth, Relationships and Money Flow?  We open this week with the Moon in Aries and the end of the Sun in Libra.  New cycles of power in relationships are emotionally charged (still a bit water-logged but fired up with the Aries Moon). The full Moon Wednesday will help us see the flowering of the results of our deep work (in Taurus-Scorpio).  

At midnight last night in Arizona (MST) the Moon entered Aries (Oct 21, 2018 11:56pm MST) lighting our inner fire to break the cycle of attachment to what held us under water and undervalued (as we discovered in the watery review of our treasures over the weekend with the Moon in Pisces).  As it moves into early Aries this morning, it will strongly quincunx (150º) Venus retrograde; all that dredged up treasure and shadow reclaimed over the weekend has to heal to balance power and find courage to utilize your gifts; do not fear standing autonomously away from what held you under (your own self-sabotaging misuse of power or undervaluing yourself giving away your treasures).  That paradoxical angle (quincunx) will ease later today; while it is there, it may make you feel more emotionally triggered and anxious about what transpired in the last few days; hold to your truths and have courage (Aries-Moon resonates with Mother Kuan Yin’s Yellow Tiger Mother – see below); watch out for power plays, manipulations and misuse of strength in this emotionally triggering time; reach into your heart to find your truth that will guide you to stand for yourself while remaining compassionate and kind yet firmly defending your needs and correcting your own manipulations of power abuse.  

While the Moon works its way through Aries into Wednesday morning (7:33am MST Moon in Taurus begins), Uranus retrograde in Taurus is holding a longer timeline to shift these reclamation’s into empowerment.  Uranus has been building a stronger opposition to Venus as they both move ‘backwards’ from our perspective on earth sending energies of needing to revisit old patterns on the above issues (this is a longer transit that will climax twice on October 31 at 1:44am MST and again November 30).  Uranus opposing Venus (in Taurus – Venus’s own sign and Scorpio for Venus) is shaking us to emancipate from outworn networks (Uranus) and resurrect our sovereign (Scorpio) use of our values and resources (Venus and Taurus: money, relationship, sensuality, capacities).  That is allowing us to upgrade to a new vibration and cycle of personal power and self-sufficiency within upgraded collaborations in rightful exchanges of resources (on an individual and collective basis).  As the Moon begins to move out of Aries into Taurus in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, the Sun will ingress into Scorpio (4:22am MST that morning) deepening the urgency in the transition of self-empowerment and adjustment of use of autonomy (personal power) in all or relationships.  At the full Moon on Wednesday (9:45am MST, October 24, 2018), the luminaries will have been a few hours in Taurus (Moon) and in Scorpio (Sun).  This values-oriented alignment of the lights of our deepest treasures will shine on our flowering display of how our work in grounding our reclaimed treasures will paid off over the coming weeks.  Draw on the special energy below of Kuan Yin to build your voice and strength. 

Moon in Aries resonates with Hear the Yellow Tiger Mother#13 (Kuan Ying Oracle – Alana Fairchild)[1]  Hold to your own inner truths and remember you are a powerful being (like the Aries energy) that is nurtured and rooted (like the Moon energy) to Source the Divine Mother Kuan Yin. As the Yellow Tiger Mother, Kuan Yin roars to protect and guard your path that is aligned with your truth as you stand firm – ‘refusing to be dissuaded from your truth’.  Roar if you must to shine your light; it is not a time to surrender your power (like the Moon in Pisces may have washed upon you).  It is a time to rise out of the chaos, overwhelm and victimization that may have flooded you before to find your voice (your Roar) and align it with Kuan Yin’s divine power.  Like all power uses, check whether it is OVER used and abusing the rights of others in a bid for excess power.  Your truth, if aligned to the Truth of Source will not burn others.  Call on Kuan Yin to temper RIGHTFUL use of this potent power. Connect to the night sky (see below) to deepen your alignment to Source and balanced use of your courage, strength and creative potency.

Aligning Your Personal Roar to the Night Skies

Get out to commune with the Moon, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter (Venus is hidden by the Sun’s light now).  They are dancing through this realignment of resurrecting your power in rightful balance and use of your gifts.  Stand facing South with your right hand pointing where the Sun sat around 5:15PM MST / PDT. Friday you’ll find the Aries close to full Waxing Gibbous Moon (almost looks full) in the Southeast just above the horizon.  Higher, nearly at the top of the ecliptic path (under the “Capricornus’ label on the image above) is Mars in the middle degrees of Aquarius (red). You may be able to see Saturn in the early degrees of Capricorn high on the ecliptic to the right of Mars about 90 degrees to the right of the Moon (see a Square in the Sky!).  Jupiter with twinkle bright white just left of the red star Antares (both in Scorpio).  Mercury could be viewed potentially (not far from Jupiter); Pluto in Capricorn is between Mars and Saturn but even with a telescope we can’t see it in our own ‘backyard’; just know it’s up there helping to dredge up and realign self-sabotaging energies talked about above.  Tuesday will be a similar sky with the Moon further from Mars and Saturn as it is nearly full.  Saturday the Pisces Moon will be a bit fuller and further left of Mars.  Wednesday night you can celebrate the Full Moon as it rises at 6:11pm MST (it’s past the full moon by nearly 12 hours).  As you connect with these potent planets who are playing into the energies noted above, meditate on how they can help you stand in your courage to break the cycles of power-misuses to reclaim and utilize your treasures in fresh, creative and empowering ways.    

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With all the blessings of my heart, may this facilitate CONNECTING THE DOTS TO A THRIVING YOU! So Be It!

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[1]Alana Fairchild has created a powerful set of oracle cards with her Kuan Yin Oracleis a beautifully illustrated by Zeng Hao.