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2018-10-26 Moon in Gemini - Harvest After the Storm

Updated: Apr 8, 2019





By Angela Blissbridge

Alana Fairchild's Sacred Rebel Oracle - After the Storm

Gemini Moon connects us to the workings of our mind to gain clarity on what to do with the fruits of this past week’s self-worth reconstruction in drenching Storms. Taurus Moon brought us into the gardens to appreciate the blossoming of our planted seeds with the Full Moon. Now the Waning Gibbous Moon Gemini gives us the dexterity of working hands and sharpness of mind to harvest what Venus retrograde with the Sun in Scorpio have revealed; that focused mentality ‘separates the wheat from the chaff’ gathering seeds from the fruits of our recent labors and composting the deadfall. With strong deep and stirring waters still washing away our old misaligned wounds we are being shaken from our fixed attitudes and patterns to find a new ‘Vibrational Alignment’ (@amethystsattva).  Let the aftermath of the Storms purify the Air that the Moon in Gemini brings to the equation.  Thunder may be shaking loose the remainder of the Chaff to get to the new seed.  How is your harvest after the storm?

Just after sunrise in Arizona Friday October 26 (7:16am MST), Venus and the Sun were exactly conjunct casting a beautiful shadow of the earth to the West where the Moon contemplated setting (see my photo from my house at 6:46am MST).

Sunrise Moonset Venus - Just after sunrise in Arizona Friday October 26 (7:16am MST), Venus and the Sun were exactly conjunct casting a beautiful shadow of the earth to the West where the Moon contemplated setting (see my photo from my house at 6:46am MST).

We had a few more hours to bask in the sweetness of the Taurus Moon, appreciating the fading blossom of the flower that yields its fruit and future seeds (our reclaimed self-worth and power).  As the Moon enters Gemini at 12:41pm MST today, our minds are focusing on the upcoming harvest from that bounty's seeding.  The reclamation work continues with more mindfulness and awareness with the light of this Air and Mental moon.  That work is deep in the waters of Scorpio with Mercury (ruling Gemini), the Sun, Venus and Jupiter; this powerhouse combo has been dredging our shadows of self-diminishment to find our treasures of self-worth and personal power.  This watery emotional journey feels at times overwhelming and yet richly tapped into the infinite power of our inner Truth with Neptune, Chiron and the healer Hygiea in Pisces (it is like the Kundalini rising – see the King of Adders).  

We are healing our deepest wounds around our personal power in this cleansing process from the Storms we have weathered.  The dexterous problem-solving Gemini Moon needs too seeks ways to put the results to work; it is finding ways to reconnect and realign (Pluto ruling Scorpio in Capricorn with Saturn Capricorn very powerful in its own sign) the Storm-shaken (Mars and South Node in Aquarius) blossom to get to the higher vibrational seeds (Aquarius, especially Mars for new cycles). Since the Sun entered Scorpio on Wednesday, we have been in and will continue for several more days to experience a strong karmic fixed grand cross of Venus with the Sun in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus (ruled by that Venus) squaring the nodes (with Lilith and Selena near that karmic axis); this has been the powerful Storm that has been sweeping through your self-sabotaging patterns requiring you to realign to a higher vibration, freed of toxic attachments. As with any storm, if we fight the wind and elements (the Truths) and cling to what holds us back (misalign self-worth and power-plays), we will be shocked, drowned or washed away.  The Moon in Gemini heralds fresh air to regather the shattered treasures After the Storms (Sacred Rebels Oracle – Alana Fairchild)[1]

Friday the mental chatter focus is working the puzzle to illuminate fresh ideas and solutions from early Gemini Moon quincunx the nearly conjunct Sun and Venus retrograde in Scorpio who are continuing to dredge up reclaimed personal power in money, relationships and use of our talents; that paradoxical mental chatter will ease as the moon moves further away from that angle Saturday morning (likely revealing innovate ways connect to that power with results).  By late Saturn the fullness of the Moon will give way to a Waning Gibbous; the edginess will take on more even more clarity (if not worry and anxiety) of honest self-reflection, as the moon comes into quincunx with Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) and Jupiter in Scorpio.  The problem-solving takes on a psychological analysis and search for ways to invest in this new empowerment; mental clarity and new perspectives are at hand to solve the puzzle of your harvest.  Sunday afternoon (4:17pm MST) the power MOTHER (Moon Cancer) lights up moving toward the last quarter phase and approaching opposition to the realigning-leader-Father Saturn in Capricorn; we’ll have to balance our personal needs with the maturation pressures to bring the new seeds from this harvest into the next cycle. Mercury's retrograde shadow will begin around 10:30pm Sunday night pushing us to get innovative and think outside-the-box about that that process. 

How are you gathering the intelligence from your psychological realignment work that has revealed your truth, self-worth and natural powers?  How is the harvest of your new seeds going? What ‘chaff’ needs to be removed from the ‘wheat’ of your fruitful efforts?  How can you resolve the puzzles this mentally charged moon is illuminating on how to connect the pieces of you left After the Storm?

Here’s a healing process I’ve tapped into from all these energies and my other oracles of today:  

I accept the gift of clarity to see my truth of value and rightfully aligned power.  I am grateful for the harvest of my deepest truths.  I release patterns that old me back.  I am empowered to embrace and appreciate my gifts (my body, talents and physical assets). I accept and put to work my skills and talents to meet Sources Seen and Unseen to connect me to peace, love, harmony and abundance.  Through unconditional love, So Be It!

Snapshot from the program 'Stellarium' - October 26, 2018

Navigating The Air of the Night Skies

Our night skies are shifting away from the highly populated viewable planet that we’ve been gifted to witness in the easily identifiable views of Scorpio, Libra and Virgo. As the dark long hours of the late fall wear on, we will begin to see the beautiful and distinct asterism of Taurus and Orion featured.  Friday, the sun sets around 6pm MST allowing a brief glimpse of Jupiter near to setting itself; Saturn will be about 35º ‘up’ and east of Jupiter and red Mars about 45º further ‘up’ and east.  By 8:00 pm MST (image above) the Moon will be near the nose the Taurus Bull (Aldebaran shines bright as the left of in the V-shaped asterism the constellation of Taurus). You ask, why is the Moon show in the Taurus position of the sky?  Procession of the equinoxes has shifted our view of the planets; many of us astrologers are away of that; the reason astrologically we say this Moon is in Gemini and not Taurus is to keep the annual Sun’s ingress into the equinox and solstice points consist; archetypically this continues to hold truth to how the planetary energies affect us (in our natal charts and in transits).  But this Moon in Gemini is trying to teach here; it is also doing a Gemini thing and losing the plot by giving too much information.  So…

Friday after 8pm MST, look up from the Moon to find my personal favorite asterism, the Seven Sisters of Pleiades (my on Gemini tendencies wants so badly to give more information but I’ll let Saturn contain me).  Saturday the Moon in the East-Southeast is above where Orion’s body is rising around 10:00pm MST.  Sunday will be covered in the next installment! As you connect with this Moon, Saturn and Mars in the night sky, think about on how they can help you identify the ‘wheat from the chaff’ as you work your harvest.  Mediation on these ideas would be good even though the Mental Moon may want to chatter at you!  

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With all the blessings of my heart, may this facilitate CONNECTING THE DOTS TO A THRIVING YOU! So Be It!

Angela Blissbridge is an Evolutionary Astrologer and healing facilitator. See more about her at

[1]Alana Fairchild has created a powerful set of oracle cards with her Sacred Rebels is a beautifully illustrated by Autumn Skye Morrison.  Each reading is from my own hard-copy deck that is so cherished.  If you’re working on awakening that inner feminine that is wanting to march to say ‘no more’ then this deck is for you!