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2018-10-28 Moon in Cancer - Watery Reflections Within

Updated: Apr 8, 2019





By Angela Blissbridge

Cancer Moon asks us to go within to reflect on the bounty of our harvest to meet our Inner Child (a fruit of our recent labors); she wants us to slow down to cleanse and nurture of the treasured new seeds (and Inner Child) of self-empowerment from the fruits of our labors. Intuition, receiving and emotions reflect brightly the clarity of our waters (the truth of self-worth). Are you lovingly tending the harvest to protect and store those gifts to plant in the next cycle? Karmic shifts are at play to regain and attend to our growing empowered inner light.


This afternoon the Moon will be below the horizon in Arizona as it withdraws into its Cancer shell (4:27pm MST October 28).  Emotional reflective processing is very strong with this Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer water heavy transit; it is intensifying very personal investigations into soul-healing solutions for how to make our life work with the our newly empowered self-worth in all forms of relationship (the seeds of the harvest we’ve been working on in this moon cycle). We are finishing the 3rdquarter of this moon cycle (moving from Waning Gibbous today to Last Quarter Wednesday); that means we are continuing reclamation work that started of this Venus Retrograde driven New Moon on October 8th; as noted in the Taurus Moon (Full Moon) blossoming, we began seeing the fruit of that labor; the approaching Last Quarter moon requires completion of the harvest (Moon in Gemini) and composting outworn attachments. Several key planets (not the least of which, Venus) have been retrograde during this cycle dredging our depths to break old cycles of sabotaging self-diminishment (that is karmically amplified by the grand cross noted in the Gemini Moon blog).  Today (at 5:51pm MST), Mercury retrograde shadow begins (near the position show in the chart) in Scorpio casting its own mind-bending twist to this watery analysis; he enters cheery opportunistic Sagittarius by Halloween (Wednesday) and goes retrograde there by the 1stquarter moon of the next moon cycle (November 16 at 13-SAG).  He will enliven our work and bring hope with creative and innovative solutions for harvesting this moon-cycles’ seeds for their best vigor. As with any Mercury Retrograde, and especially with the pronounced retrograde energies of other planets, we must surrender our controlling mind and egoic desires to gain access to the magical and deeper Truth of ourselves and the Universe; we must have faith in the receptive nature of this releasing process while we turn our attention to the loving, nurturing and cleansing needed for THIS harvest; be in the moment with gratitude to enrich the bounty of this harvest.  Control, fear and worry lies thick in the depths of this watery transit ready to pull you under.  Meditate, talk-therapy and realistic analysis of your issues is great; but dwelling on old injustice and expecting particular results at the next cycle will drown you and bring moldy destruction to your crop.

Today the Moon’s opposition to the the realigning-leader-Father Saturn in Capricorn; we’ll have to balance our personal needs with the maturation pressures to bring the new seeds from this harvest into the next cycle. His demands to get-over the emotional reclamation work and move on to the next cycle is a hurried effort that will cause you to miss moldy attachments to the harvest’s yield. Use Saturn careful, practical and measured pressure to realign you to your deepest authority and ability to ground the work into practical steps (based on your Inner Truths guide your self-worth empowerment – the Moon is also trine Venus and the Sun requiring Saturn to ease on his containment deadline and harsh judgements).  Gain mastery of how to make life work through accessing both the Moon’s careful attention to the needs of the emotional processing and Saturn’s boundaries of knowing when you’ve stewed on the issues too long.  By Monday the Moon opposes Pluto, doubling down on the depths of the realignment and emotional balancing. As it approaches the ingress to Leo on Tuesday (7:42pm MST), it will join the karmic grand cross with Venus, the Moon, Uranus and the nodes ALL at 00º fixed signs; the intensity to break outworn self-sabotaging patterns can store seeds of new paradigm elevated empowerment; it is ground-shaking vibrational shifts in consciousness (or other aspects of our lives and world) that requires heart-centered loving connections to proper use of our personal powers and resources.  

Are you reflecting on how best to nurture the seeds of your reclaimed treasures and cleanse the remaining rotten attachments? Are you carefully storing and protecting those gifts?  Are you turning off your monkey-mind to allow a surrendering of your will to receive the reflections clarity of the Moon in Cancer? Are you taking the time for self-care with warmth and safe retreats from the hard labors of the harvest? Are you prepared to take the new seeds to heart feed by your mothering embrace of your inner child’s truth that revealed with your self-empowerment?

Healing options:  Take salt water baths; close the door to demands that push you to fast through your emotional process.  When the Moon is in Cancer (and particularly this Scorpio-oriented transit), it is an excellent time to do psycho-therapeutic work with a profession and/or astrological consultation with get an astrological reading by Angela.  Be gentle and mother to yourself, including eating good meals (if you cook even better) and restful sleep. Don’t be in a rush to do anything and if you must be open to unexpected changes that you roll with (surrender to the wisdom of the moment’s opportunities).  Worries may be high and need to be carefully parsed for the reality of the situation to determine what can be done at THIS MOMENT and surrendering to time to bring a solution.  

Dark Night Skies as the Moon Travels by Day

Here in the United States, the Moon will travel by day, the moon is rising later (9-11pm MST) leaving her up by sunrise. This morning we could view the Moon at 120º from the Sun (a trine) and by Tuesday’s sunrise she’ll be at 90º (square) near the midheaven.  

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With all the blessings of my heart, may this facilitate CONNECTING THE DOTS TO A THRIVING YOU! So Be It!

Angela Blissbridge is an Evolutionary Astrologer and healing facilitator. See more about her at

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