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2018-10-24 Moon in Taurus -Self-Nourishment Time Out Full Moon Flower

Updated: Apr 8, 2019





Alana Fairchild's Kuan Yin Oracle #20

Sweet Taurus Moon brings us a chance to heal and fed our reclaimed empowerment revealed during the Watery dive in Pisces and Roar of the Tiger in Aries.  It is time to ground nurturing foundations revealed and tend to your garden’s gifts and remove the weeds.  Self-worth and self-care are high focus for the next couple days.  The Sun has just entered Scorpio with the Full Moon of Taurus earlier this Wednesday morning.  It is time to check the flowering blossom for sweet nectar from the deep transformative work you’ve been going through.  Receive the blessing of its healing Grace to continue releasing toxic patterns of devaluing yourself or others out of guilt, shame or power misuses.  This Moon in Taurus brings a revitalized connection to Universal peace, love, harmony and abundance.  

Wednesday morning in Arizona will have the Sun and Moon shifting into Scorpio and Taurus (4:22am and 7:33am MST), respectively, followed soon by their opposition for the Full Moon at 9:45am. It is the ‘test of the bloom’ on the seed we planted at the New Moon October 8threlated to relationships and balanced exchanges that empower our value and worth (New Moon Libra ruled by Venus Retrograde in Scorpio square Pluto in Capricorn). As the seed rooted, clearance of toxic growth and tapping nurturing soil was required to strengthen growth; the seedling had to break through and out of limiting containers to allow the Lotus of our Truth to blossom.  

This was the deep watery reclamation work over the weekend with the Moon in Pisces and the standing strong to protect those roots with the Moon in Aries earlier this week.  Now, as the Moon is in Taurus, we can bask in the glow of the Full Moon’s revelation of the Flower of our work.  The Full Moon is riding with Venus retrograde near the Sun; they join exactly (inferior conjunction) Friday at 7:16am MST hours before the Moon ingresses into Gemini. This meeting of Venus and The Sun in Scorpio with her retrograde continues the divestment of outworn patterns to yield the magnificent treasures of your deepest gifts.  Rightful connection to these energies brings us power to manifest through connection to Universal prosperity. If we failed to rightfully tend the soils and clung to old patterns of power misuse (the underworld of Scorpio), the garden will reveal a dry, shriveled flower unable to bring forth seeds for the future. 

Wildwood Tarot - Strengthening our Soils

Thursday and into Friday the Moon will oppose Jupiter and Mercury; this will be a chance to get to work with the results of the flowing and expand your horizons with the new-found powers.  It can also be a time to be introspective about your ways of communicating; it is an opportunity to clear away shadowy dealing practices that have been part of old patterns (either side of the fence).  It can be expanded uses of resources to make life work; this could be a good time to invest in your work to enrich the ‘soils’ and ‘foundations’.  Intimate relationships could find therapeutic connections by taking walks in nature and inventorying the value each other brings to the equation.  Friday the Moon ingresses into Gemini at 12:45pm trine the South Node of Aquarius opening the air waves for connecting to others of your tribe.  

How are you connecting to this transformative opportunity to dig through the shadowy parts of yourself to release old manipulative energies (as perpetrator or victim or both)? Are there weeds to tend?  Are there treasures that need nurturing in your garden, so the flowering of your blossom brings seed for the future? Draw on the special energy below of Kuan Yin to taste the Nectar of the Lotus bloom.

This Moon in Taurus resonates with Nectar of the Lotus #20 (Kuan Ying Oracle – Alana Fairchild). Balanced yourself with self-nurturing time out.  You need to take care of yourself to be of service to others.  The Divine Nector of Kuan Yin brings you ‘life-affirming energy (bliss, joy, peace and love).  If your well is full, it can replenish others; if it is tapped out by giving away all your essence, you have nothing to offer.  You must first feed your Soul.  Recognize that receiving through self-care (a very Taurus Moon energy) is vital. Strengthen your foundations and tend to your own garden.  The extra attention to you will bring Sweet Nectar from your Divine Lotus Blossom.  

Here’s my version of a healing process based on all the above cosmic and Kuan Yin energies (and connect to the night sky below to deepen this process): 

I am supported by sources seen and unseen that connect me with the Universal flow of thriving prosperity. I call upon Universal Grace to assist me to release patterns of devaluing myself; I release attachments that have diminished or drained my gifts through manipulations.  I am empowered to embrace and appreciate my gifts (my body, talents and physical assets); I nurture myself through loving Grace, so I may walk my path shining brightly with healthy pride that inspires others.  I am valuable and cherish tending my gifts.  Through unconditional love, So Be It!

Full Moon Rise - October 24, 2018 - 6:12pm MST

Tending Your Garden by the Night Skies

This summer has been a potent time to view several of our planets in the night sky at once; those days are waning.  Venus is now hidden by the light of the Sun who is ‘close’ to on her inferior conjunction (between the Sun and the Earth); we won’t see her until early November and only as a Morning Star until late next summer.  The Full Moon tonight (Wednesday October 24) will be about 10 hours old as it rises around 6:12pm MST.  It will be rising close to Uranus in Taurus (not visible without a high-power telescope AND blocked by the light of the moon). Stand facing South with your left hand pointing where the Moon is rising tonight.  You will near the at the top of the ecliptic path (under the “Capricornus’ label on the image above) is Mars in the middle degrees of Aquarius (red). You may be able to see Saturn in the early degrees of Capricorn high on the ecliptic to the right of Mars about 120 degrees to the right of the Moon (see a Trine in the Sky!).  Jupiter is on the verge of setting twinkling bright white just right of the red star Antares (both in Scorpio).  Mercury could be viewed potentially (not far from Jupiter) but it is quite small; Pluto in Capricorn is between Mars and Saturn but even with a telescope we can’t see it in our own ‘backyard’; just know it’s up there helping to dredge up and realign self-sabotaging energies talked about over the last couple of posts and rebuild the soils and foundations noted above.  Thursday and Friday’s skies will see the move shift further from the slower moving planets of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter while Jupiter will be earlier to set each night).    As you connect with these potent planets who are playing into the energies noted above, meditate on how they can break from old patterns so your foundations are aligned to Truth that nurtures the flowery gifts in your garden.

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With all the blessings of my heart, may this facilitate CONNECTING THE DOTS TO A THRIVING YOU! So Be It!

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