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2018-11-10 🌒 Moon in ♑️Capricorn supplement to New Moon of the 7th

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

MOON IN CAPRICORN - Endure Serious Matters and Break Karmic Patterns - Building Strength of our New Moon Scorpio Seedling 


November 10-13th, 2018 - Capricorn Moon Supplement to

New Moon November 7 through November 22 Full Moon on Thanksgiving

By Angela Blissbridge

We are Building Our New Moon's Seedling to Endure in the Seriousness of this task to Break Karmic Patterns in preparation for the Full Moon's Thanksgiving rise of heated dogmatic debates triggered.  Building the foundations for Conscious Connections and Protection our Inner Child’s Self Worth to gain harmony in balanced exchanges – breaking the karmic cycles to a Higher Vibration. See the New Moon in Scorpio for more details of the planting of this seed.

Waxing Crescent Moon into Capricorn on November 10th (8:54pm MST) through 13th (8:45am MST) with Ceres into Scorpio on the 11th, takes the happy tone down several notches as the super seriousness( Moon joining Saturn in Capricorn) of reclaiming our deepest assets of our Inner Child (Ceres-Scorpio and the Moon) pounds on us. This is endurance[1]to tune into our personal needs to care for that Inner Child that had to grow up too fast; honor your rhythms while attending to the practical bits of life (Capricorn) in a more gentle (Moon) slow pace. Rushing the grow of your Inner Child’s strength and wisdom will hinder proper development.  Timing is everything. On the 12th-13th, the Moon will move over Pluto and the South Node, bringing light again to the themes of self-empowerment and breaking karmic cycles again; family (or other authority-relate issues – event leadership in government) dramas may surface for realignment (we are, after all, coming into the holiday seasons of family gatherings).  

This is a lovely waxing crescent moon viewable after sunset with Mars and Saturn viewable too. 

The Karmic Grand Cross is still highly activated during this period.  At dawn in Arizona we LITERALLY are being cosmically called to WAKE UP.  From the New Moon Scorpio post illustrated by the Wake up Time image here:  "Venus makes a Cardinal Grand Cross with Uranus and the Nodes (that lasts this until Moon cycle)pushing us to shatter old cycles of imbalance in our dealings with authority-structures to find out own needs and rhythm while walking our talk.  The North Node Cancer is needing us to reconnect with our own rhythms and nurture and protect the Inner Child within.  With Pluto on his own planetary south node and this grand cross involving the moon’s Nodes, cosmic PORTALS are WIDE OPEN to make deep, transformative changes at many dimensions of life through all space and time.  We are COLLECTIVELY BALANCING DIVINE FEMININE AND MASCULINE (and REALIGNING PATRIARCHAL DOMINATION) through these portals.  It is a critical juncture made more imperative with the revolutionary Mars-Aquarius trine Venus, sextile Uranus and widely quincunx the North Node.  Chiron and Hygiea bring boundless Universal love and compassion to heal the hearts of our collective at a soul level.  It all adds up to profound shift of conscious is a vital seed in process of sprouting."

We can explore all these energies as they affect you personally in a consultation reading with Angela Blissbridge. Book appointment or START YOUR JOURNEY TODAY With all the blessings of my heart, may this facilitate CONNECTING THE DOTS TO A THRIVING YOU!  May the Season of Gathering be Blessed with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for CONSCIOUS CONNECTION!  So Be It! Angela Blissbridge is an Evolutionary Astrologer and healing facilitator.  See more about her at

image: Louis Dyer with Angela Blissbridge's chart analysis

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[1]Wildwood Tarot oracle by Mark Ryan and John Matthews – illustrated by Will Worthington – Five of Stones - Endurance [2]@alana_fairchild has created a powerful set of oracle cards with her Sacred Rebelsis a beautifully illustrated by @autumnskyeart Morrison.  Each reading is from my own hard-copy deck that is so cherished.  If you’re working on awakening that inner feminine that is wanting to march to say ‘no more’ then this deck is for you!