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2018-11-15 🌔Moon in ♓️Pisces-MAJOR shifts into Deep Waters

Updated: Apr 8, 2019


November 15-18th, 2018 - Pisces Moon Supplement to

New Moon November 7 through November 22 Full Moon on Thanksgiving

By Angela Blissbridge

Sacred Rebels Oracle

Magical Synchronicities super charged with lots of Shifts with this Moon in Pisces - Go Softly-Gently and Avoid 'Business as Usual' pushing in these DEEP waters.  Let go of expectations to surrender to the Flow of Time Out of Mind co-creating with the Universe.  Mars enters Pisces with the Moon's quarter followed by the slowing direction changes of Venus and Mercury. Seek Spiritual-Healing modes to navigating these Boundless Waters that put the innovations of the Aquarius Moon into a powerful use.  Be open to navigating relationships, communication and money issues in a 'Dream a Beautiful Dream' way. Utilize humility in accessing this Dream to receive Divine empowerment for the flower of your seed to blossom by this Full Moon. See the New Moon in Scorpio for more details of the planting of this seed.

Moon AND Mars into Pisces with Venus-Mercury Retrograde Changes (Moon into Pisces 15th 9:41pm MST- 1st Quarter 7:55am): The Moon and Mars will dance together through their ingresses from Aquarius into Pisces on the 15th(Mars at 3:20pm and Moon at 9:41pm into Pisces then exactly conjunct at 10:03pm).   On the 16thBOTH Venus and Mercury will be STATIONING as they change directions: Venus goes direct and Mercury retrograde (see the chart). The 15thand 16th, as a result, are days to lay low and allow for things to find your own balance trusting the flow of life centered in your heart – DO NOT try to push things especially if they are ‘business-as-usual’(Mercury Rx needs to flow with navigating life – with all this Pisces, trying to make things happen by routine can go side-ways)… This is the perfect time tocall on Softly, Softly the Tender Touch and seek spiritual healing modalities (mediations, kundalini, walks in nature and spiritual counseling); it can be a very overwhelming and emotional period; dreams may be particularly vivid.  It is also a time of TRUST IN THE PROCESS that the intentions set are worthy and that the Aquarius Moon found excellent solutions to tweak its progress; this approach brings tremendous magical synchronicities with the ability to tap into the collectives needs (this could feed flows of money with Venus activated).  Mars in Pisces requires us to surrender our instinctual desires for fiery fight and desire to quit; it requires humility and surrender to find rightful, truth-aligned action and causes; misused, it is a passive-aggressive non-starter; used correctly, it is a Spiritual Warrior.  With Venus and Mercury’s stationing as Mars shifts his edgy-brainy sharp-shooter Aquarius energies into humility, we will need to release more control (Mercury Rx in Scorpio) on how we use our powers to navigate and come into a deeper more balanced exchange with our relationships (Venus Direct in Libra).  Venus’ new movement forward will give us a chance to see the payoff the inner work done on recognizing her gifts, talents and self-worth that brought more self-empowerment to stand in equal relationships.  Jupiter will no longer be viewable at night and will rise a morning star until then starting mid-December until July 2019.  It will be waxing moving East away from Mars toward the Waxing Gibbous on the 18th.

Moon into Aries (Sunday - 18th8:55am MST):  More next time -  But note:  Traveling between the 16th-20th:  make triple plans in different options and do NOT get agitated when the plans change for the 5th time – ACCIDENTS ARE MORE LIKELY at this time with MERCURY RETROGRADE and MOON ARIES and Mars in Pisces with edgy aggressions all around).  For more details read the New Moon in Scorpio daily section. We can explore all these energies as they affect you personally in a reading with Angela Blissbridge. START YOUR JOURNEY TODAY

With all the blessings of my heart, may this facilitate CONNECTING THE DOTS TO A THRIVING YOU! So Be It!

Angela Blissbridge is an Evolutionary Astrologer and healing facilitator. See more about her at

With all the blessings of my heart, may this facilitate CONNECTING THE DOTS TO A THRIVING YOU!  May the Season of Gathering be Blessed with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for CONSCIOUS CONNECTION!  So Be It!  #astrology #mooncycle #newmoon #quartermoon #fullmoon #selfawareness #wellbeing #lifetips #zodiac #horoscopes #cosmicweather #growth #transformation #thrive #moonaquarius #aquarius #mercuryretrograde #jupiter #sagittarius #venusretrograde #scorpio # #resurrecting #empowerment #selfworth #relationships #grandcross #ancestralhealing #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #tippingpoint  #evolutionaryastrology #wildwoodtarot  #sacredoraclesoracle #willworthingtonart