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2018-11-17 New Moon - Toxic Masculinity on Trial with Empowered Feminine Marches

The wounded feminine is testing the boundaries in the march of 'NO MORE'. The toxic masculine faces the trials of the wrath of this empowered collective. These energies are quite disruptive; upheaval and accidents could occur if we are not synchronized with unconditional love and our own soul’s intent. Little escapes high scrutiny and judgment in this time; voices are being aired from the collective wounded. There is a download of visionary ideals playing into this equation to elevate this conversation; its truth burns and shocks away falsehoods. Venus is choosing to shed old weak and vulnerable skins as she dives into a closer dance with the Sun; this is a very shamanic death of the wounded feminine mask; her past lives of burning at the stake for her truth-speaking are being revisited and maybe even played out in areas where people aren't awake. It could be a volatile time for people attempting to ignore this collective rising of the strong, empowered AND vocal feminine; she will not go quietly into the darkness. Brutal honesty with yourself and your relationships is on tap. There is a forum for speaking our truth. Don't go overboard with it though! Stay very centered in your heart and come from unconditional love with compassion for yourself and others. Forgiveness is needed all around. High aggression and dogmatic approaches will meet with sudden and possibly destructive ends if heart-based truths are ignored. Be gentle with this toxic-masculine while being firm and direct on drawing a NO MORE stance. Find your strength through your voice and connections to your higher power.  Be gentle with yourself in these high energies; find ways to constructively release them.

     Key transits: Mars in Libra is coming into strong opposition to Uranus (with Pallas and Eris) in Aries with a weak square to Pluto and Juno in Capricorn. These hard angles between these slow-moving powerhouses underlies the NO MORE energies putting the toxic masculine on intense trial. Venus and the Sun (and with the New Moon on the 18th) square the Nodes and the total eclipse points; this continues the x-ray like examination of the feminine wounds and the download of visions of sacred empowerment. Mercury is going retrograde on December 4th near the Galactic Center; his retrograde shadow begins on the 15th of November bringing mentalities from other dimensions with new ways of thinking and communicating. Couple Mercury's backward motion with Mars' opposition to Uranus and you get glitches in the system when things are out-of-synch with the heart-center. LAUGH through these hiccups; make extra plans for how you navigate your world. Venus has been a Morning Star since April 2017 with an Aries overtone.  This double strength warrior goddess has had to face the wounding of the feminine with relentless cutting of old ways as she slowing moves back toward the Sun; she can be rash and harsh and relentless in the 'No More' drive. She is conjunct the Moon on the 17th (at 13º Scorpio); this is a intentional recognition of the roots of these wounds.  Venus continues her 'descent' toward the Sun, meeting on January 9, 2018.  From this November 27th (at 25º Scorpio) until February 18, 2018 (at 10º Pisces), Venus will be invisible because of her proximity to the sun (this is the 'underworld' of the Goddess Inanna). It is a shamanic gestation time from which Venus will re-emerge as an Evening Star with heart-centered knowing of how to be more balanced in her femininity while being the Sacred Warrior for equal rights.  Curious what areas of your life are most impacted by these transits?  Visit Angie at or contact her at to arrange a consultation.   Many blessings in these exciting times. Angie

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