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2018-11-22 WANING ♏️ SCORPIO MOON CYCLE Harmonizing Conscious Connections

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

FRUITS & HARVEST OF HARMONIZING CONSCIOUS CONNECTION  CONNECTING THE DOTS REPORT –  November 22, 2018  (Full Moon Thanksgiving November 22 through New Moon December 7) By Angela Blissbridge

The Fruits of empowered self-worth free of controlling fears abundantly blossom in Conscious Connection that heal ancient ancestral wounds. To get to this maturation phase at the Full Moon (Gemini-Sagittarius) on Thanksgiving, we planted our intent in the deep waters of the Scorpion New Moon; the karmic Grand Cross of Venus-Uranus and the Capricorn-Cancer nodes have been triggering ancestral karmic ideology clashes for the entire moon cycle.  It brings cosmically-supercharged interactions of deeply rooted beliefs in families, guiding principles and governing structures. Valuable lessons in compassion and acceptance gives stability to tipping the scales to divine feminine-masculine equality away from patriarchal power imbalances.  Did the waxing phase of this Scorpio New Moon initiate and develop efforts to yield harmonized relationships that honor our Inner Truth’s authority and worth?  Did we surrender our fear-based control patterns that have sabotaged the growth of self-empowered access to Universal Support and alignment to our wealth of resources?  Are these efforts blossoming at the Full Moon into a Flow with the Tao (the Truth and Source) that provides Conscious Connections with our Soul Flight (Tribe) bringing collaborative creative abundance for our collective? Will the fruit of the Full Moon’s blossom yield viable seeds for future cycles that will strengthen our Inner Truth to balances the Divine Feminine-Masculine personally and collectively?

See my Cosmic Calendar here and more dialogue below.  Now: Full Moon and Waning Scorpio Moon Cycle – Daily Guidance: FULL MOON - Moon into Gemini (Sun into Sagittarius 2:0, Moon into Gemini 9:10pm, Full Moon 10:41 PM MST).  Since the New Moon of Scorpio on November 7th, we have recovered and strengthened our growing self-worth to surrender our controlling fears allowing us to harmonize conscious connections, revealing ancestral wounds to heal and finding our own inner treasures (truth and strengthens).  Have those efforts flowered successfully to face the Gemini Full Moon on Thanksgiving? The holiday weekend is a perfect test of to see if you have blossomed in the self-empowerment ancestral healings of the Grand Cross. Will meeting family bring you deserved respect and credit for your hard work instead of judgement and diminishment? 

The food-family-festivities of the day likely will benefit from the final hours of the Moon in Taurus stabilizing everyone’s digestion and desire for peace until it enters Gemini at 9:10pm MST.  The Taurus Moon could calm dialogue clashes by filling mouths and bellies with nourishing food and warm receptive family acceptance. However, this Moon is challenged with its opposition to the Sun-Jupiter-MercuryRx Sagittarius (the Sun entered Sagittarius 2:01am MST on the 22nd).  All that very fiery Sagittarius could ignite strongly ideologically divergent views around religion, politics, lifestyles, and other cultures. With Mercury-Sagittarius retrograde on the NN-Uranus[1], there are loose preachy tongues on both sides stepping on the toes of everyone (Bull in a China Shop rhetoric underscored); that combination is a hot-headed ideological sibling or extended relative pushing xenophobic hot-buttons (MercuryRx is on Uranus planetary south node squaring Mars-Pisces –the stuff of racism and ‘witch hunts’ in consensus mentality). This Thanksgiving seems to be a hot-bed of political and family toxin drama. The Moon-Gemini with Uranus-Aries nearby is seeking to rise-above and not take things personally to integrate the differences; but it could also lead to jumping in your car after caustically standing up for your own self-worth (taking back your power); ideally, the Neptune-Pisces and Mars-Pisces can help you navigate this discourse more compassionately.  So, it may a good time to go DRUM and DANCE to welcome the celebration of the flowering of your efforts for this cycle.  Go gather with your TRUE tribe in the glory of your balanced, self-worth empowered authority.  The Moon will begin to rise just after sunset (around 5:20pm MST) with the Sun still in Sagittarius; by the official full moon (10:41pm), the Sun will be nearly at our feet on the other side of the world with the Moon to the left of the Midheaven and Mars big-red starting to set.

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Moon into Cancer (Saturday November 24th- 11:37pm MST).  More cosmic-portals are opening to heal ancestral wounds as planetary nodes of Uranus and Pluto are highly activated with the Moon’s Nodes already potent.1 The Moon enters the emotional waters of its own sign, Cancer close to midnight Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend (11:37pm MST the 24th).  Also on the 24th, the planetary nodes of Uranus in Gemini-Sagittarius (which are already triggered by the MercuryRx square Mars-Pisces) are a wide-open cosmic portal to compassionate healing of this ideological clash as Neptune is stationed in boundless waters of its own sign of Pisces exactly square the Uranus nodes (14-Pisces Neptune exact 6:08pm 11/24; the heliocentric constant nodes of Uranus or the last decade are 14-Sagittarius/Gemini).  On the 25th, the Moon opposes Saturn (also in its own sign), triggering a deeper emotional healing of the Karmic Grand cross issues that have been unavoidable since the New Moon.  Ceres-Scorpio will trine Mars-Pisces on the 25th; depending on how things went during the Blossoming-Test of Thanksgiving weekend, you may need time to withdraw into your Cancer shell to process the verbal barbs of judgments; Ceres-Mars will bring a darker sense of victimhood if things went south or if things went well, empower the spiritual warrior to tap abundant resources).  It is a very watery dive into a place that is more feminine, receptive and healing – requiring time out; don’t wallow in self-defeating self-criticism that may surface with the Capricorn overtones here (allow these energies to pass through and heal you). By the 26th, the Moon will conjunct the North Node-Cancer adding to the need for self-nurturing through this process. The Waning Gibbous moon will rise after 7pm MST (rising later each night) with Mars near the Midheaven. Pleiades and Orion will be beautiful nearby the Moon. Moon into Leo (27TH– 1:34 am MST):  For a few hours on the 27th, you may feel the push to start harvesting the creative energies of the Full Moon’s bounty; it is a balance with the Yod the Moon forms between the Pisces Mars and Saturn asking you to refine and rework how you surrender your aggressive drive to control the process; it is particularly fired up to make something big of the harvest and make huge plans for the future yields the bounty may bring.  Tap into the Saturn point of the yod to the Moon to ground the ideas and visions into practically but allow for the Flow of the Tao to guide you to shores bigger and brighter than you’d imagined. Don’t let that fiery trine of the Moon-Leo with the Sun-Jupiter overshoot your spending that has pinned it’s hope to a distant future. Let the creative ideas flow for the future cycle but realize the harvest has to be collected still and managed with Virgo’s last quarter moon.  From the 27thof November, the Moon will rise later (10pm) with Mars setting and Orion moving toward the midheaven. Moon into Virgo (29th  4:07am MST)– LAST QUARTER (29th– 5:19PM MST): Now is the time to truly take full stock of how well this New Moon Scorpio empowerment of harmonized conscious connections has created seeds for the future.  The Virgo Moon squares the Jupiter-MercuryRx-Sun for the last 7 days of this cycle. The rough points (the chaff) of this wheat around the Gemini-Sagittarius ideology clashes will need polished, healed and remedied as we work through the harvesting of our deepest Truth (Mars-Pisces and Neptune-Pisces polarities to this Moon will add in alignment to the compassionate Inner Truth of your Soul). With that Mars-Pisces connection, Uranus’ nodes are again involved in bring this cycle to its next refined level.  Do not skip the hard work healing the self-sabotaging chaff from the bounty of your harvest.  There is a risk of being too self-critical that needs to rethink (Mercury Rx) old patterns of what is enough; quell worries of scarcity that may arise in this over thinking moon. Successful harvest requires the Virgo reach toward her polarity of Pisces – come into your heart and surrender to the support of the Universal while loving tending the fruits of your labors. The Last Quarter Moon will not rise until midnight, but it will be out at the midheaven in the morning of the 29thsetting when the Sun is at the midheaven.    Moon into Libra (Dec 1st– 7:48am MST):  On the first the Moon enters Libra and Mercury returns in retrograde back to Scorpio followed by Venus into Scorpio on the 2nd.  Relationship issues that were in process during this moon cycle may resurface again requiring a fine-tuning on communications related to honoring a balanced exchange (Moon conjunct Pallas quincunx Mars/Neptune and squaring Saturn on the 2nd). It is important to continue to hold your ground on what your inner authority guides you toward; standing lovingly in this place of self-empowerment will draw healthy boundaries and valuing of each other. The Moon is visible in the day time.  Moon in Scorpio (Dec 3rd– 12:54pm MST):  The Moon joins Venus in Scorpio on the 3rdon NN-Chiron[2].  This is a very deep final cleans of the shadowy self-sabotaging issues that had blocked the success of prior efforts to harvest self-empowerment and conscious connections.  The deep review of our assets from the fruits of our month’s labors are giving way to feelings that we may need further harmonizing of our efforts by transforming the wounds of past relationship into our strengths. We’ll be reviewing how we communicate our deepest needs particularly in the last degrees of Scorpio as the Moon conjuncts Mercury Rx-Scorpio (early on the 5th). These efforts will be incorporated into the next moon cycle’s planting of these new seeds.  The Balsamic Moon (Waning Crescent) is visible during the day and a beautiful crescent with the Morning Star Venus at dawn.  Moon in Sagittarius (Dec 5th– 7:48pm MST – through Dec 8 at 5:01am):The close days of this cycle, the Moon will join Jupiter and later the Sun.  Historically the early days of December are major world (and personal events) supercharged[3]by planetary nodes at their conjunction with the Sun (Uranus SN 14-SAG on the 6th, Venus SN and NN 17-SAG Geocentric and NN-Venus heliocentric 17-SAG on the 8thand SN-Ceres on the 12that 20-SAG). Given that the Jupiter will add its amplifying qualities to this energy with fiery, even dogmatic drives to make the shifts to the next cycle (not just for the Moon but for the Uranus, Venus, Ceres nodal cycles – 6-12 months). Mercury goes direct on the 6thof December at 27-Scorpio (2:22pm MST).  Chiron goes direct on the 9that 12:53am MST).  The Karmic Grand Cross is fading as Venus moves on into Scorpio; Uranus continues to T-Square the nodes.  All that is shifting our next cycle towards a deeper forward movement on healing our ability to use compassion while continuing to revolutionize our ways of using authority in a nurturing way; we are gaining optimistic visions of how to use our stored and harvest seeds of balanced Co-Creation with Source that honors the diverse nature of all beings with loving compassion. The moon will be a tiny sliver viewable in the dawn with Venus higher in the sky twinkling like a diamond.  

Next blog, NEW Moon in Sagittarius (Dec 7th– 0:21am MST – 15-SAG-07):  let’s just say with the Moon-Sun on Uranus’ South Node square Neptune and Mars in Pisces (exact conjunct 7:11am on the 7th) in the midst of the Venus-Uranus nodal portals, it is bound to be a potent shift in our Co-Creation Visions in Collaboration for the future.   We can explore all these energies as they affect you personally in a reading with Angela Blissbridge. START YOUR JOURNEY TODAY

With all the blessings of my heart, may this facilitate CONNECTING THE DOTS TO A THRIVING YOU!  May the Season of Gathering be Blessed with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for CONSCIOUS CONNECTION!  So Be It! Angela Blissbridge is an Evolutionary Astrologer and healing facilitator. See more about her at Review of the Waxing Phases of the Scorpio New Moon It has been intense (not just because it seeded in Scorpio) with potent transits and shifting planetary energies that collectively expressed as the wake of the Blue Wave elections (November 7 at 9:01am MST). The cycle started just days after the Moon’s nodes transitioned Capricorn-Cancer (a new 18-month cycle) in a Grand Cross with retrograde Venus and Uranus shattering karmic patterns in use of authority, honoring of the feminine-strength-needs, and valuation of our assets (and others); it is an ancestral lineage healing opportunity (breaking old patriarchal rooted issues). The cross-hairs persisted through this entire moon cycle; at the 1stquarter moon it tested our deepest (even unconscious) fears around control as we were immersed into the deep waters of the Moon and Mars entering Pisces AND Venus and Mercury changed direction with Mars leaving Aquarius into Pisces at the quarter Moon. That shift dissolved our ability to control life in many arenas (including work, money, relationships, etc.); it offered the opportunity to step into the Flow with Universal Source (aligning to our inner truth – in trust of the path the watery world would bring us to a bigger version of what we had tried to control).  As we close in on the Full Moon in the 2ndquarter of the cycle (with Moon in Aries, Taurus and Gemini), we had to regain our self-sufficient, independence to further strengthen our resolve in preparation for the blossoming on the Full Moon.  See more details in the New Moon in Scorpio report.   #astrology #mooncycle #newmoon #fullmoon #selfawareness #wellbeing #lifetips #zodiac #horoscopes #cosmicweather #growth #transformation #thrive #moonscorpio #mercuryretrograde #jupiter #sagittarius #venusretrograde #scorpio # #resurrecting #empowerment #selfworth #relationships #grandcross #ancestralhealing #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #tippingpoint  #evolutionaryastrology #wildwoodtarot  #sacredoraclesoracle #willworthingtonart #kuanyinoracle [1]NN-Uranus is the North Node of Uranus; like the Moon’s Nodes it is a planetary node (where the orbital plane of the planet intersects of the ecliptic plane of the Sun and orbital plane of the earth).  Planetary (and Moon) nodes have a ‘cosmic portal’ effect. Since 2000, The heliocentric nodes of Uranus are NN at 14-Gemini and SN at 14-Sagittarius; Geocentrically these nodes shift from the perspective of the earth between 11º and 17º of these signs throughout the year; in early June and December the geocentric nodes are exact only the heliocentric nodes (June the NN is in Gemini conjunct the Sun, in December the NN is in Gemini opposed the sun with the SN in Sagittarius conjunct the Sun).  Pluto has been on its own heliocentric SN for since 2017.  Neptune has been to Uranus’ nodes since 2017.      See more at

[2]NN-Chiron – Chiron’s North Node – here’s another planetary node portal – requiring the deep healing around our Venus-Scorpio issues – self-worth, empowerment – all the things we’ve been working hard on for this moon cycle [3]