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2018-11-24 🌖♋️ Moon in Cancer - COMPASSIONATE HEALING IN DEEP WATERS

Updated: Apr 8, 2019


November 25, 2018 - Supplement to Full Moon report of the 22nd

By Angela Blissbridge

COSMIC PORTALS - Photo: Pixabay Genty_X Wormhole

Cosmic portals are wide-open to heal ancient ancestral wounds around ideological clashes.  We are in deep healing waters that remind us of our unconditional loving connection to all beings.  Get below the stirred up chaotic surface waves to find inner peace to follow your own Truth and Inner Rhythms. The Moon in Cancer ♋️is a waning gibbous 🌖 asking us to go within and honor our needs as we prepare to harvest our deepest riches of self-empowerment that allow for Conscious Connections in all relationships.  The immensely transformative portal of compassion around cultural difference and our needs to awaken to our needs for integrative progressive community is wide open with Neptune is stationed on the potent Uranus planetary nodes. The equally paradigm adjusting karmic portal of the Grand Cross of Venus, Uranus and the Capricorn-Cancer nodes continues (as it has from the Scorpio New Moon of this cycle).  It brings cosmically-supercharged interactions of deeply rooted beliefs in families, guiding principles and governing structures. Valuable lessons in compassion and acceptance gives stability to tipping the scales to divine feminine-masculine equality away from patriarchal power imbalances. See my Cosmic Calendar here and more dialogue in the Full Moon at Thanksgiving report.

Neptune in Pisces square the Uranus planetary Nodes - Stirs the Surface - Go Deep- Photo: pixabay TPHeinz

Excerpt from the Full Moon Report:   Moon into Cancer (Saturday November 24th- 11:37pm MST).  More cosmic-portals are opening to heal ancestral wounds as planetary nodes of Uranus and Pluto are highly activated with the Moon’s Nodes already potent.1 The Moon enters the emotional waters of its own sign, Cancer close to midnight Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend (11:37pm MST the 24th).  Also on the 24th, the planetary nodes of Uranus in Gemini-Sagittarius (which are already triggered by the MercuryRx square Mars-Pisces) are a wide-open cosmic portal to compassionate healing of this ideological clash as Neptune is stationed in boundless waters of its own sign of Pisces exactly square the Uranus nodes (14-Pisces Neptune exact 6:08pm 11/24; the heliocentric constant nodes of Uranus or the last decade are 14-Sagittarius/Gemini).  On the 25th, the Moon opposes Saturn (also in its own sign), triggering a deeper emotional healing of the Karmic Grand cross issues that have been unavoidable since the New Moon.  Ceres-Scorpio will trine Mars-Pisces on the 25th; depending on how things went during the Blossoming-Test of Thanksgiving weekend, you may need time to withdraw into your Cancer shell to process the verbal barbs of judgments; Ceres-Mars will bring a darker sense of victimhood if things went south or if things went well, empower the spiritual warrior to tap abundant resources).  It is a very watery dive into a place that is more feminine, receptive and healing – requiring time out; don’t wallow in self-defeating self-criticism that may surface with the Capricorn overtones here (allow these energies to pass through and heal you). By the 26th, the Moon will conjunct the North Node-Cancer adding to the need for self-nurturing through this process. The Waning Gibbous moon will rise after 7pm MST (rising later each night) with Mars near the Midheaven. Pleiades and Orion will be beautiful nearby the Moon.

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With all the blessings of my heart, may this facilitate CONNECTING THE DOTS TO A THRIVING YOU!  May the Season of Gathering be Blessed with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for CONSCIOUS CONNECTION!  So Be It!

Angela Blissbridge is an Evolutionary Astrologer and healing facilitator. See more about her at

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[1]NN-Uranus is the North Node of Uranus; like the Moon’s Nodes it is a planetary node (where the orbital plane of the planet intersects of the ecliptic plane of the Sun and orbital plane of the earth).  Planetary (and Moon) nodes have a ‘cosmic portal’ effect. Since 2000, The heliocentric nodes of Uranus are NN at 14-Gemini and SN at 14-Sagittarius; Geocentrically these nodes shift from the perspective of the earth between 11º and 17º of these signs throughout the year; in early June and December the geocentric nodes are exact only the heliocentric nodes (June the NN is in Gemini conjunct the Sun, in December the NN is in Gemini opposed the sun with the SN in Sagittarius conjunct the Sun).  Pluto has been on its own heliocentric SN for since 2017.  Neptune has been to Uranus’ nodes since 2017.     

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