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2018-11-07 to 22nd New to Full Moon - Election to Thanksgiving (Daily Moons 🌑🌒🌓🌔♏️♐️♍️♒️♓️♈️♉️♊️)

Updated: Apr 8, 2019


Strength with Tenderness in Conscious Connections 

to Protect the Inner Child and Self-Worth


November 8, 2018 (New Moon November 7 through November 22 Full Moon)

By Angela Blissbridge

Sacred Rebel Oracle- Alana Fairchild

Thanksgiving is the peak of this Scorpio New Moon as the Full Moon rises with heated dogmatic debates triggered.  Conscious Connections[1] are needed with Enduring Strength to Protect[2] the Inner Child’s Self Worth to gain harmony in balanced exchanges – breaking the karmic cycles to a Higher Vibration. Venus and Mercury change directions with portals open to clear toxic patterns with family and use of authority.  Tap the juicy potency of this Scorpio Moon Cycle – learn how each day through Thanksgiving is offering valuable keys to shift the scales of power trips to divine feminine-masculine equality.  See more below.

The beginning of a Moon cycle is an important time to plant intentions (the seeding) to develop, test (at the quarter moon), and bring to fruition (blossoming at the full moon) to reap rewards to use in the next cycle (closing quarter). Tracking the cycle gives us direction and intentional realignment to our Inner Child (our Truth aligned to Source). This extremely potent Scorpio New Moon that started Wednesday in the wake of the Blue Wave elections (November 7 at 9:01am MST) is a fresh opportunity to ground in the ideals and dreams born last month.

Understanding the Last Moon Cycle that Feeds this Moon Cycle:To understand what seeds of intentions are being set this cycle, we need to know what we harvested last month.  It was a Moon Libra cycle intent to empower ourselves in balanced relationships by digging deep within our consciousness to clear toxic self-sabotaging patterns and attachments. Venus was barely into her retrograde journey laser-beamed on us as she had shifted direction (Venus retrograde October 5that 11-Scorpio and New Moon October 8thin Libra). The future potential of Conscious Connections (this Scorpio Moon Cycle’s seeds) were harvested October 29thwith the last quarter Moon in Leo (see my last posts Moon in Cancer and Moon in Taurus). In the balsamic waning crescent moon, we had two key planetary shifts that culminated with the 2018 Mid-Term elections (November 6th) promising the Blue Wave (the election results seem reflect that Libra New Moon’s relationship equalization work).  At noon (MST) on election day, Uranus retrograde went back into Aries (ALL FIRED UP FOR REVOLULTION) AND the Nodes shifted into South Node Capricorn and North Node Cancer out of Aquarius-Leo where they had been since May 2017. Our collective’s soul work is now focused on our maturation, authority, realignment of mother-father energies (ancestral lineage) and developing practical ways to balance our emotional needs with the structure of life (including government). That shift on election day grounded our high ideals of evolved integrated society into a test of reality (South Node into Capricorn) with a radical desire for equalized power (Uranus-Aries).  This seems to reflect in the Blue Wave’s capacity to take control of the House of Representatives from the GOP to Democrats.  These governing-radical urgencies were encoded into our seeds of equalized power in relationship developed since early October.  This will apply to our New Moon Scorpio but also to the time the nodes shift to the next cycle; that will in May 2020 when the Nodes change to Sagittarius-Gemini.  That will be near the time that campaigning efforts escalate; 2020’s election undoubtedly will be more fire up with the South Node Sagittarius full of pumped up ideological promises that spread quickly through the air-waves with enflamed (Sagittarius) speeches and stumping across the country (Gemini); that is also the multi-cultural axis, so we may expect raised tension around migration issues.  We’ll need to keep up our moon-cycle work to continue to empower balanced exchanges, diplomacy, and compassion (Neptune will still be in Pisces helping our collective with that - or bringing overwhelm and chaos as it can do).  

Kuan Yin Oracle - Alana Fairchild

The Inception (and Intentions) of This New Moon Cycle in Scorpio:

This Moon Scorpio Cycle is slated to be quite intense (not just because it is in Scorpio) as we have several key transits again (Jupiter and Mars into new signs and Venus and Mercury changing direction) that occur before the Full Moon’s test of our seedling’s ability to blossom and produce seeds for the future.  With Venus is in Libra (still retrograde until the 16th) for most of this Moon cycle and finishing in Scorpio, balancing relationship in self-empowerment continues to be a critical theme this cycle.  The Scorpio New Moon and Jupiter enriches the soils with the extensive compost from the refuse shed in our work to reclaim our self-worth last month (and continued as we plant the seeds this month). That Scorpio requires further shedding of residual deep fears, doubts and questions of self-worth (add it to the compost to nourish the seedling). Venus makes a Cardinal Grand Cross with Uranus and the Nodes (that lasts this until Moon cycle)pushing us to shatter old cycles of imbalance in our dealings with authority-structures to find out own needs and rhythm while walking our talk. The North Node Cancer is needing us to reconnect with our own rhythms and nurture and protect the Inner Child within. With Pluto on his own planetary south node and this grand cross involving the moon’s Nodes, cosmic PORTALS are WIDE OPEN to make deep, transformative changes at many dimensions of life through all space and time.  We are COLLECTIVELY BALANCING DIVINE FEMININE AND MASCULINE (and REALIGNING PATRIARCHAL DOMINATION) through these portals.  It is a critical juncture made more imperative with the revolutionary Mars-Aquarius trine Venus, sextile Uranus and widely quincunx the North Node. Chiron and Hygiea bring boundless Universal love and compassion to heal the hearts of our collective at a soul level. It all adds up to profound shift of conscious is a vital seed in process of sprouting. In summary, this New Moon intention centers around coming into a place of Truth-heart-alignment of healing to allow Venus-Libra-Rx to harmonize relations from a place of self-empowerment (and diplomacy) for rightful use of our power and authority. The balance requires honoring personal needs and rhythms and nurturing the Inner Child as if were Daughters of Rising Phoenix[3]gaining strength in this cycle to make and elevate Conscious Connections.  

The Shifts and Tests to the Full Moon – Daily Guidance:

Moon into Sagittarius (8th11:59am MST).  Since election day at 6:am until the 8th, emotions may be running dramatically high with a twist of darkness because of the Scorpio stellium (Moon, Sun, Jupiter); the somber mood will lighten-up on the 8thas the Moon AND Jupiter come into optimistic Sagittarius (Jupiter’s own sign).  We can ride high on our ideas and dreams with that Sagittarius energy firing up our enthusiasm and drive (maybe causing us to our overshoot our targets). It is a good time to dream beyond the limits your old-self-sabotaging may have allowed.  You can may be able to catch a very thin New Moon setting just after the Sun by the 8th.  

Wildwood Tarot

Moon into Capricorn on the 10th(8:54pm MST)with Ceres into Scorpio on the 11th, takes the happy tone down several notches as the super seriousness(Moon joining Saturn in Capricorn) of reclaiming our deepest assets of our Inner Child (Ceres-Scorpio and the Moon) pounds on us. This is endurance[4]to tune into our personal needs to care for that Inner Child that had to grow up too fast; honor your rhythms while attending to the practical bits of life (Capricorn) in a more gentle (Moon) slow pace. Rushing the grow of your Inner Child’s strength and wisdom will hinder proper development.  Timing is everything. On the 12th-13th, the Moon will move over Pluto and the South Node, bringing light again to the themes of self-empowerment and breaking karmic cycles again; family (or other authority-relate issues – event leadership in government) dramas may surface for realignment (we are, after all, coming into the holiday seasons of family gatherings).  This is a lovely waxing crescent moon viewable after sunset with Mars and Saturn viewable too. 

Moon into Aquarius (13th- 8:45am MST):  On the 13ththe Moon will be shattering and upgrading that realignment issue with little emotion; it could bring up nervous tensions and anxieties for judging harshly those involved with you the last few days; it could foresee dramas of the coming the holiday season getting more anxious to protect yourself by coldly breaking the plans to gather (check in if this is for the best and highest alignment with your Inner Child).  Get physically actively (with Uranus and Mars mutually receptive) to calm the nerves and channel the anxieties into creative and constructive ends.  Increase intake of good quality oils to ‘grease’ those emotionally reactive brain cells that may be spinning on shining the light of shortcomings of the seedling.  Channel the mental energy in the final degrees of Aquarius to successfully make adjustments for viability of your planting(1stQuarter 7:55am the 15that 23º Aquarius).  Setting revised-upgraded intentions at a quarter moon can ensure a success blossoming at the full moon.  Use this Aquarius Moon’s brilliance (with the retrograde big-horizons-unthought-of with Mercury Rx Sagittarius)to hone-in on innovative and technological breakthroughs to enhance the development in progress.   It’s a good time to meet with friends and collaborate on a project.  After sunset, view the Quarter Moon conjunct Mars on the 15thnear the midheaven (Mars is slight to the right of the Moon at just on the verge of going into Pisces).   

Sacred Rebels Oracle

Moon AND Mars into Pisces with Venus-Mercury Retrograde Changes (Moon into Pisces 15th9:41pm MST- 1st Quarter 7:55am): The Moon and Mars will dance together through their ingresses from Aquarius into Pisces on the 15th(Mars at 3:20pm and Moon at 9:41pm into Pisces then exactly conjunct at 10:03pm).   On the 16th BOTH Venus and Mercury will be STATIONING as they change directions: Venus goes direct and Mercury retrograde (see the chart). The 15thand 16th, as a result, are days to lay low and allow for things to find your own balance trusting the flow of life centered in your heart – DO NOT try to push things especially if they are ‘business-as-usual’(Mercury Rx needs to flow with navigating life – with all this Pisces, trying to make things happen by routine can go side-ways)… This is the perfect time to call on Softly, Softly the Tender Touch and seek spiritual healing modalities (mediations, kundalini, walks in nature and spiritual counseling); it can be a very overwhelming and emotional period; dreams may be particularly vivid.  It is also a time of TRUST IN THE PROCESS that the intentions set are worthy and that the Aquarius Moon found excellent solutions to tweak its progress; this approach brings tremendous magical synchronicities with the ability to tap into the collectives needs (this could feed flows of money with Venus activated).  Mars in Pisces requires us to surrender our instinctual desires for fiery fight and desire to quit; it requires humility and surrender to find rightful, truth-aligned action and causes; misused, it is a passive-aggressive non-starter; used correctly, it is a Spiritual Warrior.  With Venus and Mercury’s stationing as Mars shifts his edgy-brainy sharp-shooter Aquarius energies into humility, we will need to release more control (Mercury Rx in Scorpio) on how we use our powers to navigate and come into a deeper more balanced exchange with our relationships (Venus Direct in Libra). Venus’ new movement forward will give us a chance to see the payoff the inner work done on recognizing her gifts, talents and self-worth that brought more self-empowerment to stand in equal relationships.  Jupiter will no longer be viewable at night and will rise a morning star until then starting mid-December until July 2019.  It will be waxing moving East away from Mars toward the Waxing Gibbous on the 18th. 

Moon into Aries (18th8:55am MST):  Now is the time to take action on the refined worked that came to light with Moon Aquarius and divinely inspired with Moon-Pisces conjunct Mars.  Mars-Pisces still needs humility and surrender (that Mercury Rx exaggerates glitches in life if you are flowing with life – there Traveling between the 16th-20th:  make triple plans in different options and do NOT get agitated when the plans change for the 5thtime – ACCIDENTS ARE MORE LIKELY at this time with edgy aggressions all around). The Moon’s ingresses into Aries gives more juice and impetuous to channel the spiritual causes into nurturing action. As it joins Uranus in the late degrees of Aries on the 19th, this moon will be LIT UP FOR RADICAL CHANGE; take the chance to keep working on adjustments before the big test at the full moon. The Uranus-Aries and Moon-Aries combo may be able to focus intently on a task but may be quickly distracted for another urgency.  The challenge will be staying focused and attached to rightful actions? The Waxing Gibbous will grow as it is about 45º about the Eastern Horizon on the 18that sunset. 

Moon in Taurus (20th4:42pm MST):  As the Moon ingresses into Taurus, it rejoins the collaborative work of the Grand Cross of Uranus, Venus and the Nodes (see above). The Moon just wants calm, quiet, self-development; but at this karmic-portal of dramatic and revolutionary energy that the Moon is bumping into, you must draw on Taurus Moon’s wealth of resources to focus on the preparations for the Full Moon’s test of maturity of all the hard work done.  What final tweaks of connecting to your self-worth can this Taurus Moon reveal to give your more confidence to stand at the Full Moon?  Taurus energy will ground and focus innovative ideas flying on the 19thwhile it is still near the Grand Cross UranusBy the 21st, the Moon Taurus can take a much-needed break: take a bath, go to the spa, eat well and relish in the good work you’ve been doing. With Mercury Rx in Sagittarius, it will be really important this month to use the TAKE-IT SLOW and UNRUFFLED approach of Moon-Taurus as ROAD RAGE FOR THE HOLIDAYS in the US could be elevated with that Mercury.  A nearly full Waxing Gibbous will rise well before sunset with Mars at the Midheaven; Saturn may be visible about 45º from the Western horizon.  

Moon in Gemini (22nd9:10pm, Full Moon 10:39pm, Thursday).The refreshed and self-worth strengthened Gemini Moon is ready to stand in the spotlight of the Full Moon fresh later in the night after the feast of Thanksgiving in the US; there’s a chance of calm festivities with the Moon still in Taurus helping everyone’s digestion and desire for peace until 9pm MST.  As the night wears on and the following day is fully into Gemini Full Moon, this gathering is a perfect test of to see if you have blossomed in the self-empowerment ancestral healings of the Grand Cross. Will meeting family bring you deserved respect and credit for your hard work instead of judgement and diminishment?  Minds will be lit-up, wired and fired-up with Jupiter sandwiched between Mercury retrograde (ruling this Moon) and the Full Moon’s Sun (that could rear its head during the meals of Thursday too); that combination is a hot-headed ideological sibling or extended relative pushing xenophobic hot-buttons (Mercury Rx-Sagittarius is on Uranus planetary south node squaring Mars-Pisces –the stuff of racism and ‘witch hunts’ in consensus mentality). This Thanksgiving seems to be a hot-bed of political and family toxin drama. The Moon-Gemini with Uranus-Aries nearby is seeking to rise-above and not take things personally to integrate the differences; but it could also lead to jumping in your car after caustically standing up for your own self-worth (taking back your power); ideally, the Neptune-Pisces and Mars-Pisces can help you navigate this discourse more compassionately. So, it may a good time to go DRUM and DANCE to welcome the celebration of the flowering of your efforts for this cycle.  Go gather with your TRUE tribe in the glory of your balanced, self-worth empowered authority.  The Moon will begin to rise just after sunset with the Sun still in Sagittarius; by the official full moon, the Sun will be nearly at our feet on the other side of the world with the Moon to the left of the Midheaven and Mars big-red starting to set. 

Next blog, I’ll continue the final half of this moon cycle picking back up at this rhetoric-charged Thanksgiving Full Moon.

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With all the blessings of my heart, may this facilitate CONNECTING THE DOTS TO A THRIVING YOU! So Be It!

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[1]@alana_fairchild has created a powerful set of oracle cards with her Sacred Rebelsis a beautifully illustrated by @autumnskyeart Morrison.  Each reading is from my own hard-copy deck that is so cherished.  If you’re working on awakening that inner feminine that is wanting to march to say ‘no more’ then this deck is for you! [2]Wildwood Tarot oracle by Mark Ryan and John Matthews – illustrated by Will Worthington – Five of Stones - Endurance [3]The Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild illustrated by Zeng Hao – Daughter of the Phoenix #6 [4]Wildwood Tarot oracle by Mark Ryan and John Matthews – illustrated by Will Worthington – Five of Stones - Endurance