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🌀Uranus devours Gaia portals -🌗🌘 2019-01-29 Last Quarter Moon

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

harvesting the fruits-seeds of the eclipses

The January 2019 Potent Eclipses, Closing Moon Cycle Harvest and Planetary Nodes Activations


January 29, 2019

By Angela Blissbridge

Uranus - the Sky God - and Gaia (Earth - Venus) with their creations - Divine Feminine-Masculine

HOW WE GOT TO THIS POINT – 2015-2018- Fertilizing the Soils for this Eclipse/Moon Cycle 

InJoy the Full Report for the closing of this January 2019 potent Eclipse moon cycle of highly activated Portals (planetary nodes – the residence-meeting-place of the traveling planet[1]).  In the video above, I give a glimpse of what opened this year’s fireworks by looking back to 2015-2018: why we have had a significant surge in Xenophobia (racism, bigotry, violence against immigrants and the like) along with a powerful rise in Emancipating efforts of the feminine principles (movements of #nomore, #blacklivesmatter, #nodapl – women empowerment, indigenous culture rise, etc.).  These concurrent surges are tightly linked to Planetary Nodes of Uranus and Venus (14-17º Gemini-Sagittarius) that have been growing in intensity asking us to integrate into a compassionate accepting multicultural society with Neptune-Pisces square becoming exact in the last months to Uranus’s Nodes. I refer to this Uranus-Venus journey as the Sky-God Uranus scouring the earth to ravage Gaia (Venus) in this dysfunctional closed-minded misuse of the collaborative-creation intentions of these traveling partners for thousands of years (yes we have had this misuse pervading our collective – it just doesn’t always escalate as it has since 2015 with Neptune’s transits – how those escalations happen in history is another fascinating story I will tell in the future[2]– witch hunts and crusades included). 

This festering undercurrent within our societies and ideologies have grown-like-a malignant cancer in the governing systems of our world in no small part related to Pluto’s slow grinding march onto its own South Node (SN-Pluto – 20-Capricorn-32 – again – this energy has been there for thousands of years – punctuated with slow-grinding transits like we’re having now e.g., rise of Nazi Germany was one – again, you’ll hear from me on this more in the future – blogs, publications and speeches).  These Planetary Nodes began their exposing-the-dark-wound activation in 2015 growing, crushing and mind-blowing, through 2018 toward this January 2019 eclipse season.  Pluto’s own exact conjunctions to its SN-Pluto three times in 2018 were intense 'Pluto-Sun-Eclipses'– the last was December 26, just 6 days after Trump ordered the government shutdown in a Pluto-Capricorn effect of manipulating the government to try to resurrect his own power with his base.  It has backfired in no small part due to how these energies play on his own chart (that’s another blog+).  It’s important to note that those Planetary Nodes are beginning to fade… likely contributing to Trump’s waning ability to work that corrupted angle.  

All this fertilized and broke the crusted grounds of our ancient systems (values-governing-principles) to allow us to plant virile highly-activated seeds of change at the 2019’s eclipse new moon – remember New Moons (Solar Eclipse even more so) are opportunities to plant seeds of intentions to adjust our life-soul-collective path of evolving, growing and thriving.  Gaia’s ravaged state has demanded #nomore and Uranus’s innovative, progressive unifying visions are waiting in the wings to bring a resurrected power of union between them – a seeding of Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine balance if you will.  

NO ORDINARY MOON CYCLE… NO ‘SINGLE-EVENT’ ECLIPSE – Portals-Galore 2019 ‘New Years Resolutions’ OFF THE HOOK

As we opened 2019 with this crisis of consciousness – individually and collectively, we had three MORE portals activated just days before the Solar Eclipse’s own portal was fully activated: January 1stJupiter’s Nodes were aligned with the Sun in 10-Capricorn (at SN-Jupiter) asking us to realign our core belief systems and closed-minded viewpoints; January 3rd, Hygiea’s Nodes were aligned with the Sun at 14-Capricorni (at her NN-Hygiea) bring autonomy over the feminine powers to heal our broken systems – heralding the way for the soon to be sworn-in diverse and feminine-majority freshman Congress members; and January 4th, Vesta’s Nodes were aligned with the Sun at 14-Capriorn-30 asking us to set firmer borders around our own commitments (given Pelosi more power to stand against Trump but also giving him more power to entrench his ‘offers’); this was the day the new congressional members were handed their new powers with Nancy Pelosi at the helm of the House of Representative – ‘Nancy’ against Trump (Pluto Capricorn at work with Saturn transiting in the ranks of all these portals to ensure realignment).  Then we throw in the Partial Solar Eclipse – STILL within orb to maintain activation on these three portals noted --to plant extremely powerful, magnetized, seeds for the future. Moon cycles generally are quick-check alignments to our goals and purposes to see if the progress flowers at the full moon and reaps new harvested-seeds for the next cycle on the quarter moon (we are currently at this preliminary harvesting phase). Eclipse moon-cycles give us a DEEPER planting of a LARGER seed to harvest for AT LEAST 6 MONTHS (until the next eclipse cycle at that 6-month window – which ALSO is the next Sun-alignments for those points noted above).  

Before we hit the Full Moon flowering on the 20th of January 2019, for a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE, we had TWO MORE very powerful Sun-Alignment activations with Pluto’s Nodes (and Pluto its self nearly exact on its SN-Pluto) conjunct the Sun on the 10th (20-CAP) and Saturn’s Nodes (23-CAP) on the 13th.  It was a double-team effort to tweak the probability of success of the planted seeds. It delivered Trump’s offer on the 19th to Pelosi that she slammed the door on.  His attempts to manipulate the Pluto-Cap energies he had deftly maneuvered since his announcement to run for President (June 16, 2015) were waning, as were Pluto’s impact on its node taken over by Saturn’s growing aspect to that position demanded accountability and restructuring the swamp of government. 

By the LUNAR ECLIPSE on January 20, 2019, collectively we were seeing the growing polarization (thanks to the Neptune square on the  Nodes of Uranus-Venus - see chart), anxieties heighten, crisis at our borders (or at least propaganda of same – that’s Uranus’s NN-Gemini on Trump’s Uranus) and deepened exposure of the cancerous growth in governments.  

Personally, this was a time to realign our ancestral relationships (parents, children and past lives), take responsibility for our own actions and duties, reclaiming our sovereignty in alignment with the Truths of the Universe in an acceptance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within ourselves.  It was a time to find deeper compassion for all humanity, forgiveness of self and others, and recognition of our own capacities to stand in our own heart-aligned path.  

THE HARVEST – TODAY… Just Days past the Quarter Moon – Preparing the Next Seeding

As we close out this extremely potent Moon Cycle (month really), we will have Neptune’s Nodes joining in with its own portal activated on January 31st as the Sun aligns at 12-Aquarius with the Balsamic Moon waning towards the next New Moon on FEBRUARY 4th, 2019.  It is further activation of the SAME (and echos in resonance) transiting Neptune-Pisces square to Uranus’ nodes (Aquarius is ruled by Uranus with Neptune’s Nodes there).  It is a vast ocean of opportunity to see the bigger picture of our soul and collective journey, to see our unity through the fabric of time/space and understand that at our heart-center we are all beating hearts desiring love – love of that Divine presence and connection.  It is within reach – let’s realign the seeds we’ve been planting to keep moving forward in creative collaboration. 

How are You Riding Through these Waves?  Other Portal Activations

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With all the blessings of my heart, may this facilitate CONNECTING THE DOTS TO A THRIVING YOU! So Be It!

Angela Blissbridge is an Evolutionary Astrologer and healing facilitator. See more about her at

Check out other portal activations coming up beginning in March – Table below.

Angela Blissbridge is an Evolutionary Astrologer and healing facilitator.  See more about her at

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu!  May all beings be Happy and Free!  


Angela will be speaking at the 2019 NCGR:  “Witch Hunts Then & Now”

A compelling exploration of the correlation between Salem Witch Trials, Civil War events, WWII, and current times. Angela Blissbridge identifies particular planetary signatures that have marked important milestones and tragic events in the course of US history.  This is an opportunity to better understand our current time from a larger historical perspective using Astrology, as we now experience a rise of Xenophobia and a call for Emancipation.


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Tables 1-2 are in the Planetary Nodes Astrology and Astronomy blogs of this Blogpost:

[1]As I develop and explain further in my blogs on the astrology and astronomy of Planetary Nodes, their mechanics and pressure to have us individually or collective evolve similar to the Moon’s Nodes. But Planetary Nodes move extremely slowly (staying in the same sign for thousands of years); unlikely the Fixed Stars who also barely move, the Planetary Nodes link to the Sun and location within our solar system, make them powerful Portals of Changewith intense pressure to fulfill the intentions of those Nodes when a planet comes in contact with it. Their positions are like the RESIDENCES to MEET THE SUN FOR THAT PLANET – storehouses of that planet’s journey-experiences-flavored by that position – that are MAGNETIZED BY THE SUN AND BEAMED TO THE EARTH WHEN WE ORBIT PAST THEM… 

[2]WITCH HUNTS THEN & NOW – My upcoming speech at NCGR 2019 and future publications of articles, blogs (and a book of a wider scope)