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Happy Beltane! Green Pastures and Bonfires!


May 1, 2019

By Angela Blissbridge

Seek your tribe. Honor the Earth and dance in the light of your rekindled fires! Let the ideas spark for intentions to plant on the new moon of Friday May 4th! May the Fourth be with you!

Break the cycle of digging into your past that has kept your guarded and blocked to delight in the turning of the season to spring. #marsgemini helps you dismantle old mental tapes to locate a new way to integrate your life work in this world exploring new connections with your tribe. Light the bonfires of #beltane with that Mars opposing the ancient high priestess (priest) #jupitersagittarius full of truths and wise ways particularly aligned to the Mother Earth return to Summer with Mars and Jupiter exact on Ceres (Demeter) the Great Mother’s Heliocentric Nodes. Mars is also bucking the old systems (your old self-sabotaging ways) finetuning and reworking (quincunx) the heavy karmic restructuring that #saturncapricorn have been excavating (Saturn is very slow from retrograde on the 29th exactly conjunct the Moon’s South Node and 3º conjunct slow also recently retrograde on the 24th Pluto - see my April 23rd post). The Moon joins Chiron in Aries to personalize this healing journey through the Beltane fire celebrations. Watch out for exaggerated duplicities! Let the karmic diggers in Capricorn question the veracity and do not stand for corruptions within yourself or others. Break the karmic cycle and express the truth hitting the targets of outworn systems.

Have you felt extremely challenged or depressed by that Saturn, Pluto Moon’s Nodes in Capricorn whose relentless dig started last week? Are you all fired up to celebrate the turn of seasons to plant your new ideas for fundamental? I’m available for private session to uncover this…

Angela Blissbridge is an Evolutionary Astrologer, artist and healing facilitator. See more about her at

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[1]This article references only the Heliocentric positions of Planetary Nodes for simplicity. SN-Uranus is the South Node of Uranus. Nodes of the Moon are distinguished such as NN-Moon is North Node of the Moon. Planetary Nodes are magnetized to the solar plane; they are nearly fixed in nature (taking thousands of years to move through a sign); as a result, these points become poral like storehouses of that planet’s energy, combined with the sun and the experience of our collective’s evolution through history. The portal effect asks for an evolutionary shift to the higher expression of the South Node of that Planet toward an integration of its North Node. See more at:, “Planetary Nodes –Their Astronomy and Their Astrological Meaning and Impact on Transits - PART 1 OF 2”, by Angela Blissbridge. November 26, 2018 (Accessed April 12, 2019). See the Astrological meanings at, “Planetary Nodes 2 of 2: Astrological Meaning & Astronomy:  Powerful Effects on Collective Evolution Over Epochs to 2019 and Beyond -- Meanings by Nodes and for an Epoch,” by Angela Blissbridge. January 15, 2019 (Accessed April 12,