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May the 4th Be with You - New Moon Fertile Grounds to Create! 2019-05-04 thrive & drive Moon Cycle

Updated: Jun 9, 2019


May 4 through June 3, 2019

By Angela Blissbridge

Are you ready to access abundant inspiration “fuel” and “physical” capacity to manifest your wildest dreams? Now is the time! This New Moon cycle gives you fertile seeds to blossom in rich overturned soils from hard digging of past months. Work on your “wiring” connections with community and friends to contain verbal aggressions that may lead to flights of adventure to feed a gypsy soul; it could be a good thing, but impetuous actions can lead to feeling like your “engine” has stalled watching opportunities slip right from under you. Release your negativity and aggressions… Lean into the flow offered and ground your feet in the dark soils of Mama Earth.

Here’s where you get the THRIVE & DRIVE components of this Taurus New Moon’s cycle and their proportions (see the New Moon chart and graph above for May 4, 2019 6:26pm EDT and the Full Moon chart and graph below for May 18, 2019 5:12pm EDT):

“PHYSICAL” assets, capacities, fertile soil…. and limitations: 38% (Woah! Take advantage as it drops in June to 25%).

  • A sweet but VERY Juicy touch of TAURUS (overlaps with “Fuel”) : #newmoon #moontaurus Sun, Moon and Uranus along with the Healer Hygiea to give sweet, nourishing bits. The Moon out of Taurus, leaving the Sun, Uranus and Hygiea to continue their manifesting magic; it will greatly be enhanced when Venus joins them on the 15thof May. With Venus into Taurus it gets even sweeter and juicier to crystalize forms and ideas bringing money too.

  • CAPRICORN Saturn, Pluto and the Moon’s South Node likely been plowing and enriching your soil for months by exposing your old patterns and limitations while helping you access your talents and capacities; you aren’t getting out of that hard work until next year; this grinding karmic and past life effort is fertilizing your foundation giving you enriched soils to manifest in a profoundly fundamental way in all aspects of your life. Saturn and Pluto (and lately the Moon’s South Node) have been on each other’s Heliocentric Planetary Nodes [1] that are sun-magnetized intersection point between the planet’s orbit and the Sun’s path; these Planetary Nodes feel like portals and have similarity in past-life and evolutionary terms to the Moon’s Nodes but take thousands of years to shift signs unlike the 18.6 months of the Moon’s node. Potent collective (and individual) shifts and events occur when significant transits occur on the Planetary Nodes – like we’ve seen since 2015 .

  • A touch of ARIES (overlaps with the “Engine”): Venus and Mercury along with Chiron here to heal the feminine-masculine challenges and fire you up to locate the mastery and talents to get this manifesting done!

“FUEL”, inspiration, expansion and wild horizons, along with spirituality and excesses that can overwhelm and delude (too much fuel!). It’s quite high at 30% for the New Moon (going higher by the Full Moon when Venus enters Taurus). It is very pure fuelthat will until December 2019 that gives you amazing access to spiritual realms, creativity and inspiration. Specifically, this is found in:

  • PISCES (double strength) with its ruler Neptune here. Since 2015, Neptune in Pisces has been square the Planetary Nodes of Uranus and Venus creating the revisiting and resurgence of xenophobia-emancipation (see my blogs). For you this is likely inspired quests to expand your ideological connections within communities, generated a Renaissance of creativity and innovative efforts to elevate your life or took you to a new religion or educational system. Did it stir you to a progressive revolution agenda to better the world around? Has it overwhelmed you with the blatant racism and religious bigotry in the world? This is exacerbated with:

  • SAGITTARIUS (also double strength) with its ruler Jupiter retrograde. It has a tendency to go big! Overextend, gamble and get caught up in the passionate rhetoric of a polarized agenda. What out for preaching your gospel (even if it’s spiritual new age stuff). The North Nodes of Uranus and Venus in Gemini are far off from opposition to this Jupiter, begging for expansion insight to explore the diversity of viewpoints, ideologies and cultures. It seeks for integration to elevate our world beyond our wildest desires. You are being extra challenged to find your own true essence in this spiritual quest Neptune and Jupiter are putting you through with Lilith (fresh into Pisces) and Ceres (Sagittarius); these Goddesses ask you to honor the feminine and Mama Earth.

  • A TOUCH of TAURUS brings sweetness (maybe candy-coated delusions if you don’t watch out) to this fuel. The fuel gets sweeter on the 15thof May with Venus entering Taurus (see above).

“ENGINE”, how you integrate the other component. It is at 17% at the New Moon and 21% at the Full Moon.

  • CANCER: with the North Node of the Moon in Cancer you can make your “Engine” operate more effectively embracing the lessons of caring, nurturing receptivity that honors the rhythms of life; it is a need to be softer, patient, more vulnerable to recognizing your needs and asking for help to address them. It is honoring the Mama Earth and all her children. By the 16thof May, Mars enters Cancer improving the “Engine’s” effectiveness.

  • A touch ARIES (overlaps with points above in “Physical”) because it is the SPARK and drives your “Engine”! With Mercury, Venus and Chiron in Aries, to honor the Cancer lesson above, it is about choosing your battles to speak the words necessary without harm, to value yourself AND others championing a just cause for excellence in bringing forth your creative genius.

“WIRING”, how you connect with others, bring in new elements to your equation that make it all function correctly. It starts a bit challenged at 17% doubling the static to 8% by the Full Moon!

  • GEMINI - Mars until May 16thwill challenge you to use your words and thoughts rightfully! He’s the only ‘direct’ wiring here so chose your battles well. He moves into Cancer on the 16thto jump start the engine, hopefully not prematurely thinking the wiring has been completed in rash efforts to connect them. Let’s hope it heeded the Cancer directive above to slow down and methodically plan.

  • SAGITTARIUS - Jupiter but Ceres send you on far-flung explorations (into books, education, studies or world travels) to find that missing piece of the “Wiring” you yearn for. Heed the warnings of quelling the fires of Sagittarius’s extremes above else, Mars (also fire) will go sideways in its efforts.

Where are your THRIVE & DRIVE components and how do they line up with this new moon? I’m available for private session to uncover this…

Angela Blissbridge is an Evolutionary Astrologer, artist and healing facilitator. See more about her at

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[1]Planetary Nodes are sun-magnetized intersection point between the planet’s orbit and the Sun’s path, that can be perceived as portals similar to the Moon’s Nodes but take thousands of years to shift signs unlike the 18.6 months of the Moon’s nodes. Each planet (planetary body) that orbits the Sun has two intersection points with the Sun’s celestial plane: the South Node of past life mysteries and capacities they carry and the North Node lessons that are to be integrated bring all the talents forward free of the outworn patterns of the past. This article references only the Heliocentric positions of Planetary Nodes for simplicity. SN-Uranus is the South Node of Uranus. Nodes of the Moon are distinguished such as NN-Moon is North Node of the Moon. Planetary Nodes are magnetized to the solar plane; they are nearly fixed in nature (taking thousands of years to move through a sign); as a result, these points become poral like storehouses of that planet’s energy, combined with the sun and the experience of our collective’s evolution through history. The portal effect asks for an evolutionary shift to the higher expression of the South Node of that Planet toward an integration of its North Node. See more at:, “Planetary Nodes –Their Astronomy and Their Astrological Meaning and Impact on Transits - PART 1 OF 2”, by Angela Blissbridge. November 26, 2018 (Accessed April 12, 2019). See the Astrological meanings at, “Planetary Nodes 2 of 2: Astrological Meaning & Astronomy:  Powerful Effects on Collective Evolution Over Epochs to 2019 and Beyond -- Meanings by Nodes and for an Epoch,” by Angela Blissbridge. January 15, 2019 (Accessed April 12,