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Power to Rebuild the Framework to Access Abundance Today



May 20, 2019

By Angela Blissbridge

Just because you see the bottom of your bowl does not mean you’re going to starve. Life lesson learned from cat 🐱freaking out about the few kibble at the bottom of her bowl: Trust (#pisces) that there’s a whole lot more to fill that bowl (#sagittarius and Pisces)! It does require structure in life (#capricorn) to ensure there’s a bowl (#taurus and Capricorn) and a method to access (Capricorn) the source (Pisces).

It’s a good time to reframe scarcity mentality (Capricorn with Taurus) through the power today’s Taurus♉️Sun🌞(and Mercury) trine (ease and luck or added challenge) the Capricorn stellium of Pluto, Saturn (ruling Capricorn) and the Moon’s South Node. There is abundance-a-plenty with Neptune also in its own sign of Pisces exactly sextile to the Moon’s South Node. Increased hope and expanded abundance is possible with Jupiter also its own sign of Sagittarius square Neptune (and semi-sextile Pluto/Saturn and quincunx the Sun). With the Moon 🌒finishing her journey in Sagittarius ♐️we can shed the light on this insecurity and contain our fear to lean into the inspiration to be found by the wild nature of our house cats and their ‘management’ of us owners.

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