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New Moon Healing the Lingering Layers of Witch Hunt History

Updated: Sep 23, 2019


August 30, 2019 (prepared September 8, 2019)

Angela Blissbridge

Today’s New Moon at 7º Virgo (6-Virgo-46) echoes back to a pivotal point in the xenophobia-emancipation imbalance since medieval times with witch hunts in Spain empowering the Spanish Inquisitions and the first settlement attempts in the USA in what is now the coast of Georgia late in September 1526 (today and in 1526, Pluto Capricorn sextile Neptune Pisces with Moon’s Nodes Capricorn Cancer - see chart at the end of this article). The Uranus cycle from 1526 linked to the birth of the USA in 1776 and to the witch-hunting events in Salem Massachusetts (USA) in 1692 when Uranus was on its own Planetary Node Gemini-Sagittarius (12º in 1526, 14º in 2019). [1]

Green, Blue and Purple highlights draw attention to Heliocentric Planetary Nodes activated since 1306 AD for surges in xenophobia (e.g., witch hunts, extreme racism) and emancipation (including Renaissances and revolutions)

Even without these fascinating links back in time, this Virgo New Moon is extremely fertile for healing ancient wounds around our relationship with the feminine and the healthy aspects of the masculine (healing the divine feminine-masculine dysfunctions of the ages [2]) square Hygiea 8º Gemini (the goddess of healing herself improving communications) and square the great mother Ceres 5º Sagittarius (helping us find our sweet-innocent fertility of creation in ancient mysteries and ideologies) under the Grand Cross opposed Neptune and Lilith in Pisces. This high goddess impact (Ceres, Hygiea and Lilith) in this Grand Cross with the powerful stellium of this Virgo New Moon (Mars-Venus 8º and 11º Virgo, goddess of relationships Juno at 2º Virgo exactly conjunct Mercury and Trans-Pluto Isis the sovereign godess of divine-feminine-balance), gives us the opportunity to heal balanced communications to mitigate giving ourselves away in ‘servitude’ while regaining our sovereign powers over the way we make our life work.

With Jupiter (15º Sagittarius) and Neptune (17º Pisces) tightly squaring on the Nodes of Uranus and Venus (14º -17º Gemini-Sagittarius) we are highly activated to re-experience ancient stories of xenophobia-emancipation (see my other articles on Witch Hunts Then & Now and the centuries of this energy illustrated in the Planetary Nodes chart below). We are being handed the keys to solve this dysfunction cycle with Selena (23º Virgo) widely opposed Neptune asking us to surrender our fears and controlling nature while finding acceptance in the integration of all aspects of our functioning in life to be in true service to higher purpose for ourselves (thereby all). Selena trine Saturn-Pluto-SN-Moon (15º-21º Capricorn) intensifies the ancient need to address misaligned patterns that corrupt our ability to stand in our own authority and walk our talk, blocking us from integration into a more solid and substantial foundation of society or corrupting our souls to become part of that old outworn system being manipulated and used for what can be dredged from us; turning our back on the solution to integrate drives further feelings of being enslaved by the corrupted system. Black Moon Lilith (13º Pisces) sextile Saturn (and in the Grand Cross with Jupiter, the Virgo stellium, Hygiea and Neptune) underscores our need to release these patterns of rejecting our whole and complete self and recognize our powerful capacities to compassionately heal ourselves and the greater collective (conjunct Neptune and in Pisces) and to overcome feelings of disempowerment in that system.

This New Moon is widely involved in a grand trine with Saturn and Uranus in earth – asking us to harmonize our relationship with the higher ideals of creative society and how to integrate those into a functional and empowering guidance. Saturn and Uranus synodic cycles are key factors in historical recurrence of xenophobia-emancipation surges (again see my blog); this trine repeats the trine of the birth of the USA (12º Libra Saturn trine 9º Gemini Uranus) with the Saturn of 1776 square today’s; the air trine then, was also a Grand Trine (with the SN-Moon at 6º Aquarius – squaring today’s Uranus). The Earth Grand Trine today (squaring the 1776 Air Grand Trine) speaks to needing to realign and ground the higher ideals of that 1776 democratic ideal; with the Virgo stellium involved and pointing to the ancient pattern of xenophobia-emancipation it is an important opportunity to heal these ancient leanings towards the witch-hunting xenophobia polarities of this two-side surge that prevent us from an integrated progressive society that benefits us all.

The healing starts from our individual efforts to address our own dysfunctions (Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn), shadows (Lilith, Pluto and Ceres) and insecurities (Virgo, Cancer polarity of the Capricorn points, Ceres, Neptune and Pisces). This New Moon is an opportunity to plant a healing seed into very fertile soil dredged over the past couple years with this Pluto-impacted earth. As this seed grounds within ourselves, its roots and branches spread to interact (Mercury and Gemini) with the greater society and community (Capricorn, Saturn, Uranus) sharing healed communications between friends, family and our tribe (Hygiea Gemini in the Grand Cross points above). The Sabian symbol for this New Moon adds to this direction: 7-Virgo “A Harem” suggests a place to heal our relationship with our own boundaries, our own knowledge of how to effectively self-sustain within the greater context of a group that can provide support but can also cause tremendous competition, neglect in meeting sensual-creative needs and abuse-manipulation to gain more visibility and power in that group.

Well-being analysis (graph) for this Moon cycle shows we are focused on our own psychological centers with over 60% of activation in the Wiring and Engine compartments (mental and emotional related – Virgo, Gemini and Cancer NN-Moon). With the extra focus on the psychological efforts, we are shifting toward processing and internalizing the dysfunctional world-wide Vessels (19%- broken guidance systems and governing principles within ourselves and the system of our world) and overloads from Fuel (16% spiritual access to higher realms but also intense overloads from chaotic and empathic experiences of the greater collective). It is important to keep in mind that this is a proportionate ratio of the well-being centers leaning towards psychological healing; the energies are extremely pure in all categories (Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter in their own signs and the Stellium of Virgo containing its own ruler and other points with natural affinities to their positions – Hygiea in Gemini is like its natural place in Virgo given Mercury’s rulership of both, TransPluto-Isis is at home in Virgo as is Juno). The purity of all these placements maintains a high intensity to and whole-self (or whole-collective) balancing for well-being. For more information on these you can see my June 3 2019 moon blog with the mark-up of the well-being points.

The full moon cycle remains highly activated for healing these ancient patterns of xenophobia emancipation with the 1st quarter and full moon Moon positions activating the Nodes of Uranus and Venus (1st quarter moon 13º Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter 15º and Ceres 7º squaring the full moon 13º Virgo and Lilith 14º Pisces on September 5th and widely square those Planetary Nodes at 21º Pisces on September 14th). More on the Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon coming in future blogs.


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[1] See more at with the key astrological signature of xenophobia-emancipation focused around highly activated Saturn (Capricorn), Uranus (Aquarius) and Jupiter (Sagittarius) - see image.

Witch Hunts Then & Now: there have been repeating themes of ideological, societal, cultural and religious issues (the Gemini Sagittarius axis as a whole, relating to cultural development and belief systems), and Uranus, an astrological agent of emancipation, or conversely, fragmentation) clashing between old and new politico-social systems (Saturn aspects to Uranus or strong Capricorn and Aquarius depict this dichotomy between past and future) bringing fundamental (Saturn or Capricorn) and intensely life-altering (Pluto or Scorpio) shifts. Since the time of the Crusades around 1100AD, extreme xenophobia-emancipation shifts occur when prominent transits aspect the Planetary Nodes [[3]] that carry these same signatures. Planetary Nodes are sun-magnetized intersection point between the planet’s orbit and the Sun’s path, that can be perceived as portals similar to the Moon’s Nodes but take thousands of years to shift signs (see Table 1) unlike the 18.6 months of the Moon’s Node. Encoded with ancient experiences of xenophobia (and emancipation) are Uranus’s North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius along with the South Node of Saturn in Capricorn and South Node of Pluto in Capricorn (see Table 1 for positions from 1100AD to now). Revolutions, Renaissances and other Emancipations pair with xenophobic surges in part related to the Nodes of Venus that have been conjunct the Nodes of Uranus (exactly conjunct in 1306AD fading to 3º in 2019 – see Table 1). Venus’s Heliocentric North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius deepens the creative revisions of the past celebrating or exploiting resources and the bodies of women.

Since 2015 (peaking in 2019 and fading 2021-2022, 6º orb), the recurrence of this cycle of xenophobia-emancipation was triggered by transiting Neptune in Pisces square the Nodes of Uranus and Venus in Gemini-Sagittarius and transiting Pluto in Capricorn conjunct its own South Node and Saturn’s Nodes. By 2018-2019, transiting Neptune and Pluto made exact aspects to the above as transiting Saturn and the Moon’s South Node joined in the Capricorn activations.

[2] - Virgo is healing that with this New Moon is focused on relationship given the conjunctions of Mars, Venus, and Juno all in Virgo. In 1526 and during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, Venus and Mars danced through conjunctions in Virgo conjunction to the positions they dance at in 2019 (conjunct August 24, 2019 at 7º Virgo, conjunct at 7º Virgo September 1526 and conjunct 20º Virgo August 1692 with Venus Retrograde). 1526 Juno was at 9º Virgo conjunct Venus Mars. 1692 Juno entered Virgo when Venus and Mars were conjunct in Virgo (Aug 9 1692); it was at 19º Virgo opposed Neptune at the final hangings Sept 22, 1692.

[3]See my blog citation,“PLANETARY NODES –Their Astronomy and Their Astrological Meaning and Impact on Transits - PART 1 OF 2”, by Angela Blissbridge. November 26, 2018

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