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Watergate and Trump impeachment linked by Mercury Retrograde Sun transit and other powerful events

November 10, 2019

by Angela Blissbridge

Impeachment scandals, reversals of political control, communist threats and exposure of other juicy corruptions erupt during the 100 year history (see Table 1) of Mercury Retrograde Transits across the face of the Sun. We are already seeing evidence of repeated history ahead of the exact transit tomorrow, November 11, 2019 at 10:21am EST. This is an event that occurs only every 6-7 years in November in Scorpio (and another cycle of 6-7 years in May). It only occurs when Mercury appearing to move backward (Retrograde) and ONLY when the Earth, Mercury and Sun align with the Planetary Nodes of Mercury [1]. For the Scorpio South Node of Mercury (SN-Mercury 17-19º Scorpio from the 1700s to now – see Table), the history of this special Mercury transit reveals the need to pay heed to a collective shift gaining voice and power. This Scorpio South Node triggers the need to expose abuses and misuses of power (Scorpio) in the Mercury’s playbook of how we make sense of life through our communications, migrations and the networks of functioning (or dysfunctional) diverse populations.[2]

Exact alignments of the Sun, Mercury and the SN-Mercury occur approximate every 45-46 years with the last one during the Watergate scandal in 1973 that lead to the following spring’s resignation of then US President Richard Nixon. Tomorrow is 46 years from Watergate with uncanny similarities to this 2019 exact transit. Both 1973 and today, there is are apparent and documented exposures of taping into the opposing political party’s inter-workings; the political spin of the story (Mercury Retrograde) covers up the lies with proclaimed victimization (misusing the power of the Scorpion nodes of Mercury and Mars). During this transit, following exposure of significant evidence to the contrary, Nixon proclaimed to press in Florida (interesting!) his infamous statement, “I am not a crook.” I will leave it to your analysis and consideration as to where things are going for the Trump impeachment process given the fascinating history on these transits. Other secret and problematic foreign power escalations were exposed in 1934 when Churchill warned of Germany’s re-arming “secretly, illegally and rapidly.” Just a bit more for Mercury Retrograde rethinking and detoxifying our thoughts on these matters.

Even wide transits like this yield powerful events particularly where the power-play of choice and security of our environs is concerned. It seems fitting that voicing our political choice (Mercury) occurs on Mercury’s Nodes (US elections in November in Scorpio, India and Australia in May to list a couple; while the UK votes in early June on the Nodes of Uranus). Since Mercury Retrograde forces us to rethink, retrace and re-chose how we navigate that broad and diverse journey of life offers, these Mercury Retrograde Transits during elections tend toward reversing political party power (see Table 2019 state elections, 2006 mid-terms, 1980 Reagan years begin, 1960 JFK wins, and in 1927 Trotsky losing the progressive-communist leadership to hardline Stalin the Cold War gets triggered under, and further back the King of England had to admit things were so good in the US colonies in 1776). We see diversity and population empowerment possibilities with the FDR jobs for millions in 1933, the League Nations formation 1920, ratification progress of the Constitution and Bill of Rights in 1789 and the 1993 European Union and NAFTA established. There are also significant environmental (Mercury) problems that surface or are corrupted (2019 US pulling out of Paris climate change agreement and escalating climate crises, ExxonMobil merger in 1999, Alaska Pipeline authorized by Nixon in 1773). Corrupted or saber-rattling weapons issues escalate too (1776, 1782, 1947 with the AK-47 developed and McCarthyism raging, 1953 Nuke-race start, 1986 Iran-Contra Affair and hanging of Saddan Husseim); some of these later events are amplified by Mars transits on its own nodes (see Table).

The chart below is 'midway' between the Sun's alignment to the Nodes of Mercury and Nodes of Mars.

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[1] Planetary Nodes are sun-magnetized intersection point between a planet’s orbit and the Sun’s solar celestial plane that holds our Earth in its orbit. They have a similarity to the nodal points of the Moon intersecting the Earth planet on the Moon’s orbit around the Earth. Both types of nodes are calculated points that shift over time; for the Moon the cycle is 18.6 YEARs to go through ALL the signs and for the Planetary Nodes each has a unique period that take at least 2000 years to move through only ONE sign (so well over 24,000 years for a full zodiacal experience). Both types of Nodes, thus, capture the collective’s experiences over those cyclical periods acting as a sun-magnetized trigger via the Sun’s solar plane when transits align to them. As such, they are portals through time to make shifts in consciousness, awakening us to the presence of the South Node’s outworn baggage and the gifts collected therein while incorporating lessons of the North Node for a higher expression of both polarities of the Nodes. Because of this potency, transits trigger significant events globally and or within an individual. Bi-annually the Sun aligns to one of the Planetary Node points typically amplifying events otherwise occurring during that time. When the planet related to that Planetary Nodes returns to either of these points, it significantly increases the impact that planet is delivering at that time; add in a Sun transit, we are experience via Earth, what would be an ‘eclipse’ of that planet with the Sun; for inner planets like Mercury and Venus, the effect is significantly amplified when the Planet is BETWEEN the Earth and Sun as a result of the apparent movement backwards, Retrograde, from the Earth perspective. These discussions utilize the HELIOCENTRIC Planetary Nodes given that the Geocentric positions dramatically change positions with the perspective from Earth as you move toward further into the solar system from Uranus inward. Transits are shown as Geocentric to give the personal points of the Earth, Moon and Moon's Nodes. It is my view these two system are essential to overlay in this respect (Heliocentric more collective and fundamental personal consciousness-shifting and Geocentric generally more personally oriented). See more about these powerful points in my blogs on Planetary Nodes and Witch Hunts Then & Now including these links:

[2] For thousands of years Nodes of Mars have been tightly aligned to those of Mercury (SN-Mars 16-20º SCO) as they approach their conjunction in the next 100 years. These three energies, Scorpio, Mars and Mercury then, bring a potent exposure of or intensification of corruption or sabotaging (South Nodes in Scorpio) of the logistics of daily life and integration of its diversity (SN-Mercury) that lead to power plays in a broad spectrum of work, lifestyles, cultures and information-use that create defensive strategies to gain a secure foothold; it touches our collective enslavement of life choices that drive insecurities battling to overcome victimization as we navigate choices that may lead to selling our collective soul to the devil we know. It is a driving effort to gain voice in the power of independent choice and pioneering ways (Mercury and Mars). With the powerful sexual nature of Scorpio and Mars (and the lesson of Taurus in the North Nodes), the corruptions often involve sexual abuses or misuses that need to recognize the value that is being exchange rather than exploited. This gives rise to “No More” feelings within these Scorpio Planetary Node points. They are pushing us to invest in our strengths and capacities (North Node Taurus) accumulating our gifts and easing up on the driven and destructive tendency brought with the South Nodes. Valuing earth resources is a lesson that gets corrupted to abuse them instead – capture the feminine body and qualities in this dark web of power play.