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Chiron Has Been Lit Up! Double Aries Triggers April 13-25, 2019


April 23, 2019

By Angela Blissbridge

Chiron has been Lit UP!! Two Aries triggers confront our maverick genius while facing our deepest wounds.

Are you feeling the:

• celebration of Spring driven by fresh ideas and creativity that hit their target

• OR alienation sparking angry backlashes attempting to be heard

• OR something in between?

You may be experiencing extremes of this Chiron in Aries on a personal level, as we have collectively this week (#srilanka #notredame and Earth Day, AOC’s ‘Message from the Future’ video on the Green New Deal). These extremes are feed by the Sun activating Chiron’s Nodes from April 13, exact on April 19, fading by April 25, 2019. This year’s annual Sun alignment to Chiron’s South Node in Aries comes with extra intensity ruled by #marsgemini mutually received by #mercuryaries. The fertile and creative #suntaurus is empowered to break out, make its mark and be heard through putting those amazing ideas and creations into form with its ruler #venusaries conjunct Mercury and transiting Chiron Aries (today exact conjunction of Venus and Chiron at 9:33am EDT). The Great Mother who brings bountiful creation to the Earth, #ceres, is opposed Mars in Sagittarius. Together Mars and Ceres search the ends of the Earth for its treasured creation; when they find their target a flourishing of Summer and Spring prevails; Wintery despair and destruction follow when the search fails to make its mark. This Mars-Gemini driven wintery-effect expresses as feelings of not making our life work, not being able to communicate effectively, aggressions against foreign elements (exacerbated xenophobia and racism).

Have the major events of the news rattled you lately? Have you flourished in this exhilarating creative drive?

What say you? I’m available for private session to uncover this… For more historical coverage on the April Sun Alignment to Chiron’s Nodes see my blog on Sri Lanka Easter Bombing.

Angela Blissbridge is an Evolutionary Astrologer, artist and healing facilitator. See more about her at

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[1]Chiron’s Nodes heliocentrically have been at 29-Aries-32 (South Node) and 29-Libra-32 (North Node) since 2015 (late 29º since the 60s). Geocentrically Chiron’s nodes range between 26º Aries and 2º Taurus). April 21, 2019 the Geocentric nodes for Chiron were at 29º 35’ because the Sun’s alignment was on the April 19, 2019.

[2]This article references only the Heliocentric positions of Planetary Nodes for simplicity. SN-Uranus is the South Node of Uranus. Nodes of the Moon are distinguished such as NN-Moon is North Node of the Moon. Planetary Nodes are magnetized to the solar plane; they are nearly fixed in nature (taking thousands of years to move through a sign); as a result, these points become poral like storehouses of that planet’s energy, combined with the sun and the experience of our collective’s evolution through history. The portal effect asks for an evolutionary shift to the higher expression of the South Node of that Planet toward an integration of its North Node. See more at:, “Planetary Nodes –Their Astronomy and Their Astrological Meaning and Impact on Transits - PART 1 OF 2”, by Angela Blissbridge. November 26, 2018 (Accessed April 12, 2019). See the Astrological meanings at, “Planetary Nodes 2 of 2: Astrological Meaning & Astronomy:  Powerful Effects on Collective Evolution Over Epochs to 2019 and Beyond -- Meanings by Nodes and for an Epoch,” by Angela Blissbridge. January 15, 2019 (Accessed April 12,