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Easter Bombing in Sri Lanka Exposes Chiron's Wounds

Yet Another Horrific Terrorist Attack During the Solar Alignment to Chiron’s South Node in Aries


April 21, 2019

By Angela Blissbridge

My heart aches to discover that another senseless act of terrorism occurred this morning during the Sun’s alignment to Chiron’s South Node (SN-Chiron 29-Aries-32[1]). People gathered to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of a wise, loving and masterful healer, Jesus Christ (just as Chiron), became causalities of polarized violence (Aries) this morning in Sri Lanka. Both Jesus and Chiron carry the same mythologies and ideologies of maverick genius able to teach, heal and guide the masses; yet as half-man and half-God the suffering they endured was unhealable and turned them into martyrs to be celebrated. Does this and the recurring history of violence on the Aries nodes of Chiron speak of a wound that is challenged to heal within our collective?

Astrological Significance of the Transits

Between 8:45am and 9:30am, three cities in Sri Lanka were rocked with coordinated suicide bombings in churches and hotels killing more than 200 people and injuring more than 450. Sri Lanka has had “a troubled history with racial violence incited on” social media. It is being called a terrorist attack by one group. Astrologically, this is confirmed with highly agitated deadly destruction in metropolitan neighborhoods aimed at religious-ideological targets (Mars rising at 13-Gemini-45 opposed Ceres 13-Sagittarius-46 retrograde with Jupiter near the Galactic Center at 24-Sagittarius-10). Martyrdom is underscored with Ceres in the 6th house (Virgo quality). Mercury ruling this Mars is mutually received in Aries, no less, conjunct transiting Chiron-Aries (and Venus-Aries with Vesta Aries); this Aries stellium in the 10th house is a coordinated attack on public places of devotion (Vesta) wrecking bloodshed that opens wounds (Chiron in Aries) with war-like body-counts (Venus 00-Aries 34 cardinal degrees). This violence signal a need to drastically change how we think and make our society work (Mars on the Ascendant in Gemini and the Aries stellium in the 10th house). Pluto and Saturn squeezing the SN-Moon in Capricorn demands a realignment and exposure of the dysfunctional corruption of our systems and guiding principles to one that is earth-sustaining and empowering all society (NN-Moon ruled by Pluto’s signed Moon-Scorpio). Furthering this intent, is Uranus-Taurus conjunct Hygiea ruled by Venus-Aries 10threquiring healing through collaborative integration into a progressive and creative society.

Exacerbated Intensities with Activated Planetary Nodes

What is making this week’s transits more potent and world-impacting, is the near-exact Planetary Node [2] alignments occurring. These alignments are portals into history asking for our collective evolution to balance those Nodes’ polarities:

* Sun on the SN-Chiron in Aries – within 6º range between April 13, exact on April 19, fading by April 25, 2019. Chiron is a maverick made even more radical with Aries positions (transiting and SN-Chiron) pushing us to awaken to fundamental flaws that disempower us begging us to fight to find a cure. Unfortunately, as the history shows below, martyrdom-rogues act out with aggressive destruction in an effort to be heard and make their mark. Why so much aggression against the innocent? It is likely the square of Chiron’s Nodes to Pluto and Saturn’s Nodes (since 1400s) coming from the Capricorn South Nodes suppression of the weak by the powerful existing systems. Historically, this Sun on SN-Chiron in Aries alignment has occurred during:

  • Oklahoma City Bombing (April 19, 1995) and the birth of one of its terrorists,

  • Timothy McVeigh (April 23, 1968 with Ceres 28-Libra-28 retrograde),

  • Columbine High School Massacre (April 20, 1999) and

  • The Boston Marathon Bombing (April 15, 2013).

  • Of course, we need to include the Notre Dame fire of April 15, 2019 there which I wrote about here.

  • But then.... there is Earth Day April 22 each year since 1970 as a celebration of Earth to champion her defense (Aries SN-Chiron) to find balance in our environment and global peace (Libra NN-Chiron!).

* Saturn, Moon’s South Node (SN-Moon) and Pluto on SN-Pluto 20-Capricorn and SN-Saturn 230-Capricorn– Saturn and Pluto’s transits are sitting on each other South Nodes that Saturn rules. This slow-grind transit has been a fundamental shift in play since March 2018 that will linger until December 2019. The Chiron Nodes events above also activated the Nodes Pluto and/or Saturn:

  • Oklahoma City Bombing – Saturn 20-Pisces trine SN-Pluto exact (and SN-Saturn 3º). Neptune 25-Capricorn-31on SN-Saturn. This was a domestic terrorist attack as a statement against the mishandlings of the government.

  • McVeigh’s SN-Moon 18-Libra-42 squares Pluto’s Nodes nearly exactly with his Moon 18-PIS-06 taking feeling personally disempowered by the imbalances he perceived in the system that lead to the bombing.

  • Columbine’ killers were born in 1981 with Pluto in Libra square its Nodes. During their shooting spree in 1999, the Moon’s Nodes were 19º Aquarius-Leo (SN to NN) quincunx Pluto’s Nodes.

  • Boston Marathon Bombing had Pluto at 11-Capricorn widely conjunct its Nodes and the SN-Moon 16-Scorpio conjunct Saturn 9-Scorpio. This is a similar pattern of today’s Saturn SN-Moon and Pluto transits (2013 Pluto and Saturn were sextile and the SN-Moon is between them; Saturn and SN-Pluto are in Pluto’s sign).

  • Historical events as a side note – see below. [4]

* Mars on the NN-Uranus and Ceres is on the SN-Uranus (approaching her own SN-Ceres)–The Nodes of Uranus have been traveling with the Nodes of Venus for thousands of years inciting xenophobic violence and calls for emancipation simultaneously. They are a key component underlying witch hunts, inquisitions, crusades as well as the Renaissance and today’s rise in the leadership of powerful multi-cultural and multi-gender progressives.[3] These rises trigger backlash as we are seeing today. When Mars transits these nodes (in 6º range April 12, 2019 to May 5, 2019, exact TODAY on NN-Uranus and exact on April 25, 2019 on NN-Venus) we have significant shifts and violence, including the Salem Witch Hunts and the birth of the USA. Salem and the USA had Ceres transiting (conjunct and square) Uranus’s Nodes as well. Ceres came into range of SN-Uranus late February 2019 (8-Sagittarius), went retrograde nearly exactly on SN-Uranus on April 8, 2019; she will fade in retrograde at 8-Sagittarius May 23. We should keep a watch on her direct motion when Chiron’s NN-Libra is triggered again by the Sun on October 22, 2019 when Ceres will be at 22-Sagittarius (within range of SN-Venus) ON her own SN-Ceres. Given this thread, it does make sense to find that Uranus-Venus Nodes are activated for the above Chiron Nodes events as well:

  • Oklahoma City Bombing had Jupiter on SN-Uranus (14-Sagittarius-52 Rx) with Ceres conjunct Mars in Leo (trine SN-Uranus).

  • Timothy McVeigh had Mars 19-Taurus-19 quincunx SN-Venus (16-Sagittarius-50)

  • Columbine had Ceres 21-Gemini on NN-Venus and Jupiter 15-Aries-45 trine SN-Uranus-Venus.

  • Boston Marathon Bombing had Jupiter 14-Gemini-28 and Mars conjunct the Sun at 26-Aries and Uranus 9-Aries trine its own SN-Uranus.

Where Does all this Blood Shed Leave Us?

It does seem that Chiron (and Jesus on this Easter Sunday) are begging for us to wake up to the destructive nature of our existing systems of radical hate and divisiveness. How many more senseless acts of destruction and violence need to occur before we take up the Spiritual Warrior arms to liberate our collective from this seemingly unhealable wound of suffering. These events are recurring in large part on the South Nodes of these Planetary Nodes and today’s Moon’s Nodes. Evolutionary pressure is pushing us to move toward those polarities to integrate the lesson and gifts of the North Node with the highest expression of the South Nodes. What does that mean today?

  • Exposing corruption and rooting out systemic dysfunction throughout our world’s leadership (and our own internal guidance systems) to empower truth alignment that makes life work fundamentally for all (Pluto-SN-Moon-Saturn on SN-Saturn and SN-Pluto in Capricorn).

  • Powerfully expressing our individual needs while defending Universal Truths of compassion, integrative-acceptance, creative collaboration and progressive elevating of life for all humanity (NN-Uranus and NN-Venus with Mars-Gemini squaring Neptune-PIS) bringing a flourishing of creation and bounty for all earth and her people (Ceres-Sagittarius on Nodes of Venus-Uranus).

  • Seeking broad horizons, spiritual truths and happiness that bring existential wholeness, creativity and expanded opportunities for all (Jupiter-Sagittarius on SN-Ceres widely square Neptune-Pisces).

  • Thereby, healing our values of the body, earth and all creatures that add to the above intentions of bountiful and elevated creations (Taurus and Aries stelliums) giving voice to all elements of society. Achieving the goals of Earth Day and balance of Chiron's Nodes.

Can we do this? We will continue to be under the longer-moving transits of Neptune-Pisces on Uranus-Venus Nodes and Pluto-Saturn on their Nodes for the next year or so. I explore the future in other writings and blogs. It seems that there are significant pressures and additional transits to support this dramatic and fundamental shift, but it will not be a simple nor painless transition as we are experiencing.

Angela Blissbridge is an Evolutionary Astrologer, artist and healing facilitator. See more about her at

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The deadliest violence of three cities was in Negombo - estimated time between 8:45-9:30am


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[1]Chiron’s Nodes heliocentrically have been at 29-Aries-32 (South Node) and 29-Libra-32 (North Node) since 2015 (late 29º since the 60s). Geocentrically Chiron’s nodes range between 26º Aries and 2º Taurus). April 21, 2019 the Geocentric nodes for Chiron were at 29º 35’ because the Sun’s alignment was on the April 19, 2019.

[2]This article references only the Heliocentric positions of Planetary Nodes for simplicity. SN-Uranus is the South Node of Uranus. Nodes of the Moon are distinguished such as NN-Moon is North Node of the Moon. Planetary Nodes are magnetized to the solar plane; they are nearly fixed in nature (taking thousands of years to move through a sign); as a result, these points become poral like storehouses of that planet’s energy, combined with the sun and the experience of our collective’s evolution through history. The portal effect asks for an evolutionary shift to the higher expression of the South Node of that Planet toward an integration of its North Node. See more at:, “Planetary Nodes –Their Astronomy and Their Astrological Meaning and Impact on Transits - PART 1 OF 2”, by Angela Blissbridge. November 26, 2018 (Accessed April 12, 2019). See the Astrological meanings at, “Planetary Nodes 2 of 2: Astrological Meaning & Astronomy:  Powerful Effects on Collective Evolution Over Epochs to 2019 and Beyond -- Meanings by Nodes and for an Epoch,” by Angela Blissbridge. January 15, 2019 (Accessed April 12,

[3]This is the basis of research I have been doing around xenophobia-emancipation through history. For more about Planetary Nodes astronomy and astrology check out her blogs.

[4]Historically, Saturn and Pluto on these nodes occurred last in 1931 when fundamental leaders-shakers were born with Saturn-CAP opposing Pluto-CAN: Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox News), Mikhail Gorbachev (who lead the dissolution of the USSR) and massacre-leader Jim Jones. That year also brought us Ram Dass, Dolores Cannon and Rianne Eisler to challenge and awaken in a fundamental way that leads the way toward a healed collective conscious.