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Gemini New Moon 2019-06-03 Uranus Venus Nodes Portal Activation

June 3, 2019

By Angela Blissbridge

Revise the story aligned to the Truth (Jupiter 20-Sagittarius retrograde) finding acceptance of humanity's full expression at a fundamental level (Pluto and Saturn on the Moon’s South Node 17-22-Capricorn) integrating diversity with our society and community (Gemini and Nodes of Uranus with Capricorn). It is about honoring your own rhythm and breaking free (Mars approaching North Node of the Moon 11-17-Cancer) of the limitations and corruptions of the old narrative and misaligned system (Mars-NN-Moon quincunx Jupiter and opposed Saturn-Pluto-SN-Moon). We are in the midst of revisiting the cycles of ancient patterns of Witch Hunts and Renaissance [1] with this New Moon aligned to the Heliocentric Planetary Nodes [2] of Uranus and Venus (Sun, Jupiter and Neptune activated). Spurred by the need to make our mark while slowing down to absorb our new experiences, we correct our course without guilting or shaming ourselves for perceived missteps on this journey.


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[1]Witch Hunts Then & Now: there have been repeating themes of ideological, societal, cultural and religious issues (the Gemini Sagittarius axisas a whole, relating to cultural development and belief systems), and Uranus, an astrological agent of emancipation, or conversely, fragmentation) clashing between old and new politico-social systems (Saturn aspects to Uranus or strong Capricorn and Aquariusdepict this dichotomy between past and future) bringing fundamental (Saturn or Capricorn) and intensely life-altering (Pluto or Scorpio) shifts. Since the time of the Crusades around 1100AD, extreme xenophobia-emancipation shifts occur when prominent transits aspect the Planetary Nodes [[1]] that carry these same signatures. Planetary Nodes are sun-magnetized intersection point between the planet’s orbit and the Sun’s path, that can be perceived as portals similar to the Moon’s Nodes but take thousands of years to shift signs (see Table 1) unlike the 18.6 months of the Moon’s Node. Encoded with ancient experiences of xenophobia (and emancipation) are Uranus’s North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius along with the South Node of Saturn in Capricorn and South Node of Pluto in Capricorn (see Table 1 for positions from 1100AD to now). Revolutions, Renaissances and other Emancipations pair with xenophobic surges in part related to the Nodes of Venus that have been conjunct the Nodes of Uranus (exactly conjunct in 1306AD fading to 3º in 2019 – see Table 1). Venus’s Heliocentric North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius deepens the creative revisions of the past celebrating or exploiting resources and the bodies of women.

Since 2015 (peaking in 2019 and fading 2021-2022, 6º orb), the recurrence of this cycle of xenophobia-emancipation was triggered by transiting Neptune in Pisces square the Nodes of Uranus and Venus in Gemini-Sagittarius and transiting Pluto in Capricorn conjunct its own South Node and Saturn’s Nodes. By 2018-2019, transiting Neptune and Pluto made exact aspects to the above as transiting Saturn and the Moon’s South Node joined in the Capricorn activations.

[2]See my blog citation,“PLANETARY NODES –Their Astronomy and Their Astrological Meaning and Impact on Transits - PART 1 OF 2”, by Angela Blissbridge. November 26, 2018