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2019-02-04 🌑♒️ New Moon Aquarius: The Perfection of Our Life

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Staying True in Our Power to Enter the Gates of Heaven - 

February 4, 2019 New Moon 


February 3, 2019

By Angela Blissbridge

We have the opportunity to Perfect our Life by Staying in Our Power to Co-Create at the Gates of Heaven – let’s Plant those seeds today!  

Sacred Rebels - Alana Fairchild Autumn Skye art

For over two months, we have been under a Karmic Grand Cross relentlessly pushing us to dig away old self-sabotaging patterns, exposing corruption in our guidance systems, that have caused us to throw away our responsibilities, authority and strengths into the hands of others, diminishing our own Truths, our value and ability to forge a rightful thriving path in life. This revolution-in-the-making has dredged and fertilized our soil, purified in the massive portals in the January eclipse and activated Portals (planetary nodes  – the residence-meeting-place of the traveling planet[1]- see my last moon blog). Under the brilliance of this Aquarius New Moon (February 4, 2019 - 2:04pm MST) we have a new opportunity to elevate our seeds of intentions to strengthen our newly-reclaimed awareness and commitment to our Truth - co-creating-divinity and Sovereignty.  To get there, we must continue to release blames, judgments, resentments, avoidance of responsibilities, break outworn patterns (commitments) from a place of DEEP FORGIVENESS through compassion for yourself, others and trust in the Rightfulness of your Truth (that place that makes your own body light up in a peaceful-warm kiss-from-heaven way).  We cannot get there by force, domination, corrupted intentions, alienating-elitism, racism, polarized thinking or other fear-mongering. We must open our hearts and minds to the vast possibilities of our soul journey in all time and space to see what truly has worked and what hasn’t; releasing that which has not served this truth into the unconditional light of love.  

Isis Oracle - Alan Fairchild art by Jimmy Minton

Today, February 3rdat 2:04pm MST, Venus entered Capricorn, bring further commitment to our core strengths, talents and value to hold strong on that new commitment to Stand in our Authority and walk our talk (a path of Truth – aligned to compassion, acceptance and love). She trines Isis-TransPluto in Virgo to further our inward healing efforts to reclaim our mastery over our self in deeper healing and balance.  Vesta’s commitments to this flame of self-love and self-honoring is boundless to support your efforts.  Lean into that deep inner truth to reveal your Divine Essence.  Stop fighting efforts to reclaim your power by seeking spiritual guidance and counseling to gain more insight into this intensely soul-healing journey.

The New Moon at 15-Aquarius-45 (16-Aquarius Sabian of ‘A Big Businessman at his Desk – Power and Control – let’s think HIS or HER not the ‘man’) sits midway between Saturn-Capricorn and Neptune-Pisces.  It is the near mind-shattering (Aquarius) squeeze to take two extremely divergent forces of time-space-Saturn-Limitations and the ultimate boundless-Neptune.  The shattering is intensified if we ignore the karmic-realignment work to step into a surrender of our control and egos that have been misaligned (giving away or dominating in our authority patterns).  The surrendering is not to give over full control, but to surrender to the TRUTH principles to guide us – our own inner authority – to step into the rightful FLOW of how to make life work – relinquishing our fears, manipulations, corruptions and distrust of the process as we take constant steps to align to these two powerful forces in the middle – success means we are co-creating with Source (able to enter the Gates of Heaven).  Failure is fragmentation, victimization and mismanagement of our soul’s responsibilities – a descent into alienation and barred access. 

Kuan Yin Oracle - Alana Fairchid Zeng Hao

Healing comes from this surrender but with a strong defense of your personal truths, from a place of unconditional love of self and all beings.  It does not require a fight, per se, but a strong, clearly delineated boundary of Self and willingness to negotiation from a place of honoring of self and others.  Compromise is part of the equation but must be used with discernment and without a hidden agenda to gain control of another or to demand recognition (if we’re solid in our own inner authority respect comes naturally – relax this need to prove yourself).  We have an opportunity to be more integrated personally and collectively with this new progressively uplifting place, that has a grander vision of your horizons and new place of creative an innovative life.  

We are being taken to the Gates of Heaven to recognize our own mastery to open to our personal freedoms and strengths from a place of unconditional life of all beings and creative collaboration. 

"May all beings be happy and Free!  May all beings be happy and Free! May all beings be happy and Free! Lokah Sumastar Sukinoh Bhavanut.  Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.  Om Mani Padme Hum.

How is your journey to this Gate?

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Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu!  May all beings be Happy and Free!  


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A compelling exploration of the correlation between Salem Witch Trials, Civil War events, WWII, and current times. Angela Blissbridge identifies particular planetary signatures that have marked important milestones and tragic events in the course of US history.  This is an opportunity to better understand our current time from a larger historical perspective using Astrology, as we now experience a rise of Xenophobia and a call for Emancipation.

All Roads Lead to Baltimore

August 30th, 2019 – September 3rd, 2019


🌑 New Moon Plants the Intention Seeds (Day 0 - Solar Eclipses) These seeds were harvested from the blossoms of the last cycles. Solar Eclipses Super Bless and Charge its Potency.  Make clear and heart-filled non-harming intentions For the Highest Good of All.🌓First Quarter (approximately Day 7) - Recalibration Preliminary Test of Viability.  How we are progressing with the intentions set at the New Moon.  Here's your chance to make adjust before the real test in 7 days.🌕Full Moon Fertility Blossoming Test(approximately Day 14)- With it Bear Fruit for Future Seeds? Did the Crop Fail or can it be Salvaged? Lunar Eclipses amplify the fertility🌗Last Quarter Harvest and Future Looks (approximately Day 21) - Diligence to clear the 'Wheat from the Chaff' as you reap the bounty of the harvest or prepare for a harsh 'winter' (having to salvage to have something for the next New Moon).  No matter the outcome, you are growing and evolving from the good and the tough lessons.  Keep planting and Tuned to the Sky and my Blog for How to Navigate the Cosmic Weather!  My Cosmic Calendar Helps!


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[1]As I develop and explain further in my blogs on the astrology and astronomy of Planetary Nodes, their mechanics and pressure to have us individually or collective evolve similar to the Moon’s Nodes. But Planetary Nodes move extremely slowly (staying in the same sign for thousands of years); unlikely the Fixed Stars who also barely move, the Planetary Nodes link to the Sun and location within our solar system, make them powerful Portals of Changewith intense pressure to fulfill the intentions of those Nodes when a planet comes in contact with it. Their positions are like the RESIDENCES to MEET THE SUN FOR THAT PLANET – storehouses of that planet’s journey-experiences-flavored by that position – that are MAGNETIZED BY THE SUN AND BEAMED TO THE EARTH WHEN WE ORBIT PAST THEM…