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OUR LADY GAIA DEVOURED BY URANUS: Notre Dame Birth and Nearly Destroyed in Uranus-Gaia Dances

Updated: May 10, 2019


April 16, 2019

By Angela Blissbridge

We are all in deep shock, weeping the loss of magnificent art, architecture and the inspiration that ‘Our Lady’ Notre Dame held for over a millennium. Last night a major fire tore through her inner core collapsing the spire that had reached from her depths to heaven. This was the divine creation of the merging of Uranus (the Sky God – ‘heaven’) and Gaia (Venus) in the12th Century Renaissance. It was an era flourishing from the revitalization of los’ arts and philosophies unearthed in the conquests of the Crusades into Ancient Greece and the Middle East (1096-1291). Uranus has a habit of annihilation when his creation meets with his dissatisfaction. Last night, Uranus shocked us with a fiery blast as he paired with his revolt-companion Aries to assist him gutting his beautiful Gaia progeny. Is it a heavenly proclamation of dissatisfaction of our humane endeavors in the name of God? I leave that to you to decide… but here’s an evolutionary astrological perspective to chew on.

In 1163A, when the revolutionary construction began of Notre Dame, the Uranus-Venus Heliocentric Planetary Nodes[1] where nearly conjunct at 9-GEM-SAG on transiting Pluto-GEM (see 1163 chart and Table 1) giving birth to an enlightening and powerful (Pluto-GEM) statement to reach god (NN-Uranus) through the arts (NN-Venus). The Fire yesterday is challenging those old systemic-beliefs (Nodes YOD of Mars-Mercury and Pluto to Venus – see 2019 chart) as to how we integrate and accept the power of the feminine (NN-Venus-GEM) into our society and how we find a compassionate unification of the diversity it brings (NN-Uranus and NN-Venus square transiting Neptune and Venus-PIS). The Fire’s Jupiter-SAG on Ceres’s Nodes trine the Sun-ARIES on Chiron’s Nodes (with Uranus and Hygiea in TAU) express the collective open wounds, weeping from the destructive loss in need of a radical awakening and healing today. In 1163, Ceres-Nodes were ALSO activated to ‘battle’ with Mars-Aries (also on Chiron’s Nodes) but more in the name of a commitment to faith and the eradication of the non-believers (Ceres-SAG returned to her SN-Ceres-SAG trine). That 1163 Ceres-SAG quincunx with transiting Venus-TAU underscores the dilemma faced of both honoring and containing the ‘goddess’ feminine principles-beliefs through the magnificent art of Norte Dame (the name is an homage to the goddess; further the art and architecture often blatantly pay tribute to pagan rituals). Containing? Yes, the heretics and pagans were (all that SAG) were beginning to question the Catholic doctrines thus adding to the intensification and prolonging of the Crusades that had surged between 1096AD and 1291AD.

Uranus-AQU in 1163AD is sextile Saturn-SAG (and widely Neptune – a very xenophobic- signature – see below) underscoring the radical elevation of man-made religious-law that shows in the progressive design of the cathedral and the impossibly tall order to build the spire to heaven. This was a period where the Catholic establishment was coming from a powerful surge of expansion and conquest (SN-Moon 19-CAP midpoint between Saturn-SAAG and Uranus-AQU); by creating this structure they could contain their fears (NN-Saturn conjunct NN-Moon-CAN) to retain their leadership in a powerfully personal mission and statement (Moon-SCO ruling the NN-Moon on SN-Mars and SN-Mercury in SCO). Today the Moon’s nodes are 2º off from their return, revisiting this ancient mission-statement being powerfully challenged by the squeeze of Saturn-Pluto on the SN-Moon to expose corruption of the Church, political systems and need to dismantle self-sabotaging systems; this is made particularly potent with the Saturn-Pluto’s OWN mutual-conjunction with their Nodes! Mars-GEM returning to 1163AD’s Venus-Uranus-Nodes position is challenging that old way of thinking (4º off from NN-Uranus – which is a very strong activation for Heliocentric nodes per my historical findings); he rules today’s Chiron, Vesta and Sun transits in Aries revisiting 1163’s Sun and Vesta in Aries roles -- bringing back a doubling of Chiron’s open wounds (today’s Chiron-ARI and 1163 and 2019 SN-Chiron). Wounds that need healing.

Hygiea is here to assist with that healing of Uranus-Gaia’s dance (conjunct Uranus-TAU today). Unfortunately Solar Fire does not have data available for the Nodes of Hygiea in 1163 AD; however, extrapolating back through her Nodes rate of movement from 1400-2100AD, it is likely NN-Hygiea was around 3-AQU, sextile 1163AD’s Mercury-Sun-Aries – therefore echoing today’s transiting Hygiea-TAU conjunct with the Sun-ARI and Uranus-TAU (this is amplified by 2019 Nodes of Hygiea at 13-CAN between those of Jupiter-Vesta). Hygiea shows us where we need to heal or how we can. See underscores the need to come to a deeper commitment to the feminine principles of healing, nurturing, acceptance and support of the Earth and each other (North Nodes of Jupiter, Hygiea and Vesta along with transits of Uranus and Hygiea in TAU).

This magnificent and sad story of Notre Dame is another page of my research of xenophobia-emancipation. These events occur simultaneously throughout history -- the 12th century and classic Renaissance periods (late 1100AD through 1700+AD) occurring with Crusades, Inquisitions and witch hunts. We can see that the Notre Dame construction was the emancipation efforts of the near-conjunction of Venus-Uranus Nodes (Yod-activations of those nodes to Pluto and Mercury Nodes, heliocentrically); her destruction seems to be another inadvertent victim of xenophobia as those Nodes are highly activated today with Pluto-Saturn energies. This xenophobia-emancipation pairing has the same signature of a Uranus-Venus GEM-SAG flavor activated by either Saturn-Uranus or Uranus-Pluto cycles. Since the Heliocentric Nodes of Pluto-Saturn have been approaching a conjunction for the last 1000 years (~7º in 1163AD and 3º today – Table 1), the Heliocentric Nodes of Pluto-Saturn with Uranus-Venus carry the xenophobia-emancipation signature waiting activating by slow-moving planets. Since 2015, Neptune and Pluto have triggered these Nodes approaching a peak in 2018-2019 that will fade through 2020-2021. Today we are clearly in the midst of volatile xenophobia and mass movements to awaken and empower our collective. How will this all turn out…. That’s unfolding in additional articles, blogs and speaking engagements that Angela Blissbridge is engaged in. For more about Planetary Nodes astronomyand astrologycheck out her blogs.

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[1]This article references only the Heliocentric positions of Planetary Nodes for simplicity. SN-Uranus is the South Node of Uranus. Nodes of the Moon are distinguished such as NN-Moon is North Node of the Moon. See more on the astronomy and astrology of these potent sun-magnified portals here:, “Planetary Nodes –Their Astronomy and Their Astrological Meaning and Impact on Transits - PART 1 OF 2”, by Angela Blissbridge. November 26, 2018 (Accessed April 12, 2019). See the Astrological meanings at, “Planetary Nodes 2 of 2: Astrological Meaning & Astronomy:  Powerful Effects on Collective Evolution Over Epochs to 2019 and Beyond -- Meanings by Nodes and for an Epoch,” by Angela Blissbridge. January 15, 2019 (Accessed April 12,