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🌀PLANETARY NODES 2 OF 2: Astrological Meaning & Astronomy

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Powerful Effects on Collective Evolution Over Epochs to 2019 and Beyond -- Meanings by Nodes and for an Epoch

January 15, 2019 (reordered and Geocentric use added Jan 16, 2019)

By Angela Blissbridge (Copyright material)

For thousands of years we have been experiencing the nearly-fixed (see Table 1 and Chart 1), Sun-amplified, consciousness-shifting influence of Planetary Nodes. The fascinating astronomy of these powerful points was explored in Part I of this Planetary Nodes series to illustrate and explain their location in our solar system and clarify how the Geocentric position appears to move (parallax) compared to their fixed Heliocentric locations. Both systems are effective and informative in analysis, but the Heliocentric is the most potent of them. The Geocentric positions have an energetic resonance with their Heliocentric positions even if they are wildly different as in the case of the Nodes of the Inner planets who cover the entire Zodiac in one year. In this Part II, at the end of this article I give my interpretation of astrological evolutionary intent of each of the Planetary Nodes along their nodal axis – focused on the Heliocentric positions. Based on those intentions, the potency of Planetary Nodes is illustrated from the chart analysis below for the 600-year period of the current Heliocentric node positions (Chart 1). That is the long-range epoch lesson we are working on collectively.  But first, let's look at the mechanics that underly their potency.

What Gives Planetary Nodes Their Potency to Effect Collective Shifts?

Planetary Nodes have similarities to the Moon’s Nodes in their mechanics, evolutionary pressure and potency. They are two points where the plane of the orbital path of one planetary body intersects the equatorial plane of another (Moon orbiting the Earth for the Moon’s Nodes; a planet orbiting the Sun for Planetary Nodes) – see Part I astronomy. The South Nodes (SN) in both cases represent the energy that is under evolutionary pressure to grow and evolve from, integrating the lessons of the North Node (NN) in a balance of these polarities. In the case of the Moon’s Nodes, it is an emotionally-based personal (soul and physical) maturation and development governed by the positions (sign and house) those Nodes occupy. For Planetary Nodes, it is a shift of higher consciousness of the intentions of that planet (in the sign and house the nodes reside in), amplified by the magnetic connection to the Sun through those Nodes. Nodes move considerably slower than the orbital period of the related planetary body. The Moon’s nodes take 18.6 months to shift signs; while most Planetary Nodes (even the faster moving inner planets) spend thousands of years in one sign and Heliocentrically (see more about this versus Geocentric in Part 1 above) are essentially fixed for decades (see Table 1 and Chart 1). Because of their slow movement and location within our solar system, Planetary Nodes represent the developmental process of our collective consciousness as expressed by that planet and its nodal axis position; as such, they are powerful, pervasive and intense pressure to fulfill the intentions of those Nodes when a planet comes in contact with it.  While Planetary Node influence is more collective-oriented, that pressure can have deep impacts individually (including awakening to a higher consciousness) particularly when natal planets are in aspect with these Nodes (or transiting activations with Nodes impacting the natal planets).

All Planetary Nodes Combined Evolutionary Imperative 

The combined flavors of what we have been working on since at least the time of Joan of Arc’s death in 1431 AD (see Charts 1, 2 and 3) is a heavy karmic imperative to move from dominating patriarchal systems revealing the corruptions of misused power and abuse of resources that repress the Feminine and perverts the masculine[2]. We are needing to reach deep nurturing, emotional balance that is grounded with support of Fundamental Services for Healthy Existence (including with the North Nodes in Cancer - Universal Healthcare and Social Services). Since the majority of Nodes are moving from Capricorn (toward Cancer and Hygiea’s wisdom – see Charts 2 and 3) we are needing to collectively and personally transform our connection to The Mother principles (more in Ceres and company below) and value the Earth and her resources. We are resurrecting the Feminine balance rightfully with the awakened Divine Masculine (mentorship, foundational support, constructive aligned discernment, service through responsibility).  It is about rightful use of power in authority (and guiding principles to honor the needs of others in a mentoring and supportive role without becoming crushed by imbalances in the system. It intends us to empower our way of making our life work fundamentally as a functioning member of society while being an agent for change to break dysfunctions in the system. Most of those planetary energies (nodes and transits) are moving FROM Capricorn toward Cancer; but the outliers in this Cardinal imperative are the Planetary Nodes of the great healers Chiron and Hygiea. Hygiea’s Nodes[3] are FLIPPED from most of the other nodes in Capricorn-Cancer (as well as MOVING COUNTER to all the other Nodes – Table 1) – her shift is OUT of the shell of Cancer’s insecurities of showing her healing capacities TOWARD standing in her authority of ancient wisdom healing. Chiron’s nodes are squaring our Moon’s nodes (exact) and Saturn’s planetary nodes (6º orb) moving from Aries egocentric selfish wounding-reactions to wise, compassionate, healing through equalized, diplomacy in relationships of all kinds (where the deepest truth of the Aries flame is honored for its innovative drive and fight for Truth – a Divine Masculine awakening).  They are a Radical Revolution of Healing and Divine Masculine-Divine Feminine.  The medicine ANTIDOTE these Outcast offer needs to be drank into every fiber of all beings. 

The Nodes of Mars and Mercury need us to Take Back Our Voice and Power being advocates of the repressed – facilitating a shift to detoxify our body, minds, souls and governing systems. They are the #nomore and #metoo movements and events. It seems no coincidence their November Sun Alignment (Table 1) occurs close to the USA election cycle (and has been a player in outcomes – particularly 2008 and 2018). They represent the most potent change-makers to rectify the Toxic Masculine to find softening, peace and compromise to end the predatory-prey mentality of the patriarchy. It’s a psychological dive into depression (and collective malaise) when we fail to hear the call of these powerful change instigators. In their Resurrection as the Divine Masculine, they connect us to our deepest talents as highly creative, unique individuals to be treasured and honored with unlimited prosperity for all beings.  They bring have a Survival Clarion Call to clean up our food productions that ties to Ceres below. 

The Nodes of Neptune coming from Aquarius energetically tie through the ages (1400-2019 at least) to Uranus’s nodes (therefore Venus’s for this epoch) – for 2015-2020 we are highly activated by Neptune’s transit on the Nodes of Uranus and Venus underscoring the following imperative. These points and activations (via Aquarius-Leo in particular) are elevating our collective by awakening a more compassionate way of being in our heart with rightful use of our higher intelligence to provide breakthrough solutions bringing a better way of living for all beings.  These energies are moving away from elitist closed systems that live on top of their pyramids with all the latest technologies at their disposal used to victimize and enslave the minions below.  With the 2015-2020 transits of Neptune activating the Nodes of Venus and Uranus, the additional demand is to use this compassionate approach to move away from closed dogmatic and xenophobic ideologies to an integrative, holistic approach to unified progressive communities globally (and multi-dimensionally) connected. 

The Nodes of the Goddess Pallas and Juno have been traveling companions squared off to Mother Goddess Ceres’ Nodes at least 4100 BC (see Chart 4 and note with Juno-Pallas above). In the last 300-600 years Pluto’s Nodes and Mercury-Mars Nodes have been approaching aspects to these Goddesses (0-2º now to 5-6º in the 1600-1700s). The Ceres mythology discussed below certainly brings to mind that there is a growing imperative particularly with the other messages above to:

  • cease destroying the Earth to clean up the earth of all the toxic abuses to our planet and its innocent (all of us) people (with the help of Mars-Mercury Nodes)

  • transform our relationship to the Goddess principle reviving her Ancient Wisdom reclaim our innocence (re-parent our inner child) to reveal our talents and missions – lighting our passions and giving us purpose (drawing on the lesson in Pluto’s Nodes with these Goddess)

  • Deeping our commitment to our duties as Co-Responsible Guardians in all forms (parents, mentors, teachers, leaders and governing systems) as a Village (with Mars-Mercury Nodes) to provide sustainable living – particularly around food production and food quality (drawing on the lesson in Pluto’s Nodes with these Goddess)

  • Seeking healing introspection and counsel (spiritual, shamanic or traditional) facilitated by Shamanic Resurrected Divine Masculine Mars-Mercury Nodes (see above)

  • Build and invest in healthy sustainable food systems and agriculture (Ceres with Mars-Mercury Nodes). 

  • And – most important – WAKE UP to the CLARION CALL of Mars-Mercury Nodes to hear this entire message (and that of the whole Heliocentric Nodes chart of 2019 – Chart 2).

In summary, with the last Decan of Cardinal points highly activated in the Heliocentric chart (and since 2015-202), we are at the LAST CALL to HEED the WAKE-UP CALLS above. Clean up broken outworn governing systems, bring balance of power into PARTNERSHIP (not polarized factions), provide Universal Healthcare and Social Services to ALL with a compassionate approach to make ALL life sustainable. Clean up the earth and our toxic patterns. Time is of the essence. 

What follows here is the underlying intentions that feed the above analysis.

Nodal Axis of Each Planet Separately (or Conjunct Pairs)

The astrological interpretations and intentions[1]for each of planet’s Planetary Nodes (or conjunct pairs) applies to the Heliocentric positions for from 1400 AD to 2052 AD based on the Chiron’s Nodes positions square to Saturn’s Nodes since around 1400 AD and Chiron’s Nodes ingress into Taurus-Scorpio in 2052 AD (Table 1, Chart 1 and 2). See the notes at the end of this article about Geocentric Nodes.  The intentions presented reflect a unified interpretation the energies of the polarities in harmony (magnified by the Sun’s fixed relationship to them). It does not distinguish the polarities (which are important but too much information for this article). Instead the interpretations below reflects the strengths and dysfunctions of the past (South Node position -“SN-“) integrated with goals and lessons (of the North Node “NN-“).  What is offered here is just the tip of the iceberg of these amazingly impactful points; each Planetary Node could be an article by itself (certainly it is material for a future course or book). To keep common themes together, the presentation is ordered from Modality, South Node Sign then by Outer to inner planets (see Chart 1 and Table 2 for additional details including positions and Sun-Alignments). Yellow Highlighted Planetary Nodes have been activated by transits from 2015-2016 by Pluto (on its SN-Pluto), Uranus Aries (on Chiron’s Nodes square to Saturn’s Nodes) and Neptune Pisces (square the Nodes of Uranus and Venus) – see also the Charts highlighted accordingly.  Future articles will delve into these current activations. For that it is important understand what imperative each Planetary Node is delivering for the evolution of our collective conscious. Let’s look at each nodal axis (or pair now) for the intentions they have for us.

Pluto’s Nodes in SN-Capricorn-NN-Cancer (490 AD* - 2718 AD – 2200 years – ~0.9 degrees every 100 years)

Rectification and Deep Healing of Karmic Misuses of Authority, Sexuality and Resources (correcting manipulation, domination and repression – to build self-worth). * Reclaiming Rightful-Sovereignty (Healthy Boundaries and Leadership). * Empowerment through Balanced Responsibilities and Protection of Fundamental Inherited Assets. * Reparenting the Inner Child to Reclaim our Self Worth and Personal Authority (Releasing Fears and Guilts of Betrayals & Abandonments through Shadow-Work). * Shedding deep layers of Resentments, Blame and Judgments in favor of Forgiveness and Acceptance Without Self-Truth-Compromise (see historical notes). * Releasing fears of Failure and Betrayals by the System. * Empowerment Movements in Society to Liberate the Repressed. * Fall and Rise of Regimes (see history below). * Ancestral-Parental-Line Healing. 

(Copyright 2019 Happier Facts Awakening - Angela Blissbridge)

Saturn’s Nodes in SN-Capricorn-NN-Cancer (695 BC - 2724 AD – 3400 years – ~0.6 degrees every 100 years)

* Natural Hardworking Leaders Breaking Status Quo– Upholding Duties for all to Thrive using Healthy Delegation. * Relentless Need for Healthy Support of Natural Cycles of Development (Maturation)– healing overworked systems. Breaking Patterns of Success Fears (Self-Sabotage) and Repairing Skipped Steps to Gain Credible Authority. * Re-Instituting and Building-On Ancient Wisdoms, Traditions and Healing – including Healthy Feminine-Masculine Balanced Guidance Systems (government, parents, self-authority). Respecting Boundaries. * Karmic imperative for Enduring Support of Fundamental Healthy Existence (social services and Universal Healthcare). * Accounting for Karmic Misalignments to release Blame, Expectations, Guilt, Bitterness, Resentments and Judgments – Heals Suffering and builds Confidence. Release of Ancient Karmic Memories of torture and persecution (of self and others). * Healing broken structures and systems (including bodies) suffering from the misalignments

Jupiter’s Nodes in SN-Capricorn-NN-Cancer (969 AD - 3899 AD – 2900 years – ~0.6 degrees every 100 years) 

* Inclusion of Diversity Ideologies and Cultures – Healing Bigotry and Xenophobia. Open-Door and Open-Mind Policies of Acceptance with Appropriate Boundaries for Healthy Co-Existence. * Global society, Foreign Policy that Honors Diversity and Sustainable Global Existence. * Visionary (Progressive) Ideas of Hope for a Better Future of Thriving Existence for Society – Healing the Divide of Liberals v. Conservatives. * Deep Natural Wisdom-Teachers who can Lead from Inspired Higher Truths.  Potent Passionate Spiritual (or Religious) leaders open to diversity – Healing Karmic History of Crusades and Inquisition Wounds. * Investment and Support of Education for a Sustainable Development of Society. * Acting on Expansion Opportunities without Exploitation of Foreign People, Lands or Ideas – Ending Systemic Enslavement. * Healing Uncheck Systemic Consumption (food system failings, heavy indebtedness, gambling, Need for the Biggest Toys).

(Copyright 2019 Happier Facts Awakening - Angela Blissbridge)

Vesta Nodes in SN-Capricorn-NN-Cancer (Slow-moving see Table 1 – ~0.2 degrees every 100 years) 

* Dedication and Commitment to Serve the Greater Good as well as Home with Healthy Boundaries and Delegation (healing Martyrdom and Castration of others). * Inspiring and Mentoring through Endurance and Strong Work-Ethic (giving Shirkers passion to take responsibilities and light their own flames). * Endings and Beginning related to the Lighting or Extinguishing the Flame. * Need to heal and realign and Jingoist Patriotism, Fanaticism (Jupiter on Steroids effect), Rigid-Austere Conservative Policies that repress, block, punish or Persecute the others (their opposition, those who are weak, appearing lazy, or non-productive). * Need for slowing down and nurturing overworked souls to gain wider perspective (breaking the tunnel-vision of their drive and commitments). 

Hygiea Nodes in SN-CANCER to NN-Capricorn (Table 1 – ~1.5degrees every 100 years movement)

IMPORTANT PLANETARY NODE – moving OPPOSITE and FASTER than OthersMedicine-Women-Leadership – She (like Chiron) is requiring Universal Healthcare, Healthy Lifestyles and Healthy Societies and embracing Alterative Medicines (from Ancient Wisdoms she holds). * Great healing opportunities to strengthen a broken systems, structures, and home to build strong roots to support self and society. * Taking Authority of Healthcare - facing toxic breakdowns and failures when denying health care needs and clinging old systems for health maintain fearing alternatives (e.g., it is an imperative to break the stronghold of Big Pharma on government and society). * Hypochondria and abuse of prescription drugs systemically affecting the well-being of self, home and society. * The Antidoteto the Capricorn-Cancer Nodes of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Vesta.She is the only Planetary Node in Capricorn that is the opposite in the nodal axis – she is moving from a place of excessive isolation, emotional wounding and diminishment of her light of powerful healing (a high priestess – SN-Hygiea Cancer) to a place (NN-Hygiea Capricorn) of powerful, leadership as a snake-charming (balancing the toxic medicines of feminine-masculine to shed the old vessel) powerful healer integrated into society in service to the higher principles of healthy life.  (Copyright 2019 Happier Facts Awakening - Angela Blissbridge)

Chiron Nodes in SN-Aries-NN-Libra

(352 BC - 2052 AD – 2400 years – ~0.4 degrees every 100 years) INTENTIONS REFLECT THE SQUARE TO SATURN’S NODESRadical-Medicine-Man-Compassionate-Masculine Leader * Existential Crisis Awakening to Humble Egos for Realignment of Foundational ‘truths’ to Universal Truths. * He (like Hygiea) is requiring a Universal Healthcare with Focus on Alterative Medicines (from Ancient Wisdoms he holds). * Radical Mentoring of Ancient Wisdom and Support of Higher Education for All Society. * Radical and Rightful Fight for Progressive Elevation of Life to Empower Self and Others – ending the polarizing Outcast Radical crusades * Diplomacy Despite Instinctual Urges to Rebel through Recognition of the Value of Others and Acknowledging the Wounded Humanity Within Us All (Compassion is Key).  Ending Battles with God, Self and the Government that Destroy All Foundations. * Awakening to Strengths Underlying Traumas – salving the wounds to Harmonize our Existence with Self and Others.  To Heal the ‘Unhealable Wound’ -- “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” (Einstein) 

Uranus’s AND Venus Nodes in SN-Sagittarius-NN-Gemini

(Uranus’s Nodes: 812 BC - 4793 AD – 5600 years @ ~0.33 degrees every 100 years; Venus’s Nodes: 132 AD - 3469AD - 3400 years @ ~0.6 degrees every 100 years)Combining Efforts:The Nodes of Venus and Uranus have traveled together over two thousand years within 2-6º (see Table 1 and Chart 1 and 3 - meeting around 1200-1300 AD at 10-Sagittarius and fading to 2º conjunct now).  This close collaboration is best discussed as a unified force.  Divine Feminine (Earth-Venus) United with Divine Masculine (Sky-Uranus) for Inclusive Diverse Communities Elevating the Quality of Life for All through Collaboration and Ancient Feminine Wisdom. Acceptance of Diversity and Emancipation of the Feminine - Ending Ideological Polarizations (Xenophobia) that were prone to ostracize or neutralize Non-Conformists and Feminine-Wisdoms out of fears of sexuality and bodily-human function.* Seeking Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Environments (Valuing the Earth and her Resources) that Bridge different Worlds (ideas, people and cultures), including Rightful use of High-Technology – endingHubris-driven exploitive technology hell-bent on extracting all resources believing it can replace nature’s gifts * Progressive Global Communities with Arts, Higher Education, Sustainable-Food-Production (Technology-Assisted) and Earth-Friendly High-Speed Global Travel.  (Copyright 2019 Happier Facts Awakening - Angela Blissbridge)

Ceres’s Nodesin SN-Sagittarius-NN-Gemini 

(well over 10,000 years @ only ~0.11 degrees every 100 years!) See Table 1 - data only available between 5400 BC and 5400 AD; moving in this same set of signs from 15-28ºThis excruciatingly slow Goddess-Mother seems to be on a Mission to Search the Ends of the Earth for her Abducted Innocence (her daughter Persephone) with her Planetary Nodes lingering in a 13º range for over 10,000 years (3-5x longer than the other planets).  Mythology helps to understand this powerful High Mother Goddess Grain. The mythology of Ceres and the players therein, have their Nodes in tight aspect for millennium.  We see on Charts 1, 2 and 3 that Ceres’s Nodes yields the constant work to manage her connection to the Nodes of her daughter Persephone’s abductor Pluto (quincunx) that are negotiated by her and her brother Hermes (aka Mercury who rules Gemini of NN-Ceres) to bridge Worlds striking a deal with Persephone’s father Jupiter-Zeus (Nodes of Jupiter wide conjunct 10º) and her abductor Pluto. Cere’s Nodes square those Juno and Pallas begging the question of what role do they play in the mythology and the interplay of the Planetary Node influences?  I leave you teasers to the deep story I could tell, but not in this brief expose!  * Integrating our Tribe (Siblings-Sisterhood) to Tend Our Creations (and Mother Earth) for Sustainable Natural Ways in Sync with the Rhythms of Life – ending anxieties and fears of betrayals or abandonment that lashed out in needy, controlling, destructiveness * Shamanic Journeys - Searching our Soul in Its Darkest Places with a Facilitator-Guide Bridging World to Recover Our Talents and Lost Innocence to Facilitate Communication with Higher Self to Re-Parent our Inner Child – Ending the cycles of Destructive Annihilating Fallout (on self or others) in aimless quests to Compensation (e.g., wanderlust and Consumption in Excess) due to soul-starvation or Deals with the Devil – Crusades * Creating with the Bounty of Earth and Sharing in those Delights (unconditional giving and Sustainable Food Systems). * Teacher of Ancient Feminine Healing Wisdom. * Feeding the Soul through Gratitude and Optimism Seeing the Tapestry of our Journey Interconnectedness.  

Juno’s AND Pallas’s Nodes in SN-Pisces-NN-Virgo

(Pallas: 2345 BC - 3495 AD -5900 years; Juno: 3015 BC – past 5399AD- at east 8000 years; data only available to 5400 AD) (Slow-moving see Table 1 – ~0.2 degrees every 100 years)Combining Efforts of Juno, Pallas with Pluto and Ceres Nodes: The Nodes of Juno (Queen of Heaven wife of Zeus/Jupiter) and Pallas (aka Athena -daughter of Zeus and Goddess of Wisdom, War and justice of Greece) have been traveling together with their South Nodes in Aries (see 4100 BC Chart 4) – a time of Goddess-centered partnership ‘matriarchies’ that were toppled through wars and conflict during  the Age of Aries (2160 BC to 0 BC).They both left both abandoned or where victimized out of there power before the close of their Age of Taurus; they have squared off against Ceres (Nodes) for thousands of years. This seems the ancient story of dissolved union (betrayal-based) between the sisterhood that isn’t safe to unite (see history below) as when they do history kicks back aggressively and oppressively.  * To Reclaim Feminine Sovereignty Ending Oppression, Abuse and Enslavement.  No More! * Deepening Trust in Feminine Principles of Compassion, Love and Acceptance with Strong Healthy Discerning Boundaries in Relationships, Work and Career for Sustainable Healthy Environment for All (the End of Fears of Betrayals and Abandonment).  Powerful Feminine Leadership with Diplomacy Garnering Dignified Respect and Honoring – ending Martyrdom and Micromanagement. Rise of the Feminine to Balance with Healthy Masculine. * Refinement of Life through Support of the Arts and Higher Education and a Need to Sustain Perfection in Life through Beautification Projects (as a reminder to our connection to the Divine). * Rise and Empowerment of Alternative Medicine and Universal Healthcare.  Balanced Lifestyle to Support All Aspects of Life. (Copyright 2019 Happier Facts Awakening - Angela Blissbridge)

Neptune’s Nodes in SN-Aquarius-NN-Leo

(927 AD - 3646 AD – 2700 years – ~0.7 degrees every 100 years)

* Far-Reaching Influence on the Masses to Bring Peace and Unification to the World – Inspiring Unconditional Love, Compassion and Acceptance.  * Dissolving Boundaries to Elevate Life to Peaceful Co-Existence – ending Elitism and the Paranoia-Fears of Invasion and Dissolution of The Dynasty. Physical and heart-connected interactions with friends and community instead of excessive technology-interference. * Humbling of the Ego and Dissolving of Hubris (Heart-Spirt over Mind) -ending unbounded exploitation of natural resources – promotes love of nature. *Imperative to Reclaim our Creative Mission in Life to Perpetuate Our Legacy and Shine Our Light (ending feelings of devastating criticism, anonymity and castrating impotency). * Leaps of Faith Co-Creating with God through Trust in Universal Connectedness Support – to end high anxieties and excessive mental control over projects and community. * Global Citizens Connected through High-Tech (e.g., Social Media) to bring Unification and Exposing Insidious Victimization through Mass Awareness. Spiritual healing of unconscious ancient memories shocking destructions and nerve-rattling PTSD feeling – to find playful heart-centered connection. * Ending addictions to prestige, attention and glamorous lifestyles (including abuse of manmade chemical substances.  

Mars’s and Mercury’s Nodes in SN-Scorpio-NN-Taurus

(Mars’s Nodes: 531 BC - 3350 AD – 3900 years – ~0.44 degrees every 100 years; Mercury’s Nodes: 450 BC - 2983 AD – 3500 years – ~0.8 degrees every 100 years)

* Intense Drive to Reclaim our Treasures Buried Beneath Subconscious Dysfunctions – this Intense-Healing Journey to Empowerment needs a Mercury-Tribe (Facilitator or Counselor – Psychotherapy - Shamanism) to access Powerful Rebirth that triggers Hunger to be Heard as a Unique and Emotionally-Healthy Individual who Honors the Value of Self and Others (Communication is Essential). To end Toxic Scorch & Burn Lifestyles filled with loneliness from fears of intimacy, domination, and silencing. To end constant reinvention and instability. To heal PTSD from physical or sexual trauma. * Outspoken Defenders of Trauma-Victims Who Turn their Own Hard Journeys to Gold to Helps Others (Effective and Powerful Trauma Healers-facilitators). #MeToo and #NoMore Movements. * Peace and Security from Investing in what makes life function– slowing down to detoxify, quiet the mind and engage in physical releases (dance, sex, high exertion sports). Saving our Inheritance of the Earth and its abundant resources by defending against destructive greed and domination. * Ending Cycles of predator-prey-mentality that led to accessing shady deals and corrupt networks to survive – becoming street smart in the process. *Highly Creative, Talented Entrepreneurs.  (Copyright 2019 Happier Facts Awakening - Angela Blissbridge)

Using Planetary Nodes for Analysis

These potent positions are an important addition to astrological analysis, particularly when at long-term impact events or points that may be subject to a radical awakening shift within an individual.  There are two astrological systems that can be accessed by advanced astrological software for Geocentric; Table 1 can be used for references to the ‘fixed’ Heliocentric positions. Generally, orbs of up to 5º may be highly activated around ALL Planetary Nodes HELIOCENTRICALLY.  Wider orbs can be considered for the slower moving planets because of the minimum-maximum ranges they travel geocentrically (Table 1). Tighter orbs (2-3º) should be used for Geocentric positions of faster Planetary Nodes (Mercury, Venus and Mars use 2º; asteroids 3º, Jupiter 3-4º). Geocentric Nodes, regardless of their current position, carry the intentions of that same planet's Heliocentric Node plus an additional subtle layer of energy of the Geocentric position in question. Heliocentric astrology has been shown to be an effective forecasting tool for financial markets and can be historically linked to global climatic events – this use of Planetary Nodes outside my expertise.  As we’ll explore later, they do play significant roles Heliocentrically and at Biannual Sun Alignments historically and currently. 

Future parts of this series on Planetary Nodes:

· 2016-2022 transits of the outer planets activating the Nodes of Pluto, Uranus (and more), illustrate how they have contributed to the underlying increases in xenophobia along side global emancipation movements for women and repressed peoples (#nomore, #metoo, #blacklivesmatter, just to name a few).  It will also delve into the political earthquakes and possible outcomes through 2022 for key players involved in the USA under Trump’s presidency and opposition to same.· Calendars for each year’s contacts with transiting planets is part of the plan, starting with 2019’s that opens with a series of high intensity volleys of Planetary Nodes with Saturn, Mercury, the Moon’s South Node, Pluto and the Sun all in Capricorn (this is just a portion of the activating planets).  Those calendar items will focus on both the Geocentric biannual alignments with the Sun and transits to Heliocentric fixed positions. It should be interesting.· Going back in time… my research around witch hunts (a version of xenophobia) and its counter-opposite emancipation efforts have strong ties to Planetary Nodes.  Watch for future articles and blogs from me on this. 

Angela Blissbridge is an Evolutionary Astrologer, artist, and healing facilitator who strives to Connect the Dots to a Thriving You. She weaves ancient wisdom from many traditions in this life work. Her path has not been without ‘soul-detours’ of working on a Masters in Ecology and climbing the corporate ladder as a CPA in accounting. Her passion for this astrology blossomed under the tutelage of the internationally recognized master astrologer, Maurice Fernandez. Arizona is home. Connect the Dots with Angela at: Book and Appointment today to See how these Potent Planetary Nodes impact you! The Charts, Tables and interpretations in this article are copyright to Angela Blissbridge of Happier Facts Awakening - 2019 [1]My Evolutionary Astrology perspective is informed by my mentor, Maurice Fernandez.  The descriptions and analysis presented here derive in part from his course materials; I have added my own spin based on my meditations on these positions supported by my research of charts and historical events.

[2]Feminine refers to honoring Earth resources, our bodies, our personal needs and attunements with natural cycles for healing. Principles of compassion, acceptance, receiving and inward slower movements as well.  It is not feminism; in my view that is putting pants on a women who is acting like the dysfunctional male.  Rightful, Divine Feminine is powerful through her principles noted before, it draws people and creates as part of her giving. Think of her like Mother Earth (and The Moon).  Righful, Divine Masculine is protective of the Divine Feminine so that in union they are powerful and highly creative to sustain life.  He is assertive to take rightful actions and strong enough to endure in his duties.  It is not a competitive nor domineering energy.  Think of it like the Radiant Sun.

[3]Without software data to confirm it, if we extrapolate the rate of Hygiea’s movement back to 1400 AD (Table 1 and a 1.53 degrees every 100 years movement noted above), her position likely was at 29-Cancer-Capricorn, just at the cusp of a sign change – but certainly within the theme of being a rebellious sort.