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Salem Witch Trials Impact on United States History

Repeating Patterns of Emancipation versus Xenophobia

By: Angela Blissbridge

May 23, 2019 (updated August 15, 2019)

The Salem Witch Trials [1] named over 200 fellow villagers as witches leading to the deaths of 18 by hanging, 1 by torture between February and September 1692 (8 more died in prison). The xenophobic rampage was fueled by the anti-witchcraft propaganda of pamphleteer Cotton Mather, the extremist theocratic prosecutions of Samuel Parris, and the theatrics of teenage girls like Abigail Williams. She and her teenage friends suffered “witchcraft afflictions” exhibiting convulsions, hallucinations and other bizarre behavior they claimed were inflicted on them by “witches” among them. The majority judged as “witches” (victims) were women, older, outcast, beggars or non-conformists, or all of the above like Sarah Good (who hung in July). Critics were silenced with the threat of suffering the same fate if not distanced by space and time; villager Thomas Maule waited until 1695 to publish his condemnation of the proceedings provoking his arrest and imprisonment.

Puritan fears of witchcraft stemmed from their belief “… in the active existence of the devil and demons as evil forces that could possess and cause harm to men and women.” Puritanism was developed during the 1500-1700s as Europe clung to old ways through Inquisitions (often turned witch hunts) while birthing innovative changes to religion and society during the Renaissance. [2] It was a time of the Protestant Reformation splintering from Catholicism, including the split of the Church of England. Puritans emerged in England challenging the Church of England’s insufficient reforms to raise the standards for “purity of worship and doctrine, as well as personal and corporate piety.” The political power to exact suppression and punishment lay in the hands of the English Crown driving Puritans to seek religious freedom in their trans-Atlantic migration to the New World of America. Despite distant control by the Crown of their new societies in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the Puritans were essentially free to enforce their religious standards. This freedom radicalized in 1684, [3] when the Crown dissolved its oversight (for eight years), leaving a vacuum for local ministers such as Samuel Parris to prosecute their own brand of religious purification. Critiques of the unjust proceedings would be aired exposing the failings of Salem’s theocracy.

The lessons would influence the revolutionary ideals of the United States’ (USA) foundation and subsequent history. On its birth in 1776 (a Uranus return to Salem), the USA would declare a separation of church and state as it emancipated from the Crown’s rule; on the USA’s semi-Saturn return 15 years later (1791) it would ratify the First Amendment Rights - a law ensuring freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, and the right to petition the government for grievances inspired by Maule’s experience. Behind the glossy exterior of egalitarianism and freedoms encoded into the structures of the early USA, it was built on xenophobic ideologies with the suppression, extermination or labor of slaves, indigenous peoples and non-gentleman classes.

Salem, the birth of the USA and the First Amendment, link historically and astrologically to how we experience yet another turn of the xenophobia-emancipation wheel in current times. Then and now, there has been repeating themes of ideological, societal, cultural and religious issues (the Gemini Sagittarius axis as a whole, relating to cultural development and belief systems), and Uranus, an astrological agent of emancipation, or conversely, fragmentation)clashing between old and new politico-social systems (Saturn aspects to Uranus or strong Capricorn and Aquarius depict this dichotomy between past and future) bringing fundamental (Saturn or Capricorn) and intensely life-altering (Pluto or Scorpio) shifts. Since the time of the Crusades around 1100AD, [4] extreme xenophobia-emancipation shifts occur when prominent transits aspect the Planetary Nodes [5] that carry these same signatures. Planetary Nodes are sun-magnetized intersection point between the planet’s orbit and the Sun’s path, that can be perceived as portals similar to the Moon’s Nodes but take thousands of years to shift signs (see Table 1 examples) unlike the 18.6 months of the Moon’s node. Encoded with ancient experiences of xenophobia (and emancipation) are Uranus’s North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittariusalong with the South Node of Saturn in Capricorn and South Node of Pluto in Capricorn (see Table 1 for positions from 1100AD to now). Revolutions, Renaissances and other Emancipations pair with xenophobic surges in part related to the Nodes of Venusthat have been conjunct the Nodes of Uranus (exactly conjunct in 1306AD fading to 3º in 2019 – see Table 1). Venus’s Heliocentric North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius deepens the creative revisions of the past celebrating or exploiting resources and the bodies of women.

Are we closing in on shaking these xenophobic trends to awaken a new emancipating golden age? Since 2015, we have seeing another surge of these coupled forces related to transiting Neptune in Pisces square the Nodes of Uranus (and Nodes of Venus) in Gemini-Sagittarius and transiting Pluto in Capricorn conjunct its own South Node (6º approaching in 2015, exacts in 2018-2019, fading by early 2022). Is there a xenophobia-emancipation role of USA President Donald Trump given his candidacy was announced in 2015 for his 2016 election? Many events since then and spiking in 2018-2019, seemed to herald a return to the ancient patterns; however, this article will look to the March 7, 2019 Congressional reprimand of one of its members for criticism of USA policies; that action seemed to challenge to the tenets of the 200 year old First Amendment echoing the silencing of Salem’s theocracy critics. With these modern links to history, will a deeper exploration of Salem reveal how it impacted the foundation of the USA, its First Amendment and events occurring today? Let’s explore the repeating astrological signatures that entwines these events that are amplified by returns or semi-returns (6º orbs 2015-2022) to Salem’s and the USA’s Neptune’s (15-20º Pisces for Salem exact in Spring 2019, and 23º Virgo for the USA) and Pluto’s (June 1692 Salem 28º Cancer and the USA 27º Capricorn). Let’s start with a detailed analysis of Salem events, its key players, and the consequences.


  • Jun 18, 1684: English Crown vacates Massachusetts Bay Colony charter

  • 1689: Samuel Parris hired as Salem’s minister (Oct 10, 1689 – becomes prosecutor without colonial charter) and Cotton Mather publishes “Memorable Providences Relating to Witchcrafts and Possessions” during this year to document afflictions he witnessed in Boston around 1689.

  • Jan 16, 1692: Mars goes direct from retrograde at 11º Gemini (retrograde began Nov 2, 1691 at 21º Gemini).

  • Feb 2, 1692: “Witchcraft afflictions” beginning early February around the Lunar eclipse; Feb 8, 1692 the colony Charter was reinstated but news and appointment of governor would be delayed.

  • Feb 27, 1692: First arrests of “witches” including Sarah Good and two others.

  • May 27, 1692: Charter reinstatement brings new governor and commissioned Court of Oyer and Terminer to begin trials for the 62 people arrested, imprisoned without due process, by this time.

  • Jun 10, 1692: First Hanging of one woman: Bridget Bishop.

  • Jun 15, 1692: Cotton Mather’s opinion letter “Return of the Several Ministers" escalates prosecutions.

  • Jul 19, 1692: Second Hangings. Five (5) women hung including Sarah Good.

  • Aug 19, 1692: Third Hangings. Five (5) hung, four men and one woman.

  • Sep 19, 1692: 81-year husband of one of the accused “witches” was pressed to death by stones

  • Sep 22, 1692: Fourth and Final Hangings. Seven (7) more hung including the wife of the man pressed to death along with four (4) other women and two (2) men.

  • Eight (8) more died in prison between Feb 1692 and May 1693 when the trials were terminated by the governor; all execution requests after September 1629 were overturned by the governor. See Table 2 in the appendix for details of the victims and their accusers.

  • 1695: Salem villager, Thomas Maule (n. May 3, 1645) publishes his critique of the Salem proceedings; he is arrested Dec 12, 1695 (imprisoned for a year).

Chart 1. Lunar Eclipse near First “Witchcraft Symptoms” 2 weeks after Mars direct with Heliocentric Planetary Nodes 1692. Inner Wheel: February 2, 1692, March 5, 1671, 9:19am LMT +4:43:35 Salem, Massachusetts, USA (42°N31'10''G 070°W53'50''). Outer Wheel: Heliocentric Planetary Nodes are for the same location and date. Time unnecessary.


The collective experience of the Salem region prior to 1692 was one of personal hardships (Pluto in Cancer – Chart 1 – from 1668-1694) stemming from limitations the English Crown (past life South Node of the Moon in Leo relating to royalty) exacted on their religious practice autonomy (Saturn in Sagittarius for religious systems square the Moon’s Nodes). Pluto’s impact included the trauma-inducing effect of ongoing territorial conflicts, wars, indigenous tribe invasions, food shortages and loss of life, home and family (Pluto destruction over Cancer borders that affect family-life and the capacity to be nourished exacerbated by the Nodes of Venus’s 13º Gemini-Sagittarius survival and food crop and storage destabilization with the square of Neptune in Pisces with invasion by indigenous tribe adding to shocking disintegration of communities square the Nodes of Uranus at 13º Gemini-Sagittarius). Children were orphaned and fortunes were destroyed leaving survivors begging and subject to charity of their neighbors. When the Crown vacated its charter governing the colony of Massachusetts on Jun 18, 1684, the door was open for Puritan Minister Samuel Parris [6](n. c.1653) to assume control from October 1689-1693. From inception (Oct 10, 1689), he seizes the power to govern his neighbors (with Saturn 7º Scorpio opposed retrograde Mars 3º Taurus) while pursuing legal and justice matters based on his Puritan ideals (Sun 18º trine Jupiter 22º Aquarius). His governing style is punitive (Saturn 7º Scorpio) toward the neighborhood members of his congregation (Mercury 1º Scorpio conjunct Saturn). That 1689 Saturn Scorpio also speaks of a dark fear of taboos such as witchcraft and other influences of the devil targeting (Mars retrograde opposing Saturn in 1689) the non-conformers and exacerbating property disputes amongst the community (opposition of Uranus in late Taurus from March 1690 to late November 1691). That opposition of xenophobic religious control wildly expanded (Saturn in Sagittarius) against the “witchy” outcasts of their community as described in pamphlets on “witchcraft” (Uranus in Gemini opposing Saturn November 1691-October 1693 describes the publication and distribution of biased ideologies). Adding fuel to the fire of the Saturn Sagittarius and Uranus Gemini opposition, Mars was Retrograde November 2, 1691 at 29º Gemini until January 16, 1692 at 11º Gemini stimulating gossip and general distortion of information, leading up to the Salem events. It activated a polarization of their community that would soon drive them to exterminate impurities of ancient proportions as Mars went direct conjunct Uranus North Node of 12º Gemini in January. Mars going direct can have an “unleashing” effect, and so by the beginning of February, outbreaks of “witchcraft afflictions” began in Parris’ own household (Lunar eclipse February 2, 1692 – see Chart 1). The “di-ease” and fears of witchcraft spread this xenophobic violence for months to come (Neptune 16º Pisces square Mars 13º Gemini opposed Saturn 10º Sagittarius; exacerbated by Mars and Saturn conjunct Uranus Nodes of 12º Gemini-Sagittarius).

Chart 2. Cotton Mather - Propogandist. Inner Wheel: Cotton Mather, February 12, 1663, Time unknown, noon used LMT +4:43:35, Boston, MA, USA (42°N21'30''G 071°W03'37''). See, “Cotton Mather” Outer Wheel: Abigail Williams (‘afflicted’ accuser). July 12, 1680. Time unknown, noon used. LMT +4:43:35 Salem, Massachusetts, USA (42°N31'10''G 070°W53'50'').


Samuel Parris’ rise to power in 1689 parallels the growing influence of another xenophobe, Cotton Mather (n. Feb 12, 1663). [7] In 1689, Mather published a pamphlet detailing the “witchcraft afflictions” behaviors he witnessed when intimately involved in ministering to children of a Boston family (Pluto related to taboos and intimate witnessing particularly with Pluto in Cancer). In this pamphlet, he advised prosecution of the inflictors of these devil-influencing behaviors (Saturn in Scorpio all of 1689 gives him authority to advocate containment of these taboo matters – i.e., persecution of “witches”; his own Saturn 15º Sagittarius opposed his Pluto 22º Gemini repeats the 1689 Saturn Scorpio qualities and reflects his deeply religious leanings, that could, with his South Node of the Moon square his Pluto and Saturn, exacerbate his puritanical stance against “witches”). He was a descendant of prominent Boston Puritan ministers and leaders, holding his own power and influence related to pamphleteering. His birthright opened doors to swaying positions of power and justice from the governorship to the magistrates who would hear the Salem witch trials (his Pluto/Saturn). His writings were read by all classes and ages of people, taking on a propogandist role for Puritan ideals and expert status for “witchcraft” prosecution (Pluto 22º Gemini widely opposed Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius -11º and 15º, respectively) His sextile of Uranus and Mars in Aquarius (9º and 14º, respectively) suggest revolutionary activism with the power to influence or be in government upholding his Puritan beliefs (Neptune 14º Capricorn: midpoint between Jupiter-Saturn and Uranus-Mars). The dominating presence of his words (spoken and written) is reflected in his Pluto 22º Gemini trine his triple conjunction of his Sun, Venus and Mercury at 24º Aquarius. Descriptions of this man’s presence in critics of Salem and popular current culture is nothing short of otherworldly and menacingly dominating which may be further explained by his Sagittarius Saturn 15º and Jupiter 11º conjunction to the South Nodes of Uranus and Venusin (12-14º Sagittarius). Historians assert that his detailed accounts of the “witchcraft afflictions” were mimicked by the teens of Salem. We can get a glimpse of that in Abigail Williams chart.



Samuel Parris’ orphaned-niece Abigail Williams [8] (n. Jul 12, 1680 – see Chart 2, outer wheel), his daughter Betty Parris (n. Nov 28, 1682) and a friend Elizabeth Hubbard (n. c. 1674) were the first to contract the fits and convulsive symptoms diagnosed as witchcraft in early February (see Chart 1). The dis-ease” spread to their teenage friends born between 1674-1679. Biological and psychological reasons to explain the “witchcraft affliction” symptoms have been explored by modern historians that can be supported astrologically.These girls were all born with Neptune in Aquarius making their minds ripe for creative imaginations and open to receiving visions (hallucinations); with their natal Pluto in Cancer they were likely emotionally traumatized from the hardships including being orphaned (Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Hubbard). The older teens born 1674-1675 (five girls including Hubbard) were particularly vulnerable to neurological disorders and hallucinations with natal mutual reception of Uranus in Pisces to Neptune in Aquarius (four younger girls had Uranus in Aries making them more assertive about being heard amongst their older peers – provoking them to stir things further, like Abigail Williams). These conditions (and astrological signatures) can in, worst case scenarios, elevate paranoia that could trigger of “spectral" experiences and “possessions,” bordering on paranoid schizophrenia. Their Neptune Aquarius (and the transits of Uranus in Gemini with Mars in 1692) could reflect neurologically related inflammation and other neurological disorders including convulsions. The assertion that LSD from rye-fungus (ergot) could cause the strange “possessed” behaviors could be attributed to contamination under Neptune in Pisces 1692. Another theory attributes the symptoms to “epidemic of bird-borne (Aquarius and Gemini Air influences) encephalitis lethargica, and sleep paralysis to explain the nocturnal attacks alleged by some of the accusers” (possibly early 1692 Mars in Gemini inflammation and air-borne stellium in Gemini much of year square Neptune in Pisces epidemic).

Those porous minds of the teens, no matter what year they were born with Neptune Aquarius (e.g., Abigail’s Neptune 22º Aquarius and Neptune retrograde mid-1674 at 9º Aquarius), would find activating “enlightenment” from Cotton Matter’s writings and influences (see Chart 2, inner wheel) from this Aquarius stellium to know how to reenact the stories he told with their mimicking (Gemini) of the “witchcraft” (Pluto) symptoms. 1692’s transit of Neptune in Pisces (see Chart 1) square the Nodes of Uranus exacerbate and amplify the intensity of the hysteria (further all but Betty Parris n. 1682 had their Neptune Aquarius transited by the Moon’s North Node – as we see Abigail’s at 22º Aquarius conjunct the February 2, 1692 North Node of the Moon at 19º Aquarius). These teens were responsible for the vast majority of the 200 accused and testifies 20 of the 27 hung (or died accused – see Table 2 in the Appendix of Victims and their accusers).


Abigail Williams is having a Mars return early in 1692 enflaming a drive to make a mark in her environment (her Mars 17º Gemini conjunct the North Node of Uranus 12º Gemini) and to avoid being the victim and overwhelmed by her existential fears (square 1692 Neptune in Pisces). In her quest to fit in, instead of being a revolutionary, her Uranus 20º Aries becomes a conforming solider for the authority-figure that gives her shelter (Samuel Parris as her adopted home with his Moon on her Uranus). Her stellium in Cancer, including the Sun, Pluto and Saturn, depicts a vulnerable emotional nature seeking a parenting figure to calm her insecurities; in this fear-based position to adhere to the father-figure, she becomes the witch hunter coldly leading the charge against the vast majority of the accused and testified against 20 of the 27 hung (or died accused). This same signature along with the 1692 Saturn in Sagittarius exacerbates her desire to emancipate but makes her a victim of the xenophobia of her uncle and the theocratic injustice he is behind.


Among the first “witches” named were Sarah Good [9] (n. Jul 21, 1653) see Chart 3 inner wheel). Her lower economic status left her dependent on her neighbors (Moon/Pluto 14º Gemini) who claimed she exhibited “jealousy and envy” (Saturn 13º Leo sextile Pluto) and had a “witches’ discontent and anger” (Mars 21º Scorpio). Challenging the Puritan values reflects in her Uranus conjunction with Neptune (27º and 21º, respective) in Sagittarius causing her to work at keeping her ideas and expressions bottled up (Saturn in Leo opposing Jupiter in Aquarius depicts this suppression of her beliefs and freedom of speech). Given her outspoken and non-conformist behavior otherwise, she is likely outside the consensus mindset of her community.Thus, she likely harbored a desire to emancipate herself from the oppression of her poverty (Pluto 14º Gemini is conjunct the North Node of Uranus and Venus- and squares her South Node of the Moon 14º Virgo); this also shows the betrayal by those who offered charity as they named her a “witch” making her a victim of xenophobia – Pluto reflects a loss a violation of trust from neighbors.

Samuel Parris the prosecutor was in fact born in the same year as Sarah Good. 1653 was a year where the dichotomy between xenophobia-emancipation was exacerbated with Jupiter initially in Capricorn and otherwise in Aquarius then opposing Saturn in Leo the entire year. 1653’s Pluto in Gemini at 12-15º formed a tight conjunction with the North Nodes of Uranus and Venus in Gemini (12-13º, respectively); this coupled with 1653’s wide opposition of Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius, would make him a dominating inquisitor prepared to extinguish ‘witches’.

Chart 3. Inner Wheel: Sarah Good Accused in February, Hung July. July 21, 1653 Time unknown, noon used. LMT +4:43:23 Wenham Neck, Massachusetts, USA (42°N35'32''G 070°W50'42''. See Outer Wheel: 1st of 4 Hangings. June, 10, 1692, Time unknown, noon used. LMT +4:43:35 Salem, Massachusetts, USA (42°N31'10''G 070°W53'50''). See, “Salem Witch Trials”


From February through early June 1692, the accusations and arrests escalated with the opposition of transiting Uranus Gemini getting close to its own North Nodeopposed by transiting Saturn Sagittarius, filling the prison without due process (Neptune Pisces provides an ideological justification). With the Crown’s charter reinstated (late May when Jupiter entered Gemini), a new colonial governor was persuaded by Cotton Mather to convene a court that began with the trial and hanging of Bridge Bishop on June 10, 1692 (see Chart 3, outer wheel). Mather chosen magistrates of the court ensured Puritan ideals were upheld in the proceedings. His words and influence enflamed the remaining proceedings based on his June 15, 1692 opinion letter that praised the handling of Bridge Bishop’s case and encouraged the continuation of trials with fervor. Despite his ambiguous cautions against use of “spectral evidence,” the court would escalate its duties to execute 17 more individuals based on this dubious testimony under the xenophobic power of Saturn in Sagittarius opposed Uranus Gemini conjunct its own North Node; Jupiter transit in this witch-hunt zone in Gemini lasted through the end of the hangings in September 1692 (see Chart 4, outer wheel).

Chart 4. Inner Wheel: Thomas Maule Critic. May 3, 1645 Time unknown, noon used. LMT+0:00. London, England (51ºN30’G 000ºW10’). Outer Wheel: Final of 4 Hangings. September 22, 1692. Time unknown, noon used. LMT +4:43:35 Salem, Massachusetts, USA (42°N31'10''G 070°W53'50'').


Initially, villager Thomas Maule (n. May 3, 1645, see Chart 4 inner wheel) supported the trials believing in the presence of witches (his Pluto 5º conjunct Jupiter 6º in Gemini opposed Neptune 5º Sagittarius conjunct 1692’s Saturn in Sagittarius) leading to his wife’s testimony against Bridget Bishop. As the summer’s theatrics in court continued to condemn upstanding members of their community, Thomas Maule became silently critical of the trials (Yod of Uranus 24º Scorpio quincunx to Saturn 26º Aries and Chiron 26º Gemini), likely fearing his own persecution. His Venus conjunct Saturn in Aries (25-26º, respectively) champions the cause of the repressed feminine. By 1695, his silence could hold no longer as he published a pamphlet titled “Truth Held Forth and Maintained, in which he publicly criticized the Puritan leaders for their gross mismanagement of the Salem Witch Trials. On December 12, 1695, he was imprisoned for twelve months “on charges of slanderous publication and blasphemy” (1695 Neptune 24º Pisces imprisons him trine his own critic Uranus 24º Scorpio). His strong xenophobia-emancipation signature (Pluto-Jupiter-Gemini with his Uranus-Scorpio quincunx Saturn) has to manage his initial xenophobic reactions to become the emancipating voice that will shape the future.


On the return of Salem’s closing trial of 1692, Uranus 84-years later, July 4, 1776 (see Chart 5 outer wheel), the American colonists declared their independence and freedom (emancipation) from the English Crown, with Uranus 9º Gemini conjunct opposed the Ascendant of 12º Sagittarius conjunct the Nodes of Uranus 13º Gemini-Sagittarius. Mars at 21º Gemini echoed agitations of Salem (Mars Salem by the end of the February 1692 arrests escalate at 21º Gemini) as well as a Moon’s Nodes reversed-return (1776 South Node of the Moon at 6º Aquarius reversed from Salem’s Moon’s Nodes), Pluto semi-return (1776 27º Capricorn to Salem’s Pluto at 28 Cancer), Neptune semi-return (1776 21º Virgo to Salem’s 19º Pisces). These recurrent planetary cycles depict a potent xenophobia-emancipation signature that could shift either direction. USA Saturn-Libra trine Uranus suggests revolutionary ideals democracy and freedom to self-govern through diplomacy. Jupiter 5º Cancer ruling the Sagittarius-Ascendant is personally attached to freedom ideology with an agenda to expand its homeland; Mars and Uranus in Gemini defend those revolutionary ideals. The founding fathers’ intended a separation of church and state [10] directly influenced by the events of Salem (as evidenced by the semi-returns and returns of the Moon’s Nodes and the outer planets). However, the undercurrent of xenophobia in the USA stems from its founding on slavery and displacement of indigenous cultures; yet outwardly it would champion very egalitarian ideals that would inspire the spread of political revolutions for hundreds of years. Some of those ideals were put into law in 1791. Let’s turn this page.

Chart 5. Inner Wheel: USA Founded -Declaration of Independence Saturn trine Uranus (wide). July 4, 1776. 5:10pm LMT +5:00:39, Philadelphia, PA, USA (39ºN57’08”G 075ºW09’51”) Astro.Com, Timed, Original Source Unknown, Rodden C. . Outer Wheel: USA 1st Amendment Ratified. December 15, 1791. Time unknown, noon used. LMT +5:08:09 Washington, DC (38°N53'42''G 077°W02'12'').


Nearly 100 years after Salem in 1791, USA ratified the First Amendment (see Chart 5 outer wheel) with a potent xenophobia-emancipation signature of Saturn 12º Aries in grand trine with transiting Uranus 18º Leo and the South Node of Uranus 13º Sagittarius; with Pluto 20º Aquarius opposed Uranus in Leo. Pluto 20º Aquarius gives endurance to uphold emancipating ideals; opposed Uranus 18º Leo it inspires a future vision and legacy. It put into law the evolutionary intent of justice (North Node of the Moon 9º Libra opposed Saturn 12º Aries trine the South Node of the Uranus 13º Sagittarius) to emancipate the citizenry to express diverse opinions and ideologies and petition the government. It is interesting that the Uranus 18º Leo of 1791 is square Maule’s Uranus 24º Scorpio suggesting his conflict and suffering is turned to a creative and elevating purpose conjunct his North Node of the Moon at 25º Leo (post-humous soul intention to create a personal legacy). Pluto 20º Aquarius in 1791 squares his Uranus 24º Scorpio is mutual received doubling the resurrection quality this homage paid Maule. The First Amendment has been steadfast in protecting what it set out to in 1791; however, in 2019, we are seeing trouble brewing that could undermine it.

Chart 6. Inner Wheel: 2016 Presidential Election Conceded to Donald Trump. November 9, 2019, 2:43a.m. EST +5:00 Washington, DC (38°N53'42''G 077°W02'12''). Based on CNBC announcement of concession call to Donald Trump by Hilary Clinton - Outer Wheel: House Resolution 183 Condemning Anti-Semitism. March 7, 2019 Time unknown, noon used. LMT +5:08:09 Washington, DC (38°N53'42''G 077°W02'12'').


Freedom seeking societies in 1692, 1776 and 1791 were experimenting with new self-governance, including 1776 revolution; today’s polarized political system yearns for a return to higher ideals. Today, stress and devastating events are causing societal PTSD echoing the strive and hardships plaguing colonial and early USA development. Also repeating today, they had significant issues of migration, overpopulation, refugees and political persecutions in the face of attempts to establish governing systems free of old constraints. Inappropriate exploitation of the environment lead to exacerbating property-country boundary issues existed then as do they now. Religious extremism existed in Salem as it does today. With similar politico-social climates and context to the eruptions in 1692, we have been ripe for witch hunt-like extremism. But like 1776 and 1791, the stage is also set for the emancipation efforts that have been in process. The surge of this xenophobia-emancipation of today began around mid-2015 (see also 2015-2022 blog) and has been peaking in 2018-2019 because of similar astrological patterns to Salem 1692, the birth of the USA and to the 1791 First Amendment Rights ratification.

On June 16, 2015 (no chart), Donald J. Trump (n. Jun 14, 1946 – no chart) [11] announced his bid to run for president (Saturn) November 8, 2016 (see the results the following morning at 2:43am – Chart 6 inner wheel). From his announcement through the heated campaign and election day 2016, Saturn returned to the Salem position in Sagittarius conjunct the Nodes of Uranus and Venus squaring Neptune in Pisces; Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius 2015 to late 2017 exacerbated the polar extremes bringing witch hunt references in dialogues of our leadership. These divisive voices of political discourse spread uncontrollably (Neptune 9º Pisces) through social media and news outlets (South Node of Uranus in Sagittarius 14º) taken to extremes with Trump’s own Uranus 17º Gemini (and Sun and North Node of the Moon conjunct at 23º Gemini; on his announcement to run Jun 16, 2015 the Sun, Mars and the Moon were conjunct at 25º Gemini). Adding to his capacity to land the presidential position was is his own Saturn exact conjunct its own Planetary North Node at 23º Cancersemi-sextile his Sun, North Node of the Moon at 23º Gemini widely opposed transiting Pluto 15º Capricorn. His, announcement and the November 2016 election were packed with powerful points with a xenophobia-emancipation signature. We see that Trump is at once an emancipator for his base and a polarizing figure with known racist leanings.

In addition to Neptune’s 2015-2021 transit in Pisces square Uranus and Venus’s Nodes of 14-17º Gemini-Sagittarius, Pluto transited its own South Node of 20º Capricorn simultaneously approaching a semi-return to Salem (late Cancer), the USA founding (27º Capricorn, exact return Feb 19, 2022, within 6º orb of return Jan 2019) and Trump’s Saturn semi-return (24º Capricorn, exact Jan 21, 2020, within 6º orb March 2019). Uranus does not return to the 9-Gemini of Salem and the USA until 2027, but the impact of 2015-2019 Neptune in Pisces square the Nodes of Uranus at 14º Gemini-Sagittarius(and Nodes of Venus at 17º Gemini-Sagittarius) sent shocking overwhelm of blatant racism and polarizing fears that had been hidden in the undercurrents of our collective forced further into corruption and shadows with Pluto’s transit over its own Node or bids to break this domination. Thus, these Nodal activations also triggered emancipation movements to expose sexual abuse, supporting marginalized groups (#blacklivesmatter and border-crossing migrants) and defend indigenous lands (#standingrock). Adding the transiting Pluto conjunction to its own South Node Nodes 20º Capricorn, has dramatically empowered both sides of the xenophobia-emancipation equation while deepening the intensity of fear-mongering that propels xenophobia to violent ends. These nodal activations by these outer planets is a long-term xenophobia-emancipation activation as we have seen through the Salem analysis (and my research); it will begin to fade by 2020-2021.

By the Spring of 2019 (see Chart 6), Neptune transited its Salem 1692 positions exactly around 17-19 Pisces. It will be semi-returns to the USA’s Neptune-Virgo (22º) in 2022. At the USA mid-term November 2018 elections placed a record number of women and multi-cultural-ideology individuals into Congress in 2019 (Neptune 14º Pisces exactly square the Nodes of Uranus and Pluto 20º Capricorn was exactly conjunct its own South Node); Jupiter entered Sagittarius the next day. By March 2019 (see Chart 6, outer wheel), several of these newly elected women of multi-national heritage had been stumping their progressive ideals (Jupiter 22º Sagittarius conjunct Venus’s Nodes of 17º Gemini-Sagittarius-March 2019) against the USA policies on migration issues and the influence of international organizations in making government policies (March 2019 Saturn 18º conjunct Pluto 22º Capricorn sextile Neptune 16º Pisces). In part as xenophobic backlash (Saturn 18º Capricorn semi-sextile Jupiter 22º Sagittarius) for Rep. Ilhan Omar’s public criticism of pro-Israel policy on March 7, 2019, the House of Representatives approved an operational resolution governing the conduct of its members. [12] While this resolution is framed to condemn anti-Semitism (amended to include Islamophobia, racism, and homophobia), it was introduced to punish Rep. Omar for statements against the USA Israel-policy (referred to as “anti- Semitism”). Does this fit the First Amendment “right to petition the government for redress of grievances” without fear of punishment or reprisal? Neptune 16º Pisces (conjunct the Sun 17º Pisces) sextile the Capricorn conjunctions of Pluto and Saturn in March 2019 suggest it is illusive and subject to powerful financial government ties holding the status quo. Will this have a chilling effect on the First Amendment’s right to speak freely and express grievances against government policies or further incite the hate-rhetoric co-opted by the religious right in this law? We can hope the fading of Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn from the Planetary Nodes that triggered xenophobia-emancipation in 2015 will be elevated into a golden age or Renaissance as Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius at the end of 2020. Time will tell as it always does.


Victims of the Salem witch trials (see Table 2).

[1] See, This weblink and subsidiary links to individuals and events connected to the ‘Salem Witch Trials’ from February-September 1692 are used extensively through this article; if a topic seems uncited, likely it comes from this page.

[2] Blissbridge, Angela. Witch Hunts Then & Now: Xenophobia Versus Emancipation – A Wider View Through Planetary Nodes and Planetary Cycles from Medieval Times To Today.March 2019.

[3] See Charter from 1628 maintained law and order until the charter was vacated June 18, 1684 to late May 1692. June 18, 1684: Sun and Mars conjunct at 27-Gemini sextil Saturn 29-Leo and Sun / Mars square Jupiter 15-Virgo. The breaking connections (Mars) of the Crown (Leo and Sun) government (Saturn) leaving management (Virgo) to religious (Jupiter) systems.

[4] Blissbridge ^ March 2019

[5] See my blog citation

[6] He was born in 1653. The Salem Witch Trials cite references his punitive, divisive, nature. “He did not seem able to settle his new parishioners' disputes: by deliberately seeking out "iniquitous behavior" in his congregation and making church members in good standing suffer public penance for small infractions, he contributed significantly to the tension within the village. Its bickering increased unabated”

[7] See His father, Increase Mather, was the president of Harvard College in Boston; from a lineage of prominent Boston Puritan ministers. He published more than 450 books and pamphlets making him one of the “most influential religious leaders in America. He set the moral tone in the colonies…”

[8] As to Abigail Williams, Betty Parris, and Tituba: see teen girls in the ‘Afflicted” section of See divination dabbling of the young girls in the Plead Guilty and Pardon: was the Parris family’s West Indies slave who was beaten by Samuel Parris to get a confession.

[9] See Saturn in Leo sextile Pluto also reflects betrayals of the testimony against her by her husband’s (“bad carriage” – not doing her wifely duties) and four-year old daughter (Dorothy – “consorting with the devil”); this same signature shows hardship and death of her children: the four-year old was then arrested soon after pregnant Sarah was; the Dorothy lingered in jail until December 1692. The infant died in jail before her mother was hung on July 19, 1692 near her Solar Return (and Pluto on her Sun – see Chart 4 outer wheel).

[10] See, “Declaration of Independence” (Accessed April 12, 2019). Granted, the declaration was ‘that all men were created equal’… not women, not slaves….and some references are there about it being only property-holding men.

[11] See,_Donald. He is born with Uranus 17º Gemini, Sun 20º Gemini and the Moon’s North Node 21º Gemini the same day as a Lunar Eclipse with his Moon 21º Sagittarius. These points are all conjunct or opposed Venus’s North Node 16º Gemini and Uranus’s North Nodes 14º Gemini. Further his Saturn 24º Cancer conjunct Saturn’s North Node 23º Cancer (Pluto’s North Node 19º Cancer). His Pluto 10º Leo conjuncts Neptune’s North Node 11ºLeo. With so many Nodes highly activated including the Eclipse birth of the Sun/Moon, he has a highly Sun-magnetized capacity to affect the masses; with the Uranus and Venus Nodes highly activated by this Eclipse it is a powerful signature for xenophobia-emancipation; this signature explains his uncanny capacity to impact through internet-based and televised propaganda (his Uranus on its own Nodes). His policy leans heavily xenophobic (racist) and he is emancipating his followers. Adding Saturn’s Nodes and Neptune’s nodes into this mix further amplifies the corruption (Pluto) of governing systems (Saturn) he has been found guilty of or investigated on since the 1970s.

[12] See, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) n. Oct 4, 1981 with Jupiter-Saturn conjunct in LIB, Neptune-SAG, Uranus-Venus conjunct in SCO – an emancipator subject to xenophobia… She was experiencing a Moon’s Nodal return in November 2018 (heralding a past life of leadership being revisited 28-CAP). In March 2019, Jupiter was exactly on her Neptune exacerbating the public ‘witch hunt’ she’s been subjected to for her outspoken (also Neptune-SAG with Jupiter) opinions – publicly hung and silenced. Mars-Taurus in March 2019 is squaring her Mars 20-LEO adding to her conflict over her own needs to express herself (her Mars trine Neptune). See also , “Ilhan Omar in Her Own Words: I Know What Hate Feels Like” and See, “116thCongress 1stSession H. Res. 183: Condemning anti-Semitism as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contradictory to the values and aspirations that define the people of the United States and condemning anti-Muslim discrimination and bigotry against minorities as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contrary to the values and aspirations of the United States”

Chart Data and Sources

All the charts are Zero Aries to focus attention to the xenophobia-emancipation center around Gemini-Sagittarius patterns. Further, some of the events have no specific time of day, the Moon is shown for general positions and is not necessary for the analysis presented. All references to Planetary Nodes are Heliocentric positions.