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Solar ECLIPSE (New Moon 🌑♑️) - 2019-01-05 🌀 Portals Open

Updated: Apr 8, 2019



January 5, 2019

By Angela Blissbridge

Gaia Oracle – Toni Carmine Salerno

A personal and collective revolution is at hand to break entrenched outworn corrupting systems with this Eclipse rich with cosmic portals open for a rebalancing of the feminine-masculine.  We are undergoing our personal and collective karmic realignments for lasting change to make life work at a fundamental and integrative level. Connect to the Goddess of Isis to balance the Scales and call on Ganesha to help clear your own personal (and collective self-sabotaging and power-abusing ways – The Power of Seven Scorpions can help) to find healing and balance of the feminine-masculine within yourself (and our collective).  We are at a pivotal point in our collective evolution to step into this equality with more holistic ways of flowing with the Truths of the Universe.  Cosmic forces are behind us with powerful goddess energies of Hygiea, Vesta, Venus, Juno and Ceres positioned to bring the medicine to purge the negative vibrations. This powerful Eclipse gives us winter-hardy seeds to plant of this new moon for effective change in the balance of power and ownership of our rightful authority. 

 See a deeper analysis below and my Cosmic Calendar here.

A deeper analysis of this Eclipse:

We have suffered personally and collective under an entrenchment of outworn paradigms of power corruptions, misplaced responsibilities and resentments.  The old rigid, unforgiving system, judged non-conformists (progressive ideals) battling them to maintain their manipulative (even corrupt) stranglehold on the status quo; this includes very deeply seated, unconscious, parenting imprinting that cause us to self-criticize, and self-sabotage by failing our duties and destiny (either growing up too fasting) and missing critical steps or lingering too long in the safety of immaturity outside the demands of being a responsible part of a rightfully-aligned society.  We limit ourselves out of fears of failure, fears of being judged or fears of not having a place in society (being an outsider). Our identity and sense of connection is rooted in these old, likely outworn, labels; but those identifications give us a foundation to build from. This is our past challenges under the Capricorn stellium (see Chart- South Node of the Moon, Pluto, Eclipse Sun and Moon, Saturn, Mercury and highly activated planetary nodes[1]of SN-Pluto, SN-Saturn, SN-Vesta, NN-Hygiea and SN-Jupiter[2]). 

Isis Oracle – Alana Fairchild (artwork: Jimmy Maton)

Yet, Uranus Aries (ruled by Mars Aries conjunct Divine Spiritual Warrior SN-Chiron[3]) feeds a burning need for revolutionary, innovative revision of this old patriarchal system to be heard, make a mark that heals our deepest insecurities.  It is poised for battle, powerful and aligned with feminine warriors at its disposal. The caution is to avoid the extreme, cutting, shocking engagement of masculine aggression that comes from emotional insecurities wishing to be egocentrically-heard (Uranus Aries ruled by Mars Aries); instead, that radical-leader needs to apply the cooling balms of the healing feminine energies (Moon’s North Node Cancer, Venus Scorpio and the powerful healers SN-Chiron, Chiron Pisces conjunct Hygiea Aries) to slow down, think things through before rashly eradicating all semblance of foundations that did provide support; it is a need to curtail the excessive elitist views of your insurgency to make it more appealing to a wider audience (Neptune Pisces square Jupiter Sagittarius on SN-Uranus and SN-Venus[4]with the Eclipse Sun as their midpoint) dial back the flaming rhetoric and high visionary ideals that have no grounding.  This is not a time for wild leaps (Jupiter square Neptune) without a foundational support (Eclipse Sun midpoint) that will give you harmonized balance if you’re open and receiving to dialogue and rightful compromise. There is tremendous room for expansive opportunities but don’t over shoot it and balance all your points of extremes.  Tune into the healing energies of trusting the process with a positive view of gratitude (clearing off negative thoughts) that is practical but free of mind-chattering over thinking the journey.  

Isis Oracle – Alana Fairchild (artwork: Jimmy Maton)

Powerful healing is available with forgiveness (integration of nodal cap-can axis)- an acceptance of our own responsibilities and destinies and recognition of other individual’s journeys as no less valuable. That forgiveness comes from releasing blaming expectations of how the others should have upheld their duties and responsibilities; that release frees us from suffering and finds compassion for ourselves and others (aided by Jupiter square Neptune). This Eclipse is a massive karmic opportunity to step out of that cycle of resentment, blame and rigid bitterness that limits ourselves and those around us.  

We are asked to step into powerful positions of destiny as sovereign beings of our own guiding principles that align with truth (our inner truth and that of the universal source).  We must no longer hid our light but shine it with the humble, “walk your talk’ of Capricorn that inspires by its rightful alignment nature.  The significant alignments to many portals (via the eclipse and multiple planetary node alignments) has opened door to a balanced, healthy expression of our deepest gives, our most juicy vitality and our clear boundaries of what is our value and needs.

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With all the blessings of my heart, may this facilitate CONNECTING THE DOTS TO A THRIVING YOU!  May the seeds planted for this eclipse at the New Year bring Golden Prosperity, Peace, Infinite Joy, Laughter and Transformative Healing.  So Be It!

Angela Blissbridge is an Evolutionary Astrologer and healing facilitator.  See more about her at

[1]Planetary Nodes have similarities to the Moon’s Nodes in their mechanics, evolutionary pressure and potency. Nodes are a meeting point between to planetary bodies energies (therefore they carry directives, imperatives and activations of both these planetary bodies).  Anything planetary body that aligns with these points is activated for those combined energies in an effect that is portal of evolutionary or developmental pressure.  They are points requiring us to sheds outworn patterns from the South Node position to rise to the healthier expressions; further, it is a movement toward the experiences of the polarity (the North Node) with a need to integrate the healthier expression of the South Node with the new lessons of the North Node; ultimately it is a harmonizing and unification of these polarities. The Moon’s nodes take 18.6 months to change sign, whereas planetary nodes are nearly fixed changing signs over THOUSANDS of years.  Thus, any planetary node aspect, brings a slow-moving high intensity energy that is magnetized by its relationship with the Sun(the nodes are in the orbital planes of Earth and other planets of our solar system) and the planets involved.  Similar to the Moon’s nodes but on a higher consciousness and collective level, exert a high pressure for an evolutionary integration of those nodes’ directives. References to SN-Planet is South Node of that Planet and NN-Planet is the North Nodes. South Node without any planet designation is the Moon’s South Node; likewise, North Node is the Moon’s node. I have deeper discussions on Planetary Nodes in my Blog history, including the geocentric v. heliocentric use of the nodes (the Chart shown here is a Geocentric position of the nodes).   [2]Heliocentric positions listed here: Transiting Pluto Capricorn was conjunct its own South Node (SN-Pluto 20-Capricorn-32)much of 2018 (3 exact conjunctions); January 10, 2019 the SN-Pluto will be Sun aligned. It requires clearing of corruption and self-sabotage to find guidelines to gives deeper shadow work to find further power by slowing down and not driving so self-critical; Pluto transiting its SN-Pluto has been happening since 2016 and will continue through 2020.  SN-Vesta was exact aligned with the Sun on January 4, 2019 at 14-Capricorn-06 and remains highly activated with the Eclipse for a claiming of her Leadership Commitment after shedding her fears that hid her light (dropped responsibilities).  NN-Hygiea exactly aligned with the Sun on January 3, 2019 at requiring her to bring her healing leadership out of solitary insecurities hiding – she is powerful medicine at 13-Capricorn-30.  SN-Saturn aligns with the Sun on January 13, 2019 at 23-Capricorn 49 requiring karmic realignment of our principles and governing systems.  SN-Jupiter aligned with the Sun on January 1, 2019 at 10-Capricorn-39 requiring a realignment of our beliefs systems but prone closed mind rigid dogmatic governance. [3]Heliocentric SN-Chiron 29-Aries-36 seeks to have apply healing wisdoms around our sense of being unrecognized and unheard causing use to emotionally lash out; it seeks to have us learn to slow our instinctive defenses and find the spiritual warrior point of balance of compromise while defending the Truth.  Chiron-Aries True Spiritual Warrior Divine Masculine.  [4]Joining Pluto on SN-Pluto since 2016, Neptune Pisces has been squaring the Nodes of Uranus and Nodes of Venus as well.  For the Eclipse Jupiter Sagittarius at 12-Saggitarius is conjunct SN-Uranus 14-Saggitarrius-06 (SN-Venus 16-Sagittarius-50). 

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