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Created with and her artwork featuring her daughter

Art is the expression of living life - and creating - in harmony with a greater force. We all have a way of the Art of Life - even those to insist they are not artists. Every Astrological Archetype from Aries through Pisces has a gift in the Art of Life to offer. We have dosages of all these gifts - making some individual much more artists and other expressing their art below the radar. Free talk by Angela Blissbridge about each gift with examples of artists and ‘ordinary’ folks expression of the Art of Life.


This free talk gives you an understanding of the archetypes. THIS RECORDING WILL BE AVAILABLE BY FEB 15, 2020

Art in the Stars

  • The contents and graphics of this presentation are COPYRIGHT MATERIALS held by Angela Blissbridge and Thrive Astrology (2020) and not intended for sharing  - karma is watching ;) Thank you!

  • This is a powerpoint presentation with Angela Blissbridge recorded in Zoom.US as a video-audio file. It will be to you