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Created with and her artwork featuring her daughter

Connect the dots to a thriving You through your birth chart's astrological blueprint and the doorway of an oracle card reading.  Explore your soul-path themes in past life (this and other life times) to uncover where your gifts and challenges are. FURTHER COSMIC EXPLORATIONS let us reveal tips for health, career, love life loves and how to navigate upcoming cosmic events.  DEEP SPACE EXPLORATIONS can cover more layers like Planetary Nodes,  Divine Feminine-Masculine, and More. 


Unless arranged for an extra fee, all sessions are done online via 


Session lengths & What to Expect:

* 45-Minute - The Surface (see separate listing)- are intended for those testing the waters of astrology or who want to short and economic way to address an issue.  This discounted service requires you to record your own session and is not guaranteed to receive the follow-up recommendations made for wellness in longer session.  You will receive your birth chart with transits for the scheduled appointment. 

* Longer sessions (90 to 120 minute sessions) will get the audio of your session as well as charts discussed, along with a summary of the wellness recommendations via email.  

Cosmic Astrological Guidance starting at 90-min

  • This purchase prepays for a session that must be booked within 90-days.