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Created with and her artwork featuring her daughter

WORKSHOP  - Sunday, FEBRUARY 9th 12pm-4pm CST, 10am-2pm PST

A pantheon of high priestesses, goddesses, and other misunderstood feminine points in our solar system influence our relationship with our ability to balance our lives into thriving.  Dive into their juicy impacts and intentions with Angela Blissbridge and explore the mythology and astrological expression (from its shadows to its higher lesson).  


A new view on this empowering pantheon that span the:

  • Maligned & Misunderstoods (like the Moon and her Phases) the include the High Priestesses, Witches and Gifts Wrapped in Darkness (featuring Pandora, Magdalena and more)
  • Goddesses as Leaders Cast with Shadows that Need Rectified from the heavenly to the earthly and those whose feminine lineage were erradicated.
  • Keepers of the Higher Feminine Gifts and Treasures beyond Venus and her two faces (evening and morning star), including guardian stars and gatekeeping points in our solar system (like Selena and Vesta). 


This material is based on Angela's channeled and experiential wisdom of these asteroids, dwarf planets and calculated points in our solar system.  Her approach focuses on our Thrive-well-being that uses Mercurial gifts to unravel and navigate Piscean veils accessing whole-self (balanced masculine and feminine). Her approach also adds layers and new views of the classic Tropical Zodiac 12-archetype.


Basic astrological knowledge preferred but not necessary.


  • The workshop will be recorded. Recordings provided to registrants and available to purchase for the above price afterwards.